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Hm. I haven't done an update in a lil while. Lessee. Things I've done. Well, aside from sewing and WoW.

Two weeks ago Thursday, Matt and I went to one of the last showings of Macbeth by Shakespeare in the Park. It was a pretty good performance, with one director's interpretation that I was "eh" about - the three witches were from the future and gave Macbeth a gun. He only used said gun at the very end, but "eh." Other than that, though, the acting was good enough. The priest was hilarious. Lady Macbeth did a pretty good job, too. Over all, I refused to let that one interpretation bother me.

It was a gorgeous night - during intermission, our friends ran to their car and grabbed a blanket for Matt and I, as it had gotten quite cool. But sitting outside on such a lovely evening, eating fruit, crackers, cheese, etc, and visiting with friends and watching a play made for a truly lovely evening.

Sometime I want to go to Shakespeare in the Park in costume. I don't really care what era. Napoleonic would be nice. Or Victorian. Mostly because I love those two, heh. I wonder how popular Shakespeare was during the 18th century.... And really, mostly because I just want an excuse to go anywhere in costume. I'm tellin' ya, if I lived in the boonies on a farm like I do in my little dream-world, I would wear a costume every single day. Modern clothes are boring.

The following Saturday had us out at Ormsby Ranch for our SASS regional match. Matt and I didn't shoot. It costs $100 for the four days, which would be ok, except we planned on only the one day, so it was kind of out of the question. We meandered around and watched the other shooters. Unfortunately there weren't very many vendors. We left early to help with set up for the evening dinner, and then of course dinner and then home. Another lovely day!

Last week was pretty normal. The Thurs game is going nicely. Well, "nicely." As in, I'm thoroughly enjoying it, but my character sure isn't! We're still stranded in the black, my character's little sister had to kill someone, but we did uncover the person who planted the bombs. And we found another ship that was stranded, too, that has parts which maybe we will be able to recycle.... (that's where the game left off)

Friday night Matt and I cleaned up the living room and dining room, both of which needed it badly. But now it's more than habitable. It's hospitable. Yay! Next up, the computer area. We're going to be doing an overhaul there soon. And the garage. I think at some point in November we're borrowing his mom's truck and making a run to the dump.

Saturday morning I went to Sam Moon with [livejournal.com profile] elizagoth and another friend, who had taken away my chick card AND my costumers card for never having been there. So after successfully restoring my chick and costumers cards, Elizagoth and I had lunch and did a little more shopping near her house, and then I headed home to do some more cleaning before the invasion.

Matt had finished cleaning up the tub and so we straightened the living room together. Voila! Suddenly our house has a lot more space.

Family showed up at 4pm for a get together celebrating Lex's 3rd birthday. Annie and Dave and Lex, followed shortly by Rob, Sioux and Kyr, and then a little later Mom came, too. Dad wasn't able to make it as he was feeling ill. We had pizza, cake and ice cream, and played around a little. Totally not enough time, though. T_T We need another Family Day! Except this time, the whole day. :D

We headed out for the FC Dallas soccer game. Mom came along, and I think she had fun. FC Dallas lost, though. We sat right next to the Inferno, which is a very enthusiastic fan group of FC Dallas. They like to taunt the opposing team's goalie since we're right behind one of the goals. Last time they were calling him a bald leprechaun because he was wearing green. This time they chanted something about bleach blond hair being for girls. They're a pretty funny group. ^_^

So, that's it for now! It got a bit longer than expected!
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I had a very full weekend, heh.

Thursday night, Matt had gone to the grocery store and stayed up until who knows how late making Irish stew made from beef, onion, carrots and lots of potatoes. He put carrots in it for color or else it cooks to an unappealing grey.

Friday night after work, Matt and I did more irish cooking. I made some soda bread, which was incredibly easy since I just dropped the ingredients in the Kitchen Aid and watched. Heh. Then I helped Matt with the potatoes for colcannon (mash taters with cabbage, onion and garlic). Yum! We also watched Waking Ned Divine since our War of the Buttons is only on VHS and our VCR is long, long since dead. We definitely need to get it switched to DVD. War of the Buttons is greatness.

