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I have some stuff we're giving to a member of our church due to all the house cleaning I've been doing. They just moved here from the frozen north (like Montana or something), and came with basically nothing. One of our friends recently moved away from Texas to Washington state and he was getting rid of stuff, too, so we've actually got quite a bit of stuff sitting in our living room waiting to go to their house.

This past Monday we went out to the farm to help Matt's mother with some chores and to shoot. While Matt did the chores (he fixed the two doors on the shop and tilled some ground for her), Matt's mother taught me how to cook one of Matt's favorite dishes called "pahloh." It's pork and boiled eggs in a very savory sauce made from sweet black sauce with cinnamon, star anise, and galanga. Obviously, served over rice. ^_~ SO yummy!

We also shot skeets. I missed a lot, heh, but it was a TON of fun, anyway. I need practice, so we'll be doing this fairly often. Since the shotgun is our home defense weapon, I decided I need to get very familiar with firing and reloading it.

There is always something very satisfying about the boom of a shotgun.

We've also started going to Irish class again on Saturdays. Not every Saturday, but often. I don't really participate any more since I bring ze bebe, but at least Matt gets to go! It's usually at Paperbacks Plus so Vee and I usuall wander around the bookstore until she falls asleep. Then I go to the class and listen in.

Oh, and also! Matt and I now usually stop at the Italian grocer, Jimmy's on our way to Irish class. They have a TON of imported Italian stuff and make in store the best Italian sausage I've ever had. Every time we go, we pick up some of their sausage and some of their Pecorino Romano. It is SO good. So, if any of yall want authentic Italian ingredients that may not be available otherwise, Jimmy's is the place to go. Totally worth it. They also have a sandwich shop and wine tasting thingy for those of you that like wine.

They also have chinotto! Chinotto is a bitter/sweet soda, derived from a small, bitter citrus fruit of the same name grown primarily in Italy. Most Americans don't seem to like it, but I love it. It's pretty expensive for a liter and a half (like $3.50), but I splurge occasionally and buy a bottle. Mmm!

Ok, we're leaving soon because I just made myself very, very hungry. Mmm.
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Sat 7/5: My sister Annie and her boy spent the night at our place after the July 4 festivities. Then, that morning, we headed to Anna to hang out with Rob, Siouxsie, and Kyr. It was awfully fun to watch Rob on the floor playing with Lex and all the Star Wars figures. So cute! We spent a good part of the afternoon there, then headed back to my house, and then Annie and Lex went home.

Sun 7/6: Sunday was a beautifully mellow day.

Mon 7/7: Monday morning had me back at work (of course). We had to do an orientation for the new psychiatric residents at the office, so not much work got done. We get new psychiatrists and psychology interns every year, so this time of year is actually pretty busy for me, as I have lot of paperwork to do. Whee!

Tue 7/8: Nothing special, just work.

Wed 7/9: Wednesday morning was exciting. It's my "late" day for the next two months - I go in at 10:30 and stay until 7:30. This Wednesday was different, though. We got a call around 8AM from the hospital. Matt's mom had been the admitted night before. Diagnosis: pancreatitis. We both called in to our respective jobs, and headed to the Bowie hospital to see what needed to be done.

Luckily pancreatitis isn't life threatening. It's just really uncomfortable. The person with it has to do a true fast (no water, no food) for several days while their pancreas recovers. Clearly they have to stay in the hospital, since the only sustenance they can have is delivered through the IV. Bleh. Matt's mother didn't understand what they were telling her so Matt showing up and explaining things after talking to the nurse really helped calm her down. The doctor is still looking into the cause, though.

Thu 7/10: After work we went to Bowie again, and got home late, late.

Fri 7/11: D&D tonight, Matt's game. Whee!


Apr. 11th, 2008 10:51 am
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My weeknights are pretty much the same, as always. Thursdays we're doing Savage Worlds 50 Fathoms. We've played twice, and so far so good. I'm still out on the system (it has raises and "exploding" dice), but I don't really care about system much. That's what the other gamers are there for. Ok, one of the reasons. ^_~ System is all periferial for me anyway. I'm all about story and setting. Rules? Beh. Just tell me what dice to roll.

