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I have a rule with my kiddos. They must make up their mind on their Halloween costume by October 1. This gives me plenty of time to (procrastinate and finally) make the costumes. If they change their mind in the subsequent weeks before Halloween, they must make do with something from the costume box.

So, we have been watching the Lord of the Rings as a family in the past two weeks. As you can probably guess, someone changed their mind about the costume they want to wear for Halloween. Morgan decided he wanted to be Frodo for Halloween instead of Link.

Lucky for him, I had several years ago stumbled across a rustic, collarless shirt and waistcoat at a thrift store in a size 6. I bought it, because it was perfect for Victorian stuff and my tiny boy would one day be big enough. And my pack-rat, opportunistic ways paid off!

I pulled the shirt and waistcoat out, some breeches that I inherited from Jen's son, and a cloak from the costume box. I present to you Frodo Baggins of the Shire:


((P.S. Thanks for making it easy on me, my son. I'm glad I worked on Vee's costume first.))

((P.P.S. in honor of our viewing fun, we also decided to have a hobbit feast.))

Dinner today, based somewhat on the meal that Bilbo fed to the unexpected visitors:

Cookbook I found and bought, although the above meal wasn't derived from it, heh:
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I made some good progress on Vee's costume. For those of you that don't remember, here is a reference photo:

In true "me" fashion, I wanted this to be comfortable for daily wear (since I pretty much let my kids wear their costumes whenever they want), so I went with recycled t-shirts. Crazy, but knit is so easy to work with, and comfortable, and cheap, that I seem to lean towards that for my kiddos' costumes.

What the skirt started out as:

The process was so simple to make the skirt that I didn't really bother to take progress photos. I turned the t-shirt into four gores and sewed them together, then stuck them onto a 2 inch elastic waistband. Finished skirt:

For the shirt, I pulled out one of my old patterns from a few years ago. I wanted raglan style sleeves with the peasant blouse style top, so this is the shirt pattern I modified:

Here is what the pattern looked like after I made my modifications:

I went ahead and used some more recycled t-shirts. Can't beat $0.50. Heh. Yellow part of the shirt:

And the white part of the shirt:

I found some elastic glitter ribbon for basically $1/yard. I love this stuff because it's washable and doesn't shed. I had a small, much more expensive piece of glitter ribbon that I had put on her Elsa dress from three(?) years ago and it's still shiny. So... glitter down the front:

And glitter on the scallops:

Then I found a piece of plastic and cut that in a cirlce, used some t-shirt scraps and make the bow for the shirt:

And here she is, basics done:

I still need to do all the accessories; however, I am taking a break from Vee's costume to work on Morgan's Link so that they'll both have at the very least the basic costume for my church Trunk or Treat. After I finish Morgan's basics, I'm going to work on both of their wigs. I'm leaning toward fleece....

Pink Tea

Sep. 16th, 2016 07:20 am
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I found the fabric for the Pink Tea so underwhelming that I almost didn't do anything or even plan on going. Then Beth talked me into it by mentioning I should just do something really easy, like a Regency spencer or something. I immediately thought of the Curtain-Along spencerino that I love, and remembered how truly quickly that pattern goes together. Yeah, it's fast. Ten hours later, including some hand stitching which added like three hours to it, the Pepto Bismol spencerino is done.

Ta da! Laying out the pattern:

Back detail, hand stitching in progress, since I needed something to do while the kids were in karate:

Finished spencerino:

Surprisingly, I actually kind of like the spencerino now. I don't know how often I'll wear it, but it's done. It'll make a good loaner piece if the friend is even remotely shaped like me, too. Also, I think we'll all look neat together at the Tea, so there's that.

I also made a hair piece. It looks ok, but next time I need to make sure that the synthetic hair does well with heat. This one looks a bit frizzy. It'll do for Saturday, though.