After we ate, we adjourned to the sewing room and Matt made a haversack while I laid around and watched several episodes of Firefly to get me into the mood for shooting the following morning. Every time I watch it, I am reminded of how much I love all of those characters. Every one of them has some quality that draws me. Joss Whedon really has a way with character development and dialog.

Saturday morning we got up and headed down to Cleburne. I think we'll take 121 to 35W next time, as 35E to 67 seemed to take longer. Anyway, we got to Cleburne, signed up on a posse and did a lot of shooting. A real nice gentleman whose handle is Eli let us tag along with him and use his gun cart. We shot six stages (if you want more info, Matt wrote about it, too). One of my favorite things was the silly line you say before each stage. They all had something to do with Irish stuff, in honor of St Paddy's day. I don't even remember them all but they made me laugh. I had a lot of fun, even though the rifle bit my index finger real hard on the first stage and made me bleed, heh. Oh, yeah. I won second place in the Ladies' Traditional category. It doesn't mean all that much, though, since there were only the two of us. :P

After shooting, we drove home, showered and then headed out again to go to the shop to play some D&D. Well, there was one delay from leaving our home.

Taltos had been in his kennel the whole time we were gone (7am to about 4pm), so I let him outside as soon as we got home. First he went to the bathroom, and then he ran some crazy fast and energetic laps around the back yard. He came back to the door all breathless and happy. I let him in and headed to the living room to leash him so we could go. As soon as he saw the leash, he started doing his happy dance, when in the middle of the second or third bounce he bent down to investigate his paw. Distracted, I looked down, too.

And saw a stick between his dew claw and foot.

So I bent down to really investigate, and realized that it wasn't stuck between his toe and foot so much as puncturing the skin between the dew claw and foot. Eep! Turned out that it wasn't a stick - was a root, and it was a good two and a half inches long and a quarter inch in diameter! I called Matt to come help me, since I knew removing it would hurt the poor hound, but it needed to be done.

We coaxed him to lay down, which of course he did. While Matt held him down and was stroking him, I pulled the stick out and cleaned the puncture wound thoroughly. Taltos whimpered when I pulled the stick out, but other than his panting and accelerated heart rate, he acted like nothing was happening. Greyhounds really are excellent animals. I've cleaned the wound and bandaged it every morning and evening and it looks and smells clean, and the hole has already closed. I think he'll be ok, but I'll be taking him to the vet to double check.

Taltos just acts like the bandage is an irritant, but it hasn't slowed him down any. I watched him do his laps yesterday afternoon and he wasn't slowed down by it at all. Crazy hound.

So after that adventure, we finally got to the shop and played some D&D. I had fun at the game, but I'm with Matt on this one - no more games on Saturdays when we go shooting. We were too hurried, and worn out. Not to mention too much driving.

Sunday was much more mellow. Church, relaxing, then an early night.

In all, a good weekend, in spite of the craziness. ^_^
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Friday evening had me at my sewing machine throwing together a new skirt for the SASS event on Saturday. I guess I don't always have to use a pattern, because I needed this skirt quick and I didn't have time for fancy cutting and such as I'm such a procrastinator. I pulled out some green $1/yard fabric (I have a lot of $1/yard fabric) and put what I call a frontier skirt together. I imagine women in the frontier couldn't always look exactly stylish all the time, but they would have wanted to maintain some of the fashion. So anyway, it's kind of a natural form skirt with a flat front and a bunch of fabric pleated into the back. It came out so well that I think I will make a few other really cheap skirts similar to it that I can shoot in and won't have to worry about ruining them. Hence "frontier skirt."

Funny, now that I'm looking, my skirt turned out similar to the more simple of the TV tie-back underskirts. Neat! I'm going to throw together a matching bodice, too, using my TV bodice, and will do the same for a few other shooting outfits. My hat and boots should be in sometime this week, I think. Whee!

Saturday morning before dawn, Matt and I headed out to Arlington, where we hooked up and caravaned with [livejournal.com profile] annawick and [livejournal.com profile] spar30 to the SASS event in Cleburne. The event was cool, although once there we discovered that all the side matches happened on Friday during the day and would happen again on Sunday, but none were on Saturday, so we didn't get any actual shooting done. However, I had a fun time wandering from stage to stage watching the shooters. Wow. Some of those people are amazingly fast and accurate. Me, I'm just going to concentrate on being accurate. I imagine that with time, I'll get faster, too.

