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So I went to my fabric stash to find some red fabric, and I found a 4 yard length of reddish (darker red with a pink-ish tone) silk dupioni. Now, some of it has been used, but there is still a good bit left. Neato. I am going to use it for a sash and a hat for this weekend, I think. If there is enough left I may make a spencer or sleeveless spencer later. Good times!

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Teal. T_T

Mar. 8th, 2014 12:28 pm
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So I am kind of hating teal right now, in spite of the fact that I actually like the color. I am having the WORST luck finding a match. I went to Perth Street and went to all the stores today. I found like three color matches, but not in the fabric that I like or need. I even hit the fabric stores on Midway just north of Beltline. Still no luck. I think the next step will be to check online and order swatches. Boohiss.

Good thing I started on my functional mock up for my noir Regency so at least I'll have something new to wear on Saturday. Currently it is white, but I think I might dye it to a pale blue. We'll see.

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Feb. 23rd, 2014 02:05 pm
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On a whim, and since I didn't have the kids for a bit, I swung by JoAnn's with the faint hope that there would be some usable fabric there for the bridesmaid/regency dress I need to do. STRIKE. T_T Now I have to figure out how to manage with four kids in tow. I'm running out of time.


Wonder if Golden D'Or will have something. I have the swatch that I need to match. Surely they're familiar with bridal shops and their "standard colors" kind of thing? Maybe I should call them and ask....
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It's not really a big list, but I'm ok with it. I hope to do more this year. I always have Big Plans, but I procrastinate and do other things than sew, and thus the Big Plans become much smaller. This year, however, I actually have goals for a few different projects and I'm really motivated for these!! We're doing a "family costume" thing, and it will be awesome. I've already started on it, and must finish by June.

After I get the family project done, then I'll move on to some smaller things. I am going to add in some hand sewing, because that can be done at different times from the family project.

The first thing I actually completed didn't happen until Bastille Day in July, but it got done! My chemise dress: )
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Who else is monitoring next week's weather closely?

Weather.com says (so far):

Sat Nov 16
Cloudy 63° High, 50° low
Chance of Rain: 10%
Wind: SSE at 12 mph

The downside? Yeah. 60% chance of rain the day before!! :( Don't rain on our picnic, universe!
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Ok, I already like purple and wear it often enough... but the poem makes m e laugh. And there is one fantasy in my head of when I'm old. I always thought it would be quirky, funny, and beautiful to have a home surrounded by purple and black plants. And greyhounds. I know, greyhounds are random, but so is this blog entry.

Really, I'm just writing this down so I don't forget some of these plants that one of my friends on Facebook mentioned so that when I am old (or my next house, actually), I can plant my purple and black garden and landscaping. My poor husband, heh. I haven't really cleared this with him.... The irony here being that I have no idea how to garden, but I also know I can teach myself. ^_~

Anyway, some things for me to look up later:

Purple Irises (Yay perennial that I know for sure grows like a weed in TX!)

Black Tulips

Black Hollyhock

We also have some kind of purple ground cover that is weed-like in its persistence living. It drives my husband crazy, because it will grow onto our sidewalk, but I love it. Heh. Ah. Found it. It's called Purple Heart. It grows in full sun or in the shade (it's shaded where we have it) and is very very resilient here...

Purple Heart

And then I stumbled across this book....

Very, very interesting!
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So.... If you like the Regency era and you've read all the Jane Austen books you can find, who do you turn to?

May I humbly suggest Georgette Heyer? Her stuff is awesome and aside from Austen herself, the pivotal reason that I love the Regency era So Much! They're all very quick reads, and some are set in the earlier non-"Regency" era, too. Currently only her novel "The Black Moth" is available for free on the Gutenberg Project.