Jedi Robe

Apr. 20th, 2016 07:49 am
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Monday, I worked on my brother's Jedi robe pattern. I was working with some stash fabric, a nice heavy-ish cotton twill. Not movie accurate, but free, and I don't think he is going for the Rebel Legion or anything. I laid it all out for the original pattern and realized I was two yards short on fabric. After some consultation with him, he decided he didn't care if there were seams where movie versions don't have seams. After that, I was finally able to piece out a pattern and get the fabric cut out. I had about a 2'x3' rectangle left over, heh.

Yesterday, I put it all together. I still have to finish all the hems, but it's much closer. Next time he is over, I'll get him to try it on and get this thing done!
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Local friends, what fabric warehouses are yall aware of besides the ones on Perth St and Harry Hines? An acquaintance of mine has an Etsy store selling baby and toddler stuff, and she didn't even know about Perth St. Anyway, thanks in advance!
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I think I need a new dress. I saw a fashion plate, and had a sudden, consuming desire for it to be mine.

If it's cold, though, my new spencer might not look right with this new idea.

Also, I wrecked my house this weekend when I reorganized the computer den, so I have to fix the chaos I created to make order somewhere else...

And I have a house guest until Wednesday.

Maybe it was not meant to be, but... Well, we'll see. I'm not tabling the dress just yet.
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Hehe. I know, I know. This costume is old news. Actually, it's kind of one of the things I love about it - I don't *have* to have a new outfit every time. Not that I ever do that (new things every time), but I wish I had the motivation to do All The New Things. LOL.

Anyway, if you have no interest, you can move along. I won't mind. :) I know I'm a giant nerd. It's ok.

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At the top of my Friends feed is a button that says "ADD RSS FEED." This is only available to paid members, so I was wondering if any of my friends have used this, and if so, does it work well for you? I may consider upgrading to a paid account for this alone, since I'm sick of Bloglovin and my Daily Feed email with all the "suggested" or "most popular", instead of my ACTUAL feed. $20/year would be totally worth it to have the blogs I follow show up in my LJ feed. I would love that SO MUCH.
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I chose my fabric, and since I am in the time crunch now, I'm not doing a mock up. I'm just going to go for it and hope for the best. Well, kinda like I always do, honestly. The only time I really do mock ups is if it's the lining of something, heh. Ah, well. Some day I will be awesome and do the mock up. Today is not that day.

I traced the pattern out during the babies' nap time, and hopefully I can get everything cut out tonight after the kids are in bed. I decided to go with a pale gray-green velveteen that I've had forever. It's very soft and lovely.

It is a blend of these two colors, with the light sheen the lighter color and the shade being the darker. I really do like it.

If I have time, I'll piece what I have left of the black faux fur for an end result along these lines:

If I don't get the fur on it this go around, I'll add it later for sure, though, and wear it to the archery event without. Fun, fun. The only real downside is I knew I should have used gold ribbon on my hat flower thing instead of the red. Doh! Hah! I'll go back and change that another time.

Anyway, I better go make dinner. Trying something new tonight... Some kind of curry custard by my hubby's request. Spicy! Hopefully it turns out as yummy as it sounded, heh.
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Woohoo! I am accessorized! And all from things I had on hand. So that's super cool.

Next up I need to figure out what to do about my spencer. I still haven't chosen the fabric. I'm waffling because the weather is completely crazy right now, hah! Yesterday morning it snowed. Then by the afternoon it was a beautiful sunny 60°F/15°C. Today it's freezing again, and yet next Tuesday it's going to be in the 70s! So, I think I'll pick a very simple design and work on the mock-up, and then we'll see where we are weather-wise. Velveteen or taffeta? We shall see!

So, here are my accessories....

The purse inspiration (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] nuranar!):

Complete, from a red silk dupioni, and random trim:

The hat inspiration:

The hat, from electrical fence wire, paperboard, duct tape, black velveteen, feathers and whatnot:

And the muff, from fake fur and white fleece, and pillow stuffing:

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I've been intending to make some kind of count down to Christmas since Vee was born, but it's just been a project I've never tackled. Well, I've finally tackled it! I found a really neat one that had a lot of biblical verses and symbols surrounding the birth of Christ that I liked more than the other, more secular ones, so I decided to use that as a base.