Last Saturday, we had planned on cleaning up around our house. However, Matt's mother called late Friday afternoon to get us to help her dump her old couch on Saturday. So we did that instead, then went to check at CCA for maybe a futon or something. There were none there and nothing else that caught her eye, so we had lunch and she went off to do other things. But the morning was over and I got lazy, so nothing really productive got done around the house. /sigh

Tonight we're going to Matt's sister-in-law's house because his brother Audt and Audt's family are in from Thailand (sister-in-law Ning, nephew Art and niece Aim). Should be fun, even though I'm the only one on that side of the family that doesn't at the very least understand Thai, heh. So tonight, a lot of visiting in Thai and I just hope I don't doze off. Oh! I'll have to remember to take the camera....

That also means that any evening plans and all weekend plans are pretty much up in the air while they're here, as we'll want to spend time with them while we've got the chance.
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Thu 9/6: The Thursday group started up a Serenity game, which will be loads of fun, as usual. The premise is that we're carnies, heh. So there's a built in reason for travelling the 'Verse. My character concept: Carnival fortune-teller. Sometimes the fortunes are eerily accurate. Other times, she keeps the truth to herself. Her secret? She's a natural psi-talent and experiences visions of the future, never predictable, in vague flashes at times and with gut-wrenching graphic accuracy at others. Fun, fun!

Fri 9/7: Friday morning, work as always. After work, we headed out to the farm, as we had chores to do for Matt's mother. We took the hound and he had a blast running around off-lead in the one acre (or bigger?) yard. It was fun to watch him come to the realization that he was off-lead. Zoom!! We went to bed early. ZzzZZzz...

Sat 9/8: Saturday morning we woke up early, early so we could get started on the chores before the heat. While Matt fixed the lawn mower, I did some work on her roof. Then while I mowed the lawn, Matt did some work on her roof, too.

We headed out at 11am to go to DFWCG hat making class. I learned a lot, because I'm a total n00b at hats. There was such a good attendance! I do hope we recruited some more people! ^_^ After the class, we headed to Justin for Matt's Star Wars game. We wrapped up a story line and paved the way for an intro for my new character (and Yvonne's, too). Yay!

Sun 9/9: Sunday morning I got up and prepped the lesson. It was on Gifts of the Spirit and Charity. Those are some of my favorite chapters in the New Testament. After church, my mom and I went to visit my granddad. Grandpa was in the hospital after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke in August. Unfortunately, he wasn't very responsive - he has no feeling on the right side of his body and was verbally incoherent. :( We chatted at him and I told him I love him. It was sad to see him there after all his liveliness and orneriness. However, I did get some real quality time with my mother on the drive.

After visiting Grandpa we went to visit [livejournal.com profile] annawick. Seeing my sister is always good, and both my mom and I needed the cathartic medicine of happiness that a perpetually cheerful three-year-old can bring. Lex is good for the soul.

Mon 9/10: Monday morning had me back at work (yes, there's a pattern there). I'm still doing tai chi on Mondays and Wednesdays with Anne. I'm pretty proud of us. I also have a new goal for cleaning and hopefully I'll stick to it. After chores, I played some WoW and then Matt and I stayed up until all hours of the night talking about the philosophical differences between Epicureans and Stoics.

I'm definitely a Stoic, heh. Especially after a little research and locating of some quotes:


"Man is disturbed not by things, but by the views he takes of them."

"If, therefore, any be unhappy, let him remember that he is unhappy by reason of himself alone."

Marcus Aurelius:

"Get rid of the judgement, get rid of the 'I am hurt,' you are rid of the hurt itself."

Tue 9/11 and Wed 9/12: Tuesday, work and my weekly lunch with efkelley. The evening, chores and WoW. Wednesday much the same, with a break for tai chi with Anne.
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Friday June 23 was Matt's birthday. We went to Les Miserables for his present, and ate at the buffet that is there at the theater. Overpriced, but I ate enough very tasty rare prime rib to make it worth while. The show itself was great. I think the actor who played Jean Valjean was one of the best tenors I have heard. Cozette was a bit shrill for my taste, though. Eponine was in excellent form, as was Javert. I got chills at various moments and was moved to tears during at least one of Jean Valjean's scenes. It was a beautiful evening.

That Saturday, Matt went shooting with some friends, and [livejournal.com profile] finari and I went to the lake and hung out with [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky. I had a wonderful time. I think the highlight of my day was the ride in the boat across the lake at sunset. Of course, the golf cart chase was fun, too. And meeting a lot of the people at the boat club, especially Connie. And chatting with my wonderful girlfriends. And shopping at BecArt. In all, a wonderful, relaxing day.