My personal favorites are:

Black Moth (mid-18th c, the unofficial prequel to These Old Shades)
These Old Shades (mid-18th c)
Devil's Cub (late 18th c)
Masqueraders (cross-dressing oh my!)
Faro's Daughter

Now, that said, I've read & re-read her stuff so many times! LOL I know [livejournal.com profile] nuranar can back me up on this author, though. ^_~
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Ok, so there's this dress:

I know a lot of people are familiar with it now, since the American Duchess such a beautiful job of it. I've been planning on doing this dress, too; however, I have some questions about the construction before I get started. I thought I'd pitch my questions here.

Ok, here's a blurry close-up of the front:

It looks to me like there might be a center front opening perhaps? It looks like there is a vertical line there at the center, but it certainly doesn't seem to go past the "waist."

I also see what looks like a covered button on the shoulder? I think the American Duchess did hers as a drop front, which makes sense to me, but if so, it looks like the drop front goes all the way up to the top of the shoulder... And if so, why have a front center opening?

So, my friends, what are your opinions?? HALP!
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Ok, so generally speaking, I'm not that into Edwardian, except perhaps very late. I don't like those huge puffy sleeves. It's the same reason I don't care for the 'Romantic' era, I think it's called. The 1830s & 1840s? Anyway, due to my general 'eh' feeling for it, I never did see coughing up the cash for a good pattern.

However, am I willing to cough up the cash for a Butterick pattern? You bet! I know Butterick patterns aren't historically accurate, but I really feel that this one captures the over all look well enough for me, especially since I'm not that into this era, anyway! I'm pretty excited about this pattern and will be grabbing one the next time there's a Butterick sale at Hancocks or JoAnns! :D
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I realized I never did post about the chemise dress I threw together. It is based on the Elegant Lady's Closet drawstring gown that I've done like five times now. I added a LOT to the fullness in the front to get the look, and I was kind of going for this, not exactly, but the over-all look:

Next time, I definitely need to do the sash, but over all, I think I nailed it. I love this gown. It's from cotton voile. The bodice is completely hand sewn, as I really love having portable projects. The skirts are less portable, so of course they're not hand sewn. ^_~ The hem is, though. For some reason, my hems always look better done by hand. I've never mastered that hem stitch on the machine. Ah, well.

Originally, I toyed with the idea of dying this gown, but I've changed my mind. I'm going to dye the white on white striped gown that I wore to that first Georgian picnic. That will make it look like a "new" dress. I'll also dye a length of it to make Vee another matching dress. Plus some of the white on that striped dress has yellowed with time, so I think dying it might cover that up? Hope so, anyway! Then I can make another dress out of the stripey stuff and have two different dresses there. LOL. Plus, this chemise gown will be a great base under an open front gown, under a spencer, or under just about whatever I want.

The only images I have from it are from our Bastille Day brunch back in July (thanks [livejournal.com profile] jenthompson!):

Before I went out, my hair was all nice and tightly curled and slightly frizzy as per appropriate for the era. Heh. By the time I got into the restaurant, though, my hair was all flat because of the rain. Rain in mid-July. Who could have planned for that? It did make for lovely weather to dress up, though. Only three of us dressed up, but another family showed, so we had quite a nice little gathering.

Oh, if you go to Le Madeleine on Bastille Day and tell the clerk "Happy Bastille Day" they give you a free small dessert. I do think "Vive la France!" would be more appropriate, but hey, what do I know?
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So I've been working on a random new regency in the cotton voile I have. I've got the bodice finished, and it's as pretty as the past few I've made. I'm just using the same Sensibility pattern that's stood me in such good stead in the past. ^_~ It makes for a quick, pretty gown, I think. I'm also toying with the idea of dying the gown once I've finished, heh. I guess I should have dyed it first, but oh well. We'll see...
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I don't like the new Pinterest layout yet.


If it doesn't grow on me fast, Pinterest will be just my bookmarking tool instead of the time-waster it has become. LOL. Which would probably be for the best...
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So, this happens often enough that it may not be funny to anyone but me. It's always funny to me, simply because it can happen most unexpectedly.

