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So, this happens often enough that it may not be funny to anyone but me. It's always funny to me, simply because it can happen most unexpectedly.

Last night, I was helping a friend clean up her old home for a move to her new one and some men from her church showed up to help move the heavy things. One of the men looked at me and said, "Hey, do you have a sister?" The way he was eyeing me, I knew exactly what the follow up question would be.


"Is her name Marianne?"

I laughed, of course. "Yep!"

Then we had a nice chat about how he knew her, and how, completely out of the blue with no known associations, he made the connection between she and I (her and me? boo grammar).
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If you watch early in the video the thing that makes the news caster freak out is a small lizard that jumps on him from the lower left of the screen.

I didn't think I was susceptible to schadenfreude, but I have to admit I laughed so hard I almost cried. But then, I like reptiles....


Apr. 13th, 2008 09:59 am
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So, yesterday amidst all of our running around for family stuff (Matt's brother and family is in town from Thailand), Matt and I stopped for drinks at the QT. On our way out, Matt as usual escorted me to my car door and opened it for me. As I sat down I heard a shout.

"And they say chivalry is dead!"

I looked over and saw two guys in a red Honda boxy SUV thing, and they were watching us and grinning. I grinned back.

Matt said with a laugh, "I try!"

The driver replied, still grinning, "Good job!"
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So I put my shirt on backwards on Tuesday. I forgot to mention that. Or maybe I was thinking I didn't need to mention it. But I live to amuse myself, so there it is.

I tumbled out of bed and into my clothes in my rush to take the trash to the curb, and put my pink work t-shirt on with the big red logo across my chest instead of my shoulder blades. Of course, I didn't notice it at all. I was sitting at my computer in my office, working away, when my boss's son came in to chat with me.

After a moment or two of small talk, his brow wrinkled and in a puzzled voice he asked, "Um, Jay. Is your shirt on backwards?" It was almost a statement.

I look down and, suddenly very amused, replied, "Sure enough!"

He shakes his head and goes back to his office and I promptly pull my arms inside the t-shirt and spin it around so that it's on properly. Heh.

My boss's corn plant has flowered. I say corn plant but it looks like a miniature palm tree. Anyway, when she saw that it was going to flower this year, she was so very pleased, heh. Every morning when I unlock my office door, I am hit by the waves of its very sweet, almost cloying scent. I don't have a strong sense of smell so if I can smell it, it must be quite strong. The first day I thought it was my incense sticks, but when she pointed out the blossoms I realized what it was. It is a good thing I don't have allergies, because the pollen content in these two rooms must be insane. I keep the door open for good ventilation. Spreading the love, as it were.

Last night I went to the second DFWCG meeting ever. I signed a paper that will help to make it official, so this is a good thing. We talked about all kinds of different local events we could attend in costume, and that at some point we will start having our own events. We also discussed the website and what features we want it to have. Matt is going to create the site for us. Yay!

My favorite thing about the meeting was gathering with a bunch of weirdos like myself that love to dress up. In things besides normal, boring modern clothing. ^_^ It is just what I need to keep my sewing bug alive.

In other news, the annual convention that my work throws is rapidly approaching with over 100 tickets sold. Our building will be very close to capacity, heh. According to our site, it's only 14 days away, with artists arriving in 13 days. So the summer insanity of conventions is imminent, and oddly enough I feel pretty calm about it so far.

The special edition miniature for this year is completely, absolutely, eye-poppingly gorgeous. She was sculpted by Ridolfi, who I think has a crush on the subject (said subject is fictional, but since she's our mascot there are many fans with a crush on dear Sophie). He translated the 2d artwork so very well! I'm going to get several, heh. I think that she will easily be the most popular sculpt of Sophie done to date.

Faire this weekend. With the weather cooling, it should be quite nice. It may even rain!
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Scene: I'm in a small traffic jam at Swisher and I35 with my windows down enjoying the nice weather when I hear a deep Texas drawl.

"Hey, baby, couldja scoot forward a lil?"

I look over my shoulder and see a 1980-ish old Chevy van with his hood behind me but the tail end of his vehicle in the oncoming traffic's turn lane. I look at the three to four feet between myself and the silver Saturn, nod, and scoot up.

Van: "Thanks!"

The van straightens out behind me.

Van: "By the way, you have beautiful eyes!"

Startled, I look into my rear-view mirror at the driver behind me. I see a ball cap, glasses, and a big friendly grin.

Van: "See! You do!"

Amused now, I shout back, "Thanks!"

And then traffic moves forward.

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