Since we didn't get any shooting done, after Annawick and Spar left, I went and talked to the club president and offered mine and Matt's services should they need any volunteer labor (luckily Matt didn't mind, but I knew he wouldn't). So, after the match, we headed over to Beaumont Ranch, where Matt and I helped with set up, etc. After we finished that up, we sat down and did a lot of people watching. There were some really good costumes there, and it really inspired me to get working on something more formal, too.

It also turned out that one of the gentlemen at our table shoots at Comanche Valley on the 3rd Saturdays (whose SASS handle is The Lizard (hee!)), so we had a lot of questions for him. The more I hang out with these people, the more I realize I really do like gun folks. They're polite, friendly, encouraging, and generous. I hope that I will be able to be the same!

Matt and I slipped out after we finished eating to go 'rescue' my poor hound, who happened to not be suffering at all, thanks to the wonderful efforts of [livejournal.com profile] finari. Thanks SO much, Finari, for hanging out at our place and keeping our co-dependent hound company. ^_^

Sunday morning, while walking the hound, we ran across my neighbors' pit bulls who were out and about. [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky, I know you've got a soft spot for pit bulls, but when they're out wandering without people, I get nervous. Unfortunately, I didn't have my pepper spray, so as soon as I saw them, the hound and I paused until they left. However, the little puppy that was trotting along with them came over to investigate, and followed us in a big meandering pattern with no concern for roads or cars or anything. So I picked her up (she was about thirty pounds - gonna be a big girl, that one) and brought her home with me, with the hound dancing below me in great curiosity.

I took the puppy back to the owners, thinking they'd be relieved to have their puppy back. Boy, was I wrong. I was greeted at the door by the woman of the house, who looked at the puppy with disappointment. I told her that it had escaped from her back yard, and her response was to ask me if I wanted a puppy. I, of course, said no and handed her the puppy. I also informed her that her other two dogs were out, as well, and that seemed to actually get a worried response. Sheesh, these people. Take care of your freaking animals!

Oh, and the cocker spaniel from this morning found its own home, too. Hopefully a good one.

Anyway, that was my weekend, and this is my first attempt in a long time to do a weekend update instead of procrastinating for that monthly update. ^_~
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I had a very busy September, and am having an equally busy October, heh. Lets see. What have I been up to?

(Oh, yeah. This is a LONG entry)

*reaches over and flips the calendar back to September...*

Weekdays are all the same more or less. Some hanging out with the hubby watching movies, some World of Warcraft, some hanging out with friends, some reading. And of course, work. Always work.

Oh, and Thai lessons every Tuesday evening. Dude. That language is tricky, as I knew it would be. Time to make massive amounts of flash cards. Our class sessions are somewhat amusing, although of course very instructive. The teacher speaks about as much English as I speak Thai, so our lessons involve a lot of pointing at images and then saying the word. Since I'm learning kindergarten stuff, like the alphabet, it is definitely sufficient, and for the most part, when there's something to explain, Matt's there to interpret for me. Heh.

Anyway, at least the alphabet is semi-phonetic (with 40-something consonants, 30-something vowels and five tonal markings), which simplifies the learning process somewhat. I mean, once I'm literate, I won't have to guess which tone to try since it's marked right there on the word. I'm going to so butcher that language and cause myself all kinds of embarrassing situations. Good thing I like to laugh at myself!

(No, no! I meant Orange Juice, not Toilet Water!!)

Now the calendar:

Sep 16: Matt and I were back in Cleburne for some more Cowboy Action Shooting. Whee! This time, my sis came with us and we had a blast. I am really digging this new hobby. I need to make some more clothes. :D That evening we got together with Glen and Jeanette who were in town for the weekend and did some character creation. Well, everyone else created characters and I played with Aleis. I miss those girls!

Sep 21: [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky came down that Thursday and stayed til Friday afternoon. Thursday evening we hung out and discussed Werewolf characters and what direction we want the chronicle to take and tied up a lot of loose ends from the old chronicle. I'm digging our characters and am looking forward to our first real gaming session. Friday was a wonderfully mellow day (I took a vacation day off) shopping and chatting. I miss Tempest_Sky, and can't wait til our next visit (Whee! Soon!!).