Monday the 26 had things back to usual. Work during the day, WoW or chores or movies in the evening. Thursday I got together with friends and thoroughly enjoyed myself, as usual.

Friday evening had Matt and I in Dallas at Shakespeare in the Park. We watched The Tempest, which was awesome. I had never seen it before, and the performances were solid. This season they're doing that and a musical version of Midsummer Night's Dream, and early fall at the Addison location they will be doing Much Ado About Nothing. The "Junior players" will be doing The Comedy of Errors at the end of July, so I think I'm going to try to catch that, too.

Saturday we did chores in the morning and hung out at [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys's house and made super hero characters while watching Sky High and The Incredibles. Matt's planning on running a super hero game for the big group. I'm so looking forward to that, as it'll be losely based off our City of Heroes guild on Virtue. Heh. It will be a hoot. He's reserved the AGOT game for our visits up to OKC where our friend Glen is moving this fall for law school.

Sunday was relatively relaxed. Monday I had work in the morning, then lunch with my co-workers, a friend, and Matt, then I took off from work around 3pm and chilled out at the house with my love.

The 4th was full of fun. We got up at 7am to go to the park for a church flag raising ceremony, breakfast, and activities. I got to learn the Virginia Reel, which was a blast. Matt and I really need to go take some dance classes together. I know he would enjoy them, too.

Which reminds me (tangent!), recently, I think last week, I watched an episode of So You Think You Can Dance over at [livejournal.com profile] finari's house and it reminded me that I need to learn the waltz. And a few of the other more historical dances done in the ballroom. I would absolutely love to twirl around a ballroom in a historical gown with Matt in his Coldstream Guard uniform, when it comes in. Of course, I now need to make a ball gown. I'm thinking 1880s... or early Napoleonic...

Back to the 4th.... after the morning's activities, we headed over to Grand Prairie where the family thing was gathering. In spite of the fact that no one RSVP'ed to my mom (she forgot to ask for an RSVP, and since my family is too laid back, no one said anything), she had a decent showing, although I think the total attendance was "only" around 20-ish. Much fun was had. Volley ball, water balloon cannons/sling-thingies in the parking lot, chasing around of the Lex, reading children's books about the Revolution and key patriots, although none of them even mentioned Gen Nathanael Greene!

Heh. While Mom and I were filling up the water balloons in the kitchen, we were keeping an eye on the Lex (who will be two in October) while his mom and pop were playing volley ball. We gave him a water balloon that was only partially filled and he entertained himself with that for quite a while, until finally, while exploring the fascinating texture of the malleable rubber, he squeezed it tight then bit it. It sprung a tiny leak, and he explored by further squeezing the balloon, which of course burst. He was so shocked. Mom and I had a fit of giggles, and promptly gave him another. He played with that one for a while, then he chomped down on it and this one burst in his face. Again, the shock! And of course the giggles, and another passed down to him.

After hanging out with my family, we went to the Wat to pick up Matt's mother and have dinner together. Just before sunset, the sun came out and I saw the absolutely most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. I could see it from end to end, unobstructed, and because the sun was setting, the colors were bright and vibrant against the dark grey clouds behind it. It was breathtaking, and I watched until it faded.

Oh, and I have this evil plan that will unveil itself on Friday. Some of my friends already know, and to them I say: My plan is coming together.... Muahahah! Fear me!


Nov. 10th, 2005 01:17 pm
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Thursday I hung out with friends, then Friday evening I went to the lake for a slumber party and the girls' game. We left Denton around 7pm after a quick stop at the grocery store for supplies. I spent a wonderful hour and a half chatting with Anne and [livejournal.com profile] finari on our drive.

We arrived at the lake around 9pm. [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky and [livejournal.com profile] lolafae were already out and about, but Tim saw us drive up and had us hop on his golf cart. He scooted us over to a field and we got to see several deer just barely beyond the headlights of his cart. Then we went to the point where the others were and spent some time star gazing. [livejournal.com profile] finari saw the Milky Way Galaxy for the first time. She also saw like six falling stars. After that, we went back to the house, watched Van Helsing and fell asleep.

