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It's not really a big list, but I'm ok with it. I hope to do more this year. I always have Big Plans, but I procrastinate and do other things than sew, and thus the Big Plans become much smaller. This year, however, I actually have goals for a few different projects and I'm really motivated for these!! We're doing a "family costume" thing, and it will be awesome. I've already started on it, and must finish by June.

After I get the family project done, then I'll move on to some smaller things. I am going to add in some hand sewing, because that can be done at different times from the family project.

The first thing I actually completed didn't happen until Bastille Day in July, but it got done! My chemise dress: )
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So, all my costuming friends got to do costuming stuff in, oh, the past three months that I haven't been able to go to for various reasons. That isn't to say I haven't done anything. I haven't done much, true, but I did finish an outfit for both Vee and Morgan. Morgan's isn't anything to write home about, just a very basic 1860 saque coat from adayin1862's pattern and some pants of matching fabric with an elastic waistband. Plus he never even got to wear it and he'll be too big for it next winter. Ah, well.

However, I'm really proud of Vee's dress. I did her dress and bloomers from Elizabeth Stewart Clark's patterns. The dress is completely hand sewn, including the four growth tucks and button holes. It was fun and came together in about a week, interruptions from babies included. Her bloomers were totally machine sewn and have an elastic waist band, as does the petticoat. Heh. Although we haven't gone to any costuming events in for ever, she's worn it to church several times and many, many days at home*. Hooray for effectively timeless girl's dresses! :D

Anyway, here are some basic images of her 1860's dress and undies. I haven't done a chemise for her yet. That's for the near future. She can wear the chemise and bloomers as pajamas, I'm sure.

So here's the front top of the dress:

Back top of the dress (I used snaps at the waist since the hook/eyes kept coming loose. Vee is a very active three year old):

Close-up of the button holes:

Growth tucks:


The petticoat I found in a box of stuff my mom was keeping for me from one of my relatives. I think maybe my mom's maternal grandmother? I almost felt bad about chopping it up, but I know my very frugal great-grandmother Nina would have approved the re-use of the no longer viable underclothing.

Anyway, petticoat before the make-over:

Petticoat now Vee-sized with about four inches of growth built in:

And once I finally make it to an event in costume, maybe I'll show pictures of my sweet daughter in her dress. It has quite a bit of growth built into it, and she'll probably get three years out of it. I'm sure it'll show up in pictures many, many times in the future. Heh!

*Vee has more than once asked me in the morning: "Mommy, I want to wear my wonderful, beautiful princess dress that you made for me, please!" How can I resist that request?! So she's worn it in daily wear quite often, too. Heh!
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Ok, I just bought the two patterns for Vee's and Morgan's Georgian picnic outfits. I got the Rocking Horse Farms skeleton suit and the portrait dress from Sensibility. I imagine they'll be in the mail and come some time late next week or the week following.

Now, of course, I need to really get cracking on Matt's coat. I did the first fitting and it went well, with only very minor adjustments, I think. I just need to cut out the velveteen. I hate cutting. It's my least favorite part of costuming. If only I could get someone to just cut everything out for me! I don't mind the actual sewing part. :P
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Not sure really how much more I can say about this past week that Matt didn't cover, so some of this will just be a repeat for yall. ^_^

My busy week - there may be some TMI here so if you're squeamish don't read it.... )
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Matt did a great update. I'll do my own when we finally get home. Thanks so much for all the prayers and well wishes. They mean more than I can possibly say.
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Heading out!
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I've been informed by a friend that he thinks my baby needs therapy. She's clearly displaying alarmingly intense agoraphobia and a certain level of co-dependency.

So, when Jim (the boss) commented on my being at work this morning, I asked him if they do pre-natal psychological counseling for serious cases of agoraphobia and co-dependency. I explained that maybe Vee needs to work through her issues so she can come out.

He laughed and said he thought perhaps he could think of something.

Come out, Vee! ^_~
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So, Friday was one of my first pregnant lady emotional crises in the course of the pregnancy, heh. Figured I should blog this for posterity, though.

As you know, I've been dealing with swollen feet for quite some time now. It's something I've dealt with every summer for the past few years here and there, usually around convention season for a few days, so it wasn't a huge surprise that it happened in my pregnancy. It's been two months now of swollen feet, but I've dealt with it pretty well, I think.

However, Friday morning, I woke up and went to slide into my sandals. These sandals are not only made of a stretchable elastic, they're also size 9 Wide. I normally wear 8 1/2, usually wide just for comfort factor.

But they didn't fit!

Oh, noes!

So with great trepidation and emotional fragility, I wore FLIP FLOPS to my office job. I felt just terrible about it (How unprofessional! Flip flops to an office job!!), so as soon as I got to the office I went and confessed to my boss. Now, I work with an office full of therapists/psychologists, and I'm sure it didn't take a Ph.D. to tell that I was a bit fragile at this point. Luckily for me, the boss just smiled and said "Don't worry about it." Had he been remotely disapproving or negative in any way, I'm sure I would have just burst into tears.


These silly pregnant hormones. Of course he was fine with me wearing flip flops. Not only am I pregnant with swollen feet, but every day I come to work is an extra day of no panic in the office due to my absence (Yes, I've become indespensable. Yay!).