Sep 23: The following Saturday, I went with the parents, sibs, and sibs spouses and kids to the Texas Civil War Museum. That was a lot of fun. Heh. The film was a pretty good "Go, Texas!" kind of propaganda that I thoroughly enjoyed. They also had about thirty Victorian era dresses out on display, all of them in near-perfect condition. I'm going to have to scan the pictures my sister was able to take of a few of them (she ran out of film). My most favorite was a gorgeous royal purple silk taffeta bustle gown from the early 1880s. I did clean my finger prints off the glass protecting the display. Really.

Sep 29: The weekend starting Friday myself, [livejournal.com profile] sandrayln, our friends Kaity and Laura went to TRF for Sandrayln's bachelorette party. We left Denton around 9:30 pm and drove to Houston to start our fun. We rented a hotel room in the Woodlands and on Saturday morning took a shuttle to the faire. I dare say much fun was had by all. ^_^ One thing to note is that there was one sword shop down in the pirate area that has a raffle and auction towards the end of the day, at which there are some really good deals on costume weapons. Neat! Saturday evening we had dinner at the sushi bar which was in walking distance from the hotel and got the royal treatment from the owner, who could tell none of us knew what to do. Heh. Sunday morning Laura woke us up (cruel!!) and we headed back home.

Oct 5: On Thursday, we all got back together again for the wedding rehearsal. We ran through the wedding twice, but our parts were all easy enough. The hardest part was the walking up the aisle at a freaking snail's pace. The wedding coordinator was quite the martinet about that detail. The first time I went really, really slow, which wasn't slow enough, so the second run through I went even slower. I could have fallen asleep I was walking so slow. After the rehearsal, though, we cornered the bride and made sure she was ok with us going just slow. Yay! Of course, I have no complaints, because Sandrayln has been great, and I hope we did well for her, too.

Oct 6: On Friday evening, we all met up at the Master Grill, a Brazilian style churrascaria, and had a lot of food. Mm. I love that place!

Oct 7: Saturday morning I got up and was at the stylist first thing, but still managed to be ten minutes late for the pre-wedding stuff. Ugh. I felt so guilty. Anyway, then lots of pictures were taken, and then we were all hurried out so that the groom and his people could have all their photographs. Sandrayln looked gorgeous in her gown (of course), and the look on Kevin's face as she walked towards him was particularly sweet. I must admit, though, my favorite part was at the very end. After the preacher announced the married couple, we all walked out to the Imperial March.

After the wedding, I headed to Fort Worth for the Lex's second birthday party. I had fun hanging out with my parents, [livejournal.com profile] annawick, [livejournal.com profile] spar30, and Spar's side of the family. His parents are super cool. Annie is fortunate in her in-laws. ^_^ I had a lot of fun chasing the little monster around, and just watching him entertain himself with his new toys. I also got a chance to chat some with Spar, which isn't very often. He mentioned some home-building ideas that really sparked my interest, though. I'm going to have to email him and get some more details!

Oct 14: This past Saturday the DFW Costuming Guild met for our business meeting. Attendance was disappointingly low, but we're still getting it up and running, so I suppose it's to be expected. We had a slight juggling of officers, but I think that will iron itself all out nicely. I've been very pleased with the current officers, regardless. I need to submit some pattern reviews to the site. I can think of a few that I've done recently from patterns (Matt's shirt... I'll have to find my notes). I also need to send in my idea for our guild logo. Can't forget that!

After the meeting, Matt and I went up to the shop to play some D&D. It was the first game of this campaign, so we'll see how it goes. I do believe fun was had by all, though.

And now, I just got my sewing machine back from the shop, so I'm going to get started on my Truly Victorian Fantailed Skirt. I'm going to make it without the train, as I'm making a walking outfit. I think I'll use some of my brown velvet as trim. We'll see, but that's what's up next! Tonight I should be cutting out the pattern!
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Monday Aug 8 started out early - we met up at the shop at 6am for the road trip. There were four vehicles in our caravan on the way up: M C and his daughter K in the big truck, R, A, [livejournal.com profile] finari and I in the van, Kyle and Linc (two of my volunteers) in Kyle's CRV, and Darryl and B in Darryl's pick-up. For the first time in shop history, we left on time, and at 6:30am. Whee!