Not being motivated enough to create it all, I picked up this advent wreath from Target:

So far, I've done days one through five. They're not as cute as some others I've seen out there. I'm really not artistic at all - I'm just great at following directions, and, well, this is what happens when I wing it. Heh. Regardless, I like them. I cut each circle to fit inside the appropriate holder, so they'll all be slightly different sizes.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:
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I had SUCH a lovely time at the picnic. I'm always a little sad that I didn't sit and visit as much as I wanted, or go to the after-party, but I also have such a lovely time chasing my kiddos around that it's definitely a mixed-feeling kind of thing. If that makes sense at all. Ah, well. The time will come when my kiddos won't want to come, and so I am enjoying them while they DO want to play dress-up with their mom. ;) I know they had a FABULOUS time, so it was worth it.

The only thing I'm *definitely* sad about is that I didn't take my camera when I went off with my kiddos on their adventure so they could show me the Fairy Dust Tree. It was an absolutely lovely tree whose leaves had all turned golden, and the kids were completely captivated by it. I kind of want to go back and stage a picture with them under it, it was that sweet.

I also came away with the thought that I absolutely must make myself a coat. Maybe two. I think I'm going to make it a bit like Jen's velvet spencer, since that wrap front style could be loaned out (specifically to my mom or sister, someone who is of a similar-ish size to me). I just need to find out if they did overlapping fronts for a coat, rather than just a spencer. I think I have enough dresses for now that I need to work on accessories, too...
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I cut it out and assembled it today. Literally all that remains are the sleeve hems. Next up, her cousin's dress. I'm optimistic that I'll have it done by Saturday evening after my Saturday activities. Then the hems on my own dress, and maybe some quick, non-historical-but-warm fleece cloaks for the kiddos....
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Friends! I just heard on Steam Ingenious that Butterick has just released two new Edwardian patterns. One of them reminds me of Jen's Hooverette dress (even though it's quite a bit earlier, hah!), the other is a suit.

What do y'all think about them?

Butterick 6093. The artist's rendering of the one I like:

Line drawing:

Butterick 6108

And line drawing:

Edit: Ok! At my PC. Heh.
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I've been obsessing over [livejournal.com profile] padawansguide's sari Regency gown. It's so, so pretty.

Today at the thrift store I found a pale pink silk chiffon sari (? I'm terrible at fabric. It's definitely silk, though), all decorated with silver embroidery, and I bought it. It was $5. There was no way I could have passed that up. I have no idea if the wide border embroidery would be suitable for Regency, but it seems like a pretty traditional Indian design. If I had to guess, I'd say it almost definitely existed in India of the period at the least. And I love it. It's not the paisley - it's the more geometric design. Anyway, even if I decide against using the geometric border, it has a simply lovely silver embroidery throughout the length.

I just need to decide on a dress style. And a when.

After the Mandalorian. Must finish that.
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So, I've cut out the bodice of my bridesmaid dress. I really do love this color. My question, though, is.... Should I make Vee a dress out of the same stuff, and Morgan a skeleton suit, all for the Georgian picnic this fall? Or is that just way too matchy-matchy? /sigh They would be SO CUTE. I don't have my heart set on it, but I think I have enough fabric.

Or I could make Vee a spencer or sash and Morgan's breeches out of it, so as to break all the blue up a little...

I'm even toying with the idea of making matchy doll clothes, LOL. I'm so terrible.

This fabric has a bonus, that while it is indeed bridal satin (boo), it IS machine washable....

It's this stuff from fabric.com and was *almost* a perfect match to the bride's colors, and had her full approval.