Last night, I was helping a friend clean up her old home for a move to her new one and some men from her church showed up to help move the heavy things. One of the men looked at me and said, "Hey, do you have a sister?" The way he was eyeing me, I knew exactly what the follow up question would be.


"Is her name Marianne?"

I laughed, of course. "Yep!"

Then we had a nice chat about how he knew her, and how, completely out of the blue with no known associations, he made the connection between she and I (her and me? boo grammar).


Apr. 29th, 2012 05:47 pm
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So, I went thrifting recently and picked up two very interesting pairs of shoes that I think I can use for costuming purposes. They're not perfect or anything, but at least they seem close enough, and for a total of $15, I'm calling it good.

First there's this pair, which I can't decide if I should use for Georgian or for Victorian? Seems like there's some minor cross over there, and since these aren't 'perfect' for either, maybe use them for both? I need to get the heel thingy fixed (the sole part?).

Then there's this pair, which I'll use for Edwardian, even though they're not pointy toed:

Oh, I'm totally open to suggestions on what to do with them, what kinds of modifications or whatever, or just leave them like they are. The price was so good, though, that I couldn't just walk away, heh.
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Sad that I missed the Edwardian picnic this afternoon.

I woke up at 5am to head to Savannah with friends to do garage sale shopping. I had thought I scheduled plenty of time, but a friend of mine ran into an unexpected find for me in a local garage sale that required the rest of the day to coordinate pick up and delivery. It was worth it! I now have an upright freezer, and it cost me $80 after gas for my friend's truck and dinner for two of my brothers who were awesome to help with the moving. So yay! We have a freezer again!

But boo. I missed the picnic.
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I stumbled across this pattern and was wondering if there are any historical references that anyone can find that resemble this?

The main reason it caught my eye is that it looks so simple. I don't have my heart set on it, but if I could just see some extant or fashion images of it, I may go ahead and buy the pattern. I already did some basic google searches and a pretty extensive perusal of De Gracieuse, but maybe I'm just not looking for the right key words. Any help from my friends would be really appreciated! :D
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I love de Gracieuse. I have wasted like two hours just perusing their 1912. I really, really need to figure out how to use their patterns one day. At least now I have some vague ideas of an over all "look" that I can do modifying my existing patterns.

I may still buy some other patterns later. There are a few more than I realized - Sensibility.com has a few, and so does a site called Hint of History. I still really like the Laughing Moon pattern. Any way, we'll see.... I mean, I have the January 2013 Titanic museum exhibit event, and I'll probably go another time with family, too, since the exhibit gets here in like September. So I'll need a colder weather outfit, too, that would be totally uncomfortable in April, heh.
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So, the Steampunk tea is coming up and I'm thinking I'm just going to wear what I wore last year to the May Frontier Fort Days. That way I don't have to really think about things. I will probably add an overskirt, as that would take almost no time at all. Matt can wear his British uniform or his Gunslinger/Pinkerton outfit. Vee can wear her 1860s dress. Then all I have to do is throw something together for Morgan. Sweet. To be honest, aside from being relieved that I basically have something for everyone, I am really looking forward to the event. It will be tons of fun.

What I'm really spending time thinking about is the Edwardian Picnic. I need to keep it simple because I'm going to be working on stuff for three people. Not sure if Matt will want to go, but if he does, then I'll come up with something. Luckily, men's fashion is pretty predictable.

So, plans.

I need to come up with a dress for Vee. Once I settle on what I'm going to do, it won't take much time, but I need to find a pattern first. If anyone has any suggestions for a pattern I can do, I would be really grateful. Maybe I'll search de Gracieuse, and enlist some help in enlarging a pattern? That's kind of scary. Fabric wise, I'll probably make hers out of one of the white fabrics below.

I'm going to make a jumpsuit/jumper for Morgan from a pattern that [livejournal.com profile] jenthompson is loaning me (THANK YOU!!!). Probably out of the white/blue stripey stuff below if there's enough.