I was the first driver, since I was the most awake out of the four of us. It was really, really stressful following M C, though. He drove that heavy truck like it was a mid-sized sedan. At one point, just an hour out, he changed lanes so quickly that the truck tilted severely and I was terrified that it would just tip right on over onto the wall. That would have been the record quickest trip to GenCon for us, too. Ugh. Ah well. The trip itself was thankfully uneventful in spite of M C's best efforts.

We arrived at the motel around midnight and got our four rooms and promptly went to sleep. Tuesday morning we gathered at 9am and headed to the convention center for set up. Set up took awhile but went fairly smoothly, and our booth looked the best it's ever looked. Yay! Wednesday we were back up at the convention center making sure the registers were all up and running. Wednesday was pretty mellow, all told.

Each evening, [livejournal.com profile] finari and I watched episodes of Avatar: the Last Airbender, of which I am now officially a fan. It got pretty bad. We'd consider each evening's option (go hang out, blah blah), and unanimously decide to stay in our hotel room and watch Avatar on my laptop. Heh.

Thursday, officially day one of the convention, went well. The retail chaos that is GenCon for me began with a bang. After the exhibit hall closed, we had dinner with the demo team on the patio outside the miniatures hall. Much fun was had - I got to meet some new guys, and get re-acquainted with my favorite demo guys. I also found out that several of them are avid Guild Wars players so I'll have to get back into that. Fun, fun!

That evening I got to do a good deed, too, and abuse my power in the process. Heh. The truck parked next to the minivan had its hood opened and a guy standing beside it with a look of cheerful resignation. We asked if he needed help and he replied that someone (a stranger to him) was on his way over from across the parking lot. So we loaded up the van, and by the time all our stuff was in, the other guy had arrived with jumper cables, etc. I quickly scribbled out two little "coupons" one each for a free miniature, one because good deeds rarely go recognized and the other because the other guy was so cheerful about it all. They were both pleasantly surprised, and redeemed their coupons to me on Saturday.

I had a good crew this year in the booth, although I especially missed not having Kevin there. He has been my best sergeant so far, and he is so very efficient. Ah, well. With this new crew, of course, there were some complaints after the first day of the show from some of my booth crew, I think primarily because they didn't realize how much ACTUAL work we do at conventions, heh. But luckily, everyone seemed to cheer up as the show went on. I got several compliments about them, so over all, I was happy with the crew and if I get the same crew next year, then I would be pleased.

Friday, we had a meeting with one of our international distributors that went well, over all. Points were raised from both sides and there were some resolutions to issues, etc. I sat and took notes, offered various suggestions, and enjoyed watching Ed go. Heh. I think the distributor didn't know what hit him half the time.

Saturday was super busy. I only had a little time to chat with Ged and most of it was to make plans for the evening. After the exhibitors' hall closed, we ran back to the hotel to change and get ready for dinner and the White Wolf party. Dinner was great with crew and friends, Ged and Wayne. I only ever get to see them at GenCon since they live in England, so it was a real pleasure.

At dinner, I was outvoted on the White Wolf party idea since there was no guarantee that we would actually be able to get in, as there was a 700 occupancy limit on the building and we didn't even finish dinner til after the doors for the party were opened. Ah well. I got to spend some time with Ged and Wayne at Jillian's, which was a place like Dave & Busters. It wasn't an ideal spot for chatting, as the games and music were really loud, but I am glad I got to spend time with them, even though it wasn't enough.

Wayne's gift to us was too cool for words - he drew a caricature of us all together, based on the few photos he had from the year (maybe 2004?) before. It's an awesome and amusing drawing and I love it! Heh. I'm gonna use the me he drew as one of my icons once I have a chance to edit it. Hee!

Sunday was almost as busy as Saturday, what with swag trades and all. I scored a really neat wood etched set of some monsters and a tavern scene that I grabbed for the hubby, and some dice for my friend Dave. All the rest of the swag trades I worked out went to the guys at the shop. Whee, fun! Trades are always insane and fun. Tear-down didn't take quite as long as I expected, but it took just as much time as I predicted, if that makes any sense. I predicted that we wouldn't be out of there until 10pm and we weren't, but we were pretty much done tearing down by 8pm. It's just that M C and I had to go back to the motel and get the truck, and I had to settle our rooms.