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I made a one hour dress in like three hours over three days. Heh. One hour is definitely a misnomer. Sure, the actual dress goes together super quick, but then you need to tweak it a bit to get it looking right (belt, trim, pockets, etc). Anyway, I was too late for Sunday's activities, but at least I will have something for next time. It looks okay still, but needs some finishing touches, like a belt. I have a suitable summer hat and shoes. All I need is a purse, and a summer dress for Vee. Maybe a new outfit for Morgan. He is starting to be interested in going to my dress-up outings, too.

That said, I am so not in love with the way I look in this dress. Oh my heavens, I look so frumpy. Yuck. A big frumpy rectangle. Oh, the things I do for costuming.

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

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Ok. So, since I have not yet found a fabric match that I like for my bridesmaid dress (still need to go to Fabrique, which I'm planning to do on Saturday or Sunday), I'm moving on to my next project. As Matt has started working on my armor for our June event, I thought it only fair that I begin his Sith.

So, here's where we're starting:

Simplicity pattern 4450:



Jedi palette

(1) is a mid to heavy weight cotton twill with a little bit of stretch. (2) is a dark red crinkle cotton gauze. (3) is a dark ruddy brown mystery crinkle fabric, probably polyester? (4) is a metric ton of black crinkle cotton gauze.

Sith palette

(1) is the same dark red crinkle cotton gauze. (2) is the same metric ton of black crinkle cotton gauze. (3) is a mystery mid-weight charcoal gray suiting, with some stretch. (4) is a metric ton of black cotton velveteen. (5) is a yard and a half of black vinyl.

I've also dug up two other gray mystery fabric suiting. If we end up buying anything, it'll be fabric for his outer cloak. He wants something that has some nice flow and drape. I imagine he'll be choosing some kind of cotton twill, although if I can find some nice wool, I'll pitch for that, I think.

He also plans to make himself a "breather/face mask," a la Darth Malgus from Star Wars The Old Republic:

His assignment tonight (after he gets home from teaching Irish class) is to choose the fabric for everything except the outer robe. Then I'll measure him and trace the pattern and make him cut out the fabric. LOL I hate that part, so I'm totally shoving it off on him. Luckily for me, he's rather good natured about it all.


Mar. 13th, 2014 11:24 am
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I forgot that I have a million people coming tonight to play Dresden. I can probably work on my hat and ribbons during the game, but the dress takes up too much space. Ah well, back to cleaning!

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

Edited to add: I made the executive decision to wear stuff I already have for Saturday. That way, tonight while gaming, I can work on the capote/turban for day wear, and my sashes for dinner. I'm not giving up on the new dress, I'd just rather not stress. Heh. Even though the dress is literally 85% done! And, IF I do finish it, I can switch out my evening dresses. ^_^
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I hate doing mock-ups, but I have a metric ton this sheer window-pane white cotton (I know, I mentioned this before):

However, I also have three $25 noir Waverly curtain panels that I didn't want to ruin with an experiment. So, I combined the two and have been plugging away each evening at my new Regency dress. So far, it's coming along great! In fact, I think I'll have the dress complete tonight, which means I can devote tomorrow evening to accessories. I'll be sewing late, but it'll be worth it.

Just for me, I need to complete:

Attach back skirt to back bodice (already gathered and basted)
Attach side seams of the skirt
Hem sleeves
Finish neckline

I could also do the accessories on Friday morning in a pinch. Or Saturday morning, even.

Additionally, I located my pink Regency! Woohoo! That thing has been MIA for like three years, and I casually mentioned it to a friend who looked at me guiltily and said, "I think I have that!" ORLY!? HOORAY! It was my first regency dress evar, I think in '07 when I originally made my stays. I literally only ever wore it to one event, an Antique Elegance get together, and I think Dawni was the only one that saw me in it. And for a first Regency, it's really quite pretty (and entirely hand sewn, which was new for me, too). I think the only thing I'd change about it is the color, eventually. Heh. Or not. I could leave it pink. It's a very soft, almost flesh-toned pink. Anyway. I now have that for my back up. Or maybe for my day-time dress. I really need to sort out what I'm going to wear!

Hooray for another find!

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