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Last night, our little guild raided the Timbermaw area for some good old fashioned Faction Farming. We invited anyone around to join us, since faction farming really is "the more the merrier." It was quite fun in spite of the repetition of just rampaging through the camp killing everything, etc.

My problem began after the farming event. To wind down, I figured I would read a book. I pulled up my thick comfortor, laid a quilt on top of that, and cuddled up next to my sleeping husband. Apparently I picked the wrong book, because rather than fall asleep I kept reading and read until all hours of the night. *sigh*

My sleepiness is totally my own fault.

I don't regret it at all.


Nov. 28th, 2005 01:32 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] lolafae came over on Tuesday evening. Finari and I visited while Lola painted her first miniature. It was a very clean job, which I can't stress how important that talent is when painting 25mm to 30mm figures. Even though it was her first miniature to paint, I know it won't be long before she's well surpassed me in skill. Yay! :D Then I can bug her for pointers. ^_~

Wednesday evening after work I went over to my parents' to help Mom with Thanksgiving prep. We peeled potatoes, peeled apples, and watched Ella Enchanted and Sahara and chatted. Actually, Sahara made me want to read Clive Cussler books, which was kind of odd. I've been familiar with his name because I worked in retail at book stores for six years, but never had the inclination to read any of his novels. Then I watch one movie loosely based a book of his, and now I want to read him? Interesting. Heh. I guess the movie served its purpose. And I haven't been reading enough, so it's about time I jumped back in to my love-affair with fiction. ^_^

Thursday morning had me doing more food prep. Then around noon Anne, Darryl, John, and Matt showed up, shortly followed by Rob, Sioux, and Kyr. While the turkey cooked, we visited and played Apples To Apples, which is a fun word association game. Then I ate lots of turkey and dressing and promptly fell into a food coma. Mmm. Dressing. And pie. Kyrie and I went for a walk to where the cattails grow by the railroad tracks. I have never played with cattails before and discovered that they're like dandylions times one hundred. We burst and scattered about three or four cattails each. I am officially the Fairy Princess of Ladybugs, and Kyrie is the Fairy Princess of Snowfall. That or Daughter Nature. Actually, she couldn't settle on her official title. That evening, after most everyone had gone, I colored Care Bears with Kyrie in the camper trailer while the adults visited in the house. I slept well that night.

Friday during the day, Matt and I WoW-ed, and then around 7pm we started watching the rest of SG1 season 1, and went well into Saturday morning. I think I can safely say that Matt and I are now SG1 addicts. Heh.

I woke up around noon on Saturday and went to the shop to pick up checks and stuff. We dropped by Anne/John/Darryl's place to pick up our car and chatted with them for a bit. Then we went to Justin to play in our social D&D game, where we (well, most of us) actually survived the Beholder.

Sunday had of course church, then more relaxing. We watched The Little Princess with Shirley Temple, and Road to Bali with Bob Hope. Now, back to Monday and the mad catch up game of work missed and Christmas craziness. Whee!

Hm. Thinking out loud here. Finari and I recently played some Guild Wars (her first time), although I am still very much the newbie, heh. My top level is 8 I think. Anyway, I am wondering if we can suck [livejournal.com profile] lolafae and [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky into it, as well. It's like MMORPG-lite, and seems to be very user friendly so far, and of course, best of all, there's no monthly fee. So even if we only hooked up every now and then, it could still be feasible for them to get into it. ^_^

It's lunch, but I think I'm going to do more work until my rice is done cooking...
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Today is the day of the lj-cuts! Prepare yourselves...

We spent the day before Christmas with Matt's family - his mom, our sister-in-law Audt, and the monkeys. Er, I mean our twin nine-year-old nephews Sammy and Danny, and twelve-year-old niece Jessica. Matt's brother Nick is in severe disfavor with the family, and rightly so. That's family drama, though, and not my own so I'll leave it at that. We had lunch at Tokyo One (mmm sushi!!), then spent the afternoon at various shops getting last minute stuff with the monkeys. It was fun, and I was happy to spend time with Matt's family. That evening, after I finished up all the cleaning with some help from Matt, we relaxed and played WoW.