After tear-down, we crashed and then got up early on Monday for the drive back. Darryl left Sunday morning by himself and arrived home with no trouble from what I've heard, so we had three vehicles in the caravan going home: M C and K in the truck again, R, A, Finari, B and I in the van, and Kyle and Linc in Kyle's car. On the trip back, the van (with Kyle following us) split off from the truck, primarily because the van had all us girls in it and we needed a pee-break and M C didn't want to stop. So he continued on without us and we took our bathroom breaks as we needed them. Oddly enough, we arrived back in Denton a good two hours ahead of them (9pm CST) since at some point M C missed an exit. Heh.

Tuesday Aug 15th, I got up and ran to the shop to pick up my luggage and other stuff and met Finari there. She followed me back to the rental place and I turned in the minivan. Then she came over to my place to hang out for a bit and go over all our free stuff. After she left, I took a very long nap. Sheesh, I needed it.

Wednesday Aug 16 had me back at work and running around getting everything caught up.

Same with Thursday and Friday.

This most recent Saturday was a blast. [livejournal.com profile] thewolfhound and I got up before dawn and drove out to Comanche Valley for the shooting match. [livejournal.com profile] thewolfhound wore standard western fare from the 1880s and I threw together a generic frontier woman outfit cobbled together from one of my faire skirts that was generic enough to do the trick, a petticoat, a long-sleeved blouse, some little button-up ankle boots, and a straw hat. The brim wasn't quite wide enough so my nose is a little pink, though.

I wore a corset, too, and even though the weather got quite hot (I think it hit 105 F/40.5 C) I managed quite well since we stayed very hydrated. Heck. I know it doesn't get quite that hot during Scarborough Faire, but I'm usually tighter laced for faire. The one thing that I will change for sure about my hot weather generic outfit will be the blouse. The one I was wearing was denim, so no breeze got through. I'm probably going to whip a cotton lawn or other very light weight blouse together. And maybe add an apron. I still plan on doing an 1880s riding habit, although I think I will reserve the wear of that for slightly cooler days. Heck, even 90 F/32 C is nice compared to 105!

Anyway, of course I would prattle about clothes and such before I get to the actual event. ^_~ [livejournal.com profile] thewolfhound did a great job of describing what went on in his journal, so I'll just sum up and give my own observations.

We showed up around 8am and started out by signing up and such, and then we sat in the table area near our orientation teacher, Hopalong Casey. I was surprised when they started the Pledge of Allegiance, though. I had to hop over the bench, and of course forgot that I was wearing a hat since I never wear them until I realized that everyone else had theirs off so I quickly just knocked it off my head and let it fall on my back and hang by its strings. After the pledge we and the other newbies sat for the newbie orientation, then we went down to shoot at the "fort."

I missed about everything in the first window, but did ok in the second window. I've never shot a single action gun in my life - everything I've shot has been semi-automatic and of course the pump action shotgun we own. So not only was I flustered and self-conscious, but I was firing weapons of a type I'd never used before. Well, at least normal gun safety, like where to point the weapons and such, transfers no matter what kind of weapon you hold.

However, one of the cool things that Hopalong did was after a person shot their turn, he had the person move to the "unloading table" and supervise the next shooter's unload. Then after that, I rotated to the "loading table" to assist/observe the loading. So not only did someone show me how to load and unload the weapons, I got to show the person after me the same. By the end of the day, I felt pretty confident about the loading/unloading process, as well as shooting. So much so that when it was my turn to go again, I didn't miss at all. Yay! 'Course, I wasn't fast, but first I'm going to concentrate on being accurate.

In all, I think SASS will be a really fun hobby. I'm glad this is what we've settled on for our LARP replacement, heh.

Monday (today) it's business as usual!
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Again with the long time between updates! Let's see. My week days and evenings are all pretty similar (work, WoW, reading, movies, sewing, etc), but my Saturdays this month have been a lot of fun!