For myself, I am going to cheat and wear Victorian underthings so I can concentrate on the outfit itself. I am either going to buy the Laughing Moon 1909-1913 Dress, or use the Butterick 1914 blouse and skirt patterns here:

These fabrics are ones that I have in my stash. Since the picnic is in like May, it'll be fairly safe to assume that it will be warm, maybe even hot. Here are some samples of the fabrics I'm thinking about.

I have a TON of this fabric (I used this fabric for my white bustle dress):

I also have a lot of this fabric (I used this fabric for mine and Vee's white regency):

I have six yards of this fabric, which I haven't used in anything yet:

The advantage of the Butterick patterns is that I already have them. That feeds my frugal side and I wouldn't need to wait to get started. The disadvantage is that I have no idea what to do with them. Maybe the skirt with the buttons in the white/blue stripey stuff and a blouse (I like the simple one in the top left) in one of the whites? Or a skirt with overskirt like the two on the right out of all white, with a matching white blouse? Or blouse and skirt out of all stripey stuff? I don't know. I think if I could visualize something, it would be really easy to go from there. As it is, I'm so inexpert in this era that I'm a little at a loss.

That's why the Laughing Moon pattern is so alluring. I could just use the day dress pattern and do the whole thing in the white/blue stripey stuff with a white undershirt. SO straight forward. Downside, of course, is that I have to buy the pattern and then wait for it to get here. The waiting, realistically, isn't that bad, since I tend to procrastinate anyway. I just have to wait for my allowance to cycle, heh.

So anyway, any advice or feedback would be appreciated!

Edit: Here's Vee's other Edwardian dress. If worse comes to worse, I'll just make this one again, and just size it up. And add more buttons, heh. This was from roughly two years ago.

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So, all my costuming friends got to do costuming stuff in, oh, the past three months that I haven't been able to go to for various reasons. That isn't to say I haven't done anything. I haven't done much, true, but I did finish an outfit for both Vee and Morgan. Morgan's isn't anything to write home about, just a very basic 1860 saque coat from adayin1862's pattern and some pants of matching fabric with an elastic waistband. Plus he never even got to wear it and he'll be too big for it next winter. Ah, well.

However, I'm really proud of Vee's dress. I did her dress and bloomers from Elizabeth Stewart Clark's patterns. The dress is completely hand sewn, including the four growth tucks and button holes. It was fun and came together in about a week, interruptions from babies included. Her bloomers were totally machine sewn and have an elastic waist band, as does the petticoat. Heh. Although we haven't gone to any costuming events in for ever, she's worn it to church several times and many, many days at home*. Hooray for effectively timeless girl's dresses! :D

Anyway, here are some basic images of her 1860's dress and undies. I haven't done a chemise for her yet. That's for the near future. She can wear the chemise and bloomers as pajamas, I'm sure.

So here's the front top of the dress:

Back top of the dress (I used snaps at the waist since the hook/eyes kept coming loose. Vee is a very active three year old):

Close-up of the button holes:

Growth tucks:


The petticoat I found in a box of stuff my mom was keeping for me from one of my relatives. I think maybe my mom's maternal grandmother? I almost felt bad about chopping it up, but I know my very frugal great-grandmother Nina would have approved the re-use of the no longer viable underclothing.

Anyway, petticoat before the make-over:

Petticoat now Vee-sized with about four inches of growth built in:

And once I finally make it to an event in costume, maybe I'll show pictures of my sweet daughter in her dress. It has quite a bit of growth built into it, and she'll probably get three years out of it. I'm sure it'll show up in pictures many, many times in the future. Heh!

*Vee has more than once asked me in the morning: "Mommy, I want to wear my wonderful, beautiful princess dress that you made for me, please!" How can I resist that request?! So she's worn it in daily wear quite often, too. Heh!

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