So, now, I always wear flip flops to work because they're still the only shoes that fit. I still feel a little guilty and sheepish (it's not professional!!), but with none of the fragility from Friday. Heh.
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And for the inquiring minds who want to know, still no bebe.

So, Saturday Matt and I went to the Lebanese Food Festival in Lewisville. We were joined by [livejournal.com profile] elizagoth and her boy who is getting remarkably tall. ^_^ The food, of course, was good! But this is me we're talking about and I love food. ^_~

Afterward we went home and watched the next installment of the John Adams HBO miniseries that we've been Netflix-ing. I must say, they've done a phenomenal job with this biography. I am thoroughly enjoying it, especially since I really didn't know that much about John or Abigail Adams.

Then, Mom came by that evening while we were watching Miracle (I watch a lot of movies these days as it's easier to keep the feet swelling down if I'm prone). We chatted and watched a bit of the movie while she waited for Dad's meeting to finish. Wish she could have stayed longer - I love hanging out with my mom.

Since my due date was Saturday, they wanted to do a sonogram, which I had this morning.

Pregnant girl stuff here. You are warned. )

I wonder if she's going to wait to be a birthday present for Lex. That would put her being born on Oct 13. Fun, fun!
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First thing Saturday morning, Matt and I headed over to Keller and picked up a glider chair and ottoman at a combined garage sale. It was in excellent condition and an awesome price. What a deal!

Then, the Greek Festival. I had a ton of fun! Matt, my sister, Lex and Carol and I all went together. We arrived there around 11:30 and parked across the street in a Jewish school's parking lot. The entry cost was much better than I thought originally - I thought if you wanted their "Lunch" you had to pay the entry fee of $5 plus the lunch cost of $11. But no! The lunch included a general admission. So the excursion started out awesome!

Since we were all starving, we immediately made our way over to the food booths and were served a very yummy Greek lunch of herb roasted chicken, Greek meatballs, Greek salad, rice, olives and flat bread. Can't remember if it was pita bread or what. But it was all about the good. After we ate, we got what they called a baklava sundae, which was vanilla bean ice cream with this baklava moosh dribbled on it that was super tasty. Plus we tried some, uh, greek donuts for lack of a better name. Basically donut-hole sized fried bread that was glazed in a honey sauce stuff. Mm.

After enjoying the food and watching a painfully cute group of children do some Greek dancing in traditional Greek clothing, we took a tour of the chapel. The festival is at a Greek Orthodox church, and they have done an absolutely wonderful job on this facility. The chapel (not sure if that's what they call it, but for lack of a better term, it's what I'll use) is absolutely gorgeous. The murals and such were painted in a medieval style, so we just wandered through and absorbed the atmosphere. It made me want to put on some medieval clothes, though. It would be SO a photo op! Well, aside from the huge pregnant thing. ^_~

After that, we wandered over to the shopping area, where there were several cool booths. The coolest one, though, was this lady doing the enameled eggs thing. Ah! I just wiki-ed it and found 'em. They're traditionally Ukrainian apparently, and hers were just beautiful. She was doing a demo right there and I could have hung out for a while just watching but didn't want to take up all the space.

There was also a booth set up as a grocer, only they didn't have any rose jam, so I was sad. Once while Matt and I were in Columbus, Ohio, we found a Greek grocer and they had rose jam and it was good stuff. But none here. Ah, well. Can't have everything, I guess!

After we finished up in the shopping area we headed out. It was definitely a fun time.

This past weekend I also got a pedicure for the first time ever. I got the "deluxe" one and they massaged my poor swollen feet and legs, in addition to doing my toes. It was super nice. Sunday I spent the whole day resting in my new chair and watching movies. It was so very nice.

Coming up this weekend, the Lebanese Food Festival. If Vee hasn't come by Saturday, I'm going to go to that. If she has, then I'm sending Matt to get me some food! ^_~ Mm. Lebanese food!

So, every night now I poke at my belly and tell Vee to come out. But she's already being defiant and she kicks me instead. I think she likes her dark, warm place. The little rascal.

However, at the visit today, the midwife said she had the feeling that it would be "soon." What's soon, you ask? I have no idea. Mostly I feel the same - heavy and cumbersome, but over all in good health and spirits. In fact, the midwife and several other people have commented on my positive attitude, which is somewhat puzzling to me. Am I supposed to be grumpy by now? Tired, certainly, but I'm still just me.

According to the midwife, Vee is very, very low. So low the midwife couldn't even feel Vee's head. So that's positive.

Maybe she'll listen to me tonight.

Veeeeeeeee, come out!
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I am so going to have a big, childish "So there!" moment after this baby is born. Maybe even accompanied by a foot-stomp and scowl.

That is all.
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Last week was fairly uneventful.

Work, home, work, home. Thursday we had our weekly game, and we've switched over to D&D 4.0 for the time being. Friday was gaming at Paul's and more of the same - D&D 4.0. On Thursdays I'm playing a ranger, and the Friday game I'm playing a cleric.

Saturday we had our first baby class with Siouxsie. Fun, fun!

This week is more of the same, except we have to clean up some more to prepare for our weekend of gaming, since Glen and Jeanette are coming over so we'll actually be playing at our house (Paul's house has too much dog hair and Glen's allergic). It was Glen's birthday, and Matt's is coming up, so this weekend should be fun. Whee!

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