On Saturday the 8th, on a whim I went to the Sci-Fi Expo with [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] thewolfhound. It was the first time for me to go to that con, and it was a nice little convention. I didn't really see any gaming. In all fairness, though, I didn't look really hard. The dealers' room was fairly small, but attendance was free, so I'm definitely not complaining.

It's all [livejournal.com profile] winterwolf_tx's fault that we went, since he reminded me of it and told me that Alan Tudyk was going to be there. I took my Serenity RPG with me just in case I wanted to get it signed. I was almost stopped by the $20 autograph fee, until I learned that Alan Tudyk was donating 100% of the proceeds to Donate Life. So I got my Serenity RPG book signed, plus a signed picture that I need to get framed and gift to [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky. Heh.

After we finished up at the Expo, we went over and hung out with my sister for a bit, then headed home. Full, fun day!

Then the following Saturday the 15th, Matt, [livejournal.com profile] annawick and I went to a shooting match for SASS in The Boonies, TX. The set up there is really nice, and with more research, Matt has discovered all kinds of SASS sites in Texas. Go figure. Texans like to dress up like cowboys and shoot guns. I am so shocked! And I am so guilty since it sounds like fun to me, too.

So my nifty Victorian gown is getting put on hold before I even start it so I can get a 1880s riding habit put together for the August 19th orientation. As luck would have it, my friend [livejournal.com profile] hellocobweb has a copy of The Cut of Women's Clothes by Norah Waugh that he loaned me, and there is a 1880s riding habit skirt in there that I can copy. Whee! And I'll use my new Truly Victorian pattern for the habit bodice, with only a few minor modifications. Now, will I finish it before Aug 19? Only time will tell...

Friday July 21 was my friend John Bonnot's going away party. He's been recalled to the army, and if he passes the medical, they'll keep him for another 18 months and send him to Iraq. However, his shoulder is shot, which was why he was on medical leave in the first place, so there is a pretty good chance that he won't pass the physical. Then they'll send him back home. On the off chance, though, he may be gone for a while. Anyway, the party was fun and I got to see a lot of friends. Anti-social and shy person that I am, though, we only stayed two hours before leaving.

Saturday morning started early. I showed up at Finari's place, and from there we went to Lake Texoma. On the way, I saw this ranch that raises miniature horses. I forgot how absolutely cute they are. I think next time we go, I'll take my digital camera so I can get some pictures of them. Not to mention get some records of our fun at the lake. There, I had a a wonderful, laid-back day with Tempest_Sky and Finari. We watched movies, painted miniatures, had golf cart rides. As usual, I had a wonderful time, and am rejuvenated for a new week. I can't wait until next time!

Now, at work, we're gearing up for GenCon. My early mornings are about to start, since I'd rather come in early and work and still leave at my normal time than stay late or work on Saturdays. I already came in early once and put together a lot of paint sets on Friday. It was slow going until I found the radio in the paint department. It had some band named Ween in it that wasn't too bad. I remember that one of our graphic designers LOVED Ween, but I had never heard their stuff before. Next time, though, I'm going to bring something a little more to my taste that will be good to work to. Like Rob Zombie or KMDFM. I'll talk to the production director and figure out if he wants me to start coming in starting Thursday, or if I have a reprieve until Friday.

Anyway. That's what I've been up to the past few weeks. ^_^
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I want:

My Top Hat! (and Annie's derby)

My Shoes

and totally NOT Victorian, but especially cool:

Star Wars Shoes!!
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Hey, Lady! I remember seeing a picture of you in a top hat. Where did you get it? I am planning on making an 1880s riding habit after I do my current project, and a top hat like the one I saw you pictured wearing would be near perfect....
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So, my favorite people whom I am trying to recruit into some sort of extracarricular activity! I have some new thoughts. First, planning stages are early on for Civil War re-enactment (no real $$ invested yet), and second, some are lukewarm about Civil War, specifically.

So, with that in mind, I've looked around a little and run across the Single Action Shooting Society (aka SASS), which looked like a possibility....

What are some other options? What are our requirements? What do we want?

[livejournal.com profile] spar30 mentioned something about Mountain Men. I haven't researched that yet, but that could also be potentially interesting.

Some of the things I'm looking for:

I want to make historical clothes and wear them as often as possible. :P
I'd like it to be potentially family friendly.
Camping out would be nice, too.

Just brainstorming!

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