Christmas day was primarily spent at my house - the family came over and we exchanged gifts and stories and visited and otherwise chatted away a few hours. Then everyone split, some to go to Grandpa and Gramma vB's place, others to head home, and Matt and I went to the wat to visit with his mom and give her Christmas present to her. I love that wat. It is both beautiful and ornate, yet peaceful and inspiring. Anyway, she was having fun teaching some people how to cook Thai deserts. Mmm. We sampled. Hehe. Then after a while with her, we headed back home for more relaxation.

Lessee, what did I give/get this year? )

I think the two favorite gifts I received this year are the clarinet (I've been wanting to get back into music), and the training courses with our dog.

I've been at a loss as to how to spend quality time with him. We play "Monster!" in the back yard, in which I am the Monster and he is the Super-Fast Uncatchable And Wily Hound. We have one variation to "Monster!" and it's "Squeaky Monster!" where I have a squeaky toy and chase him around with that. He loves both games, heh. Otherwise, I also make it a point to watch a movie with him so I can snuggle and pet him, but mostly I get the feeling that he gets bored. So training class will give us something to do. Yay!

Oh [livejournal.com profile] annawick, do you mind if I invite myself over to your house every now and then? I'm about ready to start painting again, especially since I got myself the new paints. I'm so curious to see how it works out on my pallet, not to mention the figures! I am going to hit WalMart to check out tackle boxes, since the lil one I currently use won't work anymore. I need something relatively small and portable, but that will still hold all 54 colors.

Did Dave like the paints that KiD got him? Aaron asked my opinion on what Dave would want, so I gave Aaron the hook up. Did you know I love your husband? He's awesome. I'm glad you gave me another brother. ^_^ Oh, and another nephew, too, heh.

Tomorrow will begin my crack-of-dawn Tuesday/Thursday trips out to the pasture again. The weather has been horrible, so I haven't been out in several weeks. I don't mind the cold so much, but there is no way I'll go out and play with horses and get covered in mud, then show up at work all muddy and icky. However, the cold, on the other hand, is defeatable, because at least I'll still be presentable at work. Heh. Emma ("my" horse) has probably forgotten me. I'm going to have to be doing some wooing. Now where did I put those apples?

And now the gamer MMOG nerd talk...WoW! )
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Woot! More painting toys! :) I bought a $4 tackle box from WalMart, and it is *perfect* for holding select colors for a travel paint kit. It holds 38 colors, plus an extra pot of extender, a pot of float improver, a pot of primer, and a small bottle of matt sealant. There is a centimeter or so of extra space between two of the rows of paint that I can store paint brushes in, and I was able to fit my ceramic tile in there, also. Not my spiffy ceramic dish, but the tile at least fits, so it's all good.

Hm. Just had a thought. I wonder if I should grab one of those tackle boxes for Eric before I start sending him a bunch of stuff...

On another note, this weekend I injured my right wrist. Note I did not say I hurt it, because, for the oddest unknown reason, it did not and still does not hurt. I don't know how it happened but on Saturday evening, as I was washing my hands to take out my contacts (I'm blind without them), I looked down to see the inside of my wrist horribly swollen and discolored. I think the most alarming part was that there was no pain. I still don't know how it happened, but I discussed it briefly with my boss, who is both an accountant and a registered nurse. She examined it and told me it was a burst capilary. She also prescribed pineapple because the bromilin (sp?) in it will break down the lose blood. Darn! I get to eat a lot of pineapple! ;)

Anyway, I've been keeping it wrapped to keep the swelling down, and it's a good thing my blood is thick or it would look worse. The swelling is almost completely gone, and its color has already toned down from the ugly purple bruise to a brownish bruise with purple tones. Heh.

I also played some DAoC this weekend with Matt. His Irish is up because a lot of the old timers have quit to join more "leet" guilds. This is good for me (odd as it may seem) because finally and again we share a very time consuming hobby. There has been quite a bit of guild drama over it, which I guess is past due, since the Fianna hasn't had drama in a while. I've got pretty strong feelings about it, too. I'll save my rant when I've puzzled out the reasons for why I feel the way I do.

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