Saturday morning we woke up, showered, and had breakfast. Then we had our game.

Gamer geek stuff now... It was 100% combat this time, which was tolerable after about nine (or ten?) games of pure role-play. ^_~ [livejournal.com profile] finari's character first changed (whee!), [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky's character awoke, and my character, after finally losing the desperate hold on her own sanity, first changed, too. [livejournal.com profile] lolafae's character awoke last game, so she was already aware that things were not all as they seemed.

I think Lola is an Akanthus mage, and Tempest is a Thyrsus. Anne had an awesome idea for having them choose their Path. Anne chose one card to represent each Path and one card to represent each Arcana, and of course grouped the cards in threes, each Path and its two Arcana. Then, with out telling them any of this, she had the two of them chose the set that they felt represented their character the best. It worked out pretty well. ^_^

Finari and I both are Hunters in Darkness New Moons. Irakka? Heh. I still need to learn all the silly new terms for these old concepts. Although Anne already told us not to put too much stock into the fluff, so I think I'll just skip all that. This should be interesting... Finari's character is more of the sneaky type, and my character is more of the fighting type. It'll be interesting to see what different niches we work out for ourselves.

It works, though. I'm glad this new setting is more lenient on the mixing of the genres...

We played for about three hours, then had lunch and went into Denison to do some shopping at a little herbal shop. I picked up some henna, some crushed walnut shells, a pair of hair sticks, and some bergamot candles. Mmm.

When we finished in Denison, we went back to Tempest's place and put our characters on their new sheets. Whee! Then we went back out to the point to turtle-watch and catch the gorgeous sunset. After the sunset, we went back to the house and played with fire and roasted marshmallows. We left around 9pm to head back to civilization. It's so nice out at that lake.

Sunday morning's lesson was about music, so I brought my clarinet and played name that tune with the three-year-olds, who thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm very lucky they're not critics because I am badly out of practice, heh. Then I let them play around with Matt's chanter, which is virtually indestructible. They enjoyed that, too. We went to my parents' house around 1pm. [livejournal.com profile] annawick and the Lex were already there, so we lounged around and played with the munchkin. Rob, Sioux, and Kyr showed up around 7pm, so we hung around for another hour or two. Kyr is getting so BIG. I can't believe she's nine already.

Also, Mom and Dad picked up a camper trailer, one of those pop-up tent dealies, which I thought was very cool. It'll be better for Dad, too, since camp set up will be way easier, and they love camping. Of course, we never camped in such luxury as kids, but I know they'll really enjoy it.

Monday evening after work, I just had a very chilled out, mellow evening.

Tuesday evening we had dinner at Buco di Beppo with my mother-in-law, our sister-in-law, Jessie, and the monkeys, plus their friend Max. Matt taught the monkeys the meaning of "selling your best friend down the river," so as to properly embarrass a friend in front of their family, where as I hurriedly explained the meaning of "Too Much Information!!" Those boys are so silly. ^_~ After dinner we adjourned to Audt's house, where I was soundly defeated at chess by a nine-year-old, in like six moves. Heh. I wasn't surprised, though. Danny is one very sharp kid.

Last night, I relaxed and watched several episodes of Firefly. I love that show. I can't wait until Serenity comes out on DVD!

Matt's taking his mom to the airport today, where she's heading back to Bangkok for a few months. We'll be out to the farm to do some winter maintenance, and perhaps start going out there for some shooting now that she's gone... She doesn't really like guns, so while she's home it's a little more difficult. Plus she always has a to-do list when we go out there. ^_~

Also, we're getting a new toilet. Our water bill doubled this past month. Ugh. The one we've got is 30 years old and the water runs through it all the time. Matt's going by Lowes to pick us out a new one and then we'll have it installed. Once that's done, we'll eventually have to look at getting our air conditioner's condenser fixed, since it leaks, too. Luckily it's over the tub so it just leaks straight down the drain, although it's stained the tub. /sigh. Ah, the joys of home ownership!

Work is going well. We're starting to gear up for the holidays, and the huge influx of orders that comes with it. We got a small taste this week of what is to come. It's going to mean overtime for the hourlies, and longer hours for the salaried. This is when pay-back for being salary comes into play, heh. We have an awesome production crew, some real quality employees, so I am confident that things will go smoothly, if a bit hectic.

Now I need to start working on Christmas stuff. List time!

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