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As usual, our good friend Shaun came over from Arizona and spent two fun weeks with us. We went to Scarborough on Memorial Day. We ate out at Razoos (say Zaideco Dancer!), and watched LOTS and LOTS of Anime:

Bubblegum Crisis 2040
Death Note
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki
X (series)
Ergo Proxy (just the first disk)

Luckily, for A-Kon itself, we scored passes from my cousin Conrad (yay!), so we got in free. It's the only way to go, that's for sure!
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So, last week I spent a LOT of time watching anime and getting sewing done. Finished the regency stays, too. Yay! Let's see. What all anime did I end up watching during Shaun's stay?

Full Metal Alchemist, plus OVA
Full Metal Panic, Seasons 1 and 2
Generator Gawl
R.O.D. (aka Read Or Die)

Whee! Fun, fun. Shaun leaves tomorrow evening, so we'll be finishing up R.O.D. tonight. I fully expect to be exhausted in the morning.

Saturday was a full, fun day. We started the day out pretty early (for a Saturday) and headed into down town Dallas to go to A-Kon. We got there in plenty of time to find good parking and the line was relatively short. Hooray! Mostly I go to A-Kon to people watch, and there seemed to be quite a few good costumes this year. Tons of bad costumes, but some good ones, too. I got to spend a little time with my sister and some of her friends, and I saw a few of my cousins (Conrad, Liana, Tanya, Trevor). We also caught the music videos, too.

One of these times I'll make it to the cosplay, if for nothing else simply to see what it's all about, since I really have no idea. I kind of imagine it like LARP on stage maybe? Except they're acting out the characters?

I also picked up Witch Hunter Robin and Matt got RahXephon, so there are still many days to come of anime even after Shaun leaves. That just means I'll get more sewing done and not as much WoW time. Heh.

That's it for now - my reports just finished, so back to work for me!
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Lots of gaming this weekend, plus the beginning of the anime craziness. ^_^

The Thursday game is going great. I'm really enjoying the setting and [livejournal.com profile] arioch1970 is doing an excellent job of telling the story. Our Friday GURPS Fantasy/Conan is really coming along, too. We're finally getting our grasp of the GURPS rules again, so combat should flow more smoothly each time. I remember really liking GURPS from way back when, so it's nice to rediscover why I liked it so much.

Saturday was really busy in spite of the Saturday game at my brother's being canceled. Matt and I got up early-ish and took care of some banking stuff (which took forever), then I went to my sister's and picked up a bodice and visited with [livejournal.com profile] spar30 for a while. He's working on lorica segmentata, which Matt has wanted to make for quite some time, heh. So I envision some evenings spent over at Annie's place. Fun, fun! ^_^ Matt gets to play with metal, I get to play with cloth. And Lex. Of course. :D

Anyway, after hanging out there for a bit, I ran to Love Field and picked our friend Shaun up. Shaun stays at our place every year for the past oh, I dunno. Six years now? He comes over every year during A-Kon and we watch anime all week. Heh. I first met him in the early days of playing Dark Age of Camelot (an MMORPG), and we've been friends ever since. So I'm taking half-days this week and watching anime with my friends. Fun! Anyway, we started the anime fest with Full Metal Alchemist and watched like the first five disks on Saturday, and the next several on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday we braved the rain and went to Scarborough. I had a ton of fun with the hubby, my sister, the Lex, and Shaun in spite of the rain. We were wet, muddy, and tired by the time we got home, but I think fun was had by all. It was awesome to hear Lex sing the Dark Side March, heh.

And Monday had me back at work, but only half days all week. Whee!
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So, the weekend of June 10 was a blast. I worked at the art show with [livejournal.com profile] annawick and [livejournal.com profile] wyshadara and other nice people. Annie and I were door nazis. Heh. It really made the time pass quickly, though, and for the most part no one gave us any trouble. There was one moment of excitement when Diana, who was in charge of the show, caught someone taking pictures and she (quite rightly) blew a gasket. The dude left cursing, so Wysh and my brother-in-law chased him down and took him to security. Heh. After my shift ended, I had some time to run around the place with Matt, Shaun, Pat, and Pat's girl Cynthia. Saturday evening I helped with the art auction as a "Vannah."

There were four of my cousins and another sibling at the con, too, and of course Annie. Practically a family reunion, although I didn't even know Trevor was there til his mom sent me a picture of his costume.

Sunday was nice and mellow, ending the day at [livejournal.com profile] narkeys's and [livejournal.com profile] finari's place. We hung out, visited, and watched more anime (I know, it's a shocker). Monday the 12th I went to work, then at lunch headed home and finished watching Ghost in the Shell, then took Shaun to airport. All in all, it was a good ending to a good week.

Lessee. For my own future reference, I watched more TV that week than I have in a very long time:

3x3 Eyes
Deeper Samurai Kyo
Ghost in the Shell
Oh My Goddess
Peace Maker

I think that's everything...

Oh, and on Thursday night, we put out the old A/C and the old fridge for the city to pick up on Friday morning. The city picked up the old A/C unit, but left a note on the fridge that said "Necesidad contactar inspector de freeon." Hah. Did I mention that we live in a barrio? Well, that comes with some benefits. Armed with that knowledge, we just left the fridge out and it disappeared on Sunday sometime. Heh. It didn't necesidad contactar inspector after all.

Tuesday had me back at work, and life went back to normal. Then, this past Saturday morning and day, Matt and I headed out to Anna to hang out with Rob, Sioux and Kyr. We hung out, watched Chronicles of Riddick, etc. I think one day we're going to have to plan an outing to Ikea, since I've never been and it's on the way. That evening we played the Star Wars game up at the shop, which was fun, as usual.

Sunday after church, I went to Mom and Dad's to hang out and visit for Father's Day, but missed the first DFWCG class ;_; They did the paper dress forms, so I'm totally bummed that I missed. I even designed a logo for the DFWCG, heh. It's um very basic and not artistic, but for me it's not bad. At least it's something, and maybe some of the elements in it will help someone else come up with something better. Or it won't get used at all, which is alright, too, heh. I'm not artistic at all. :P

Monday, Tuesday and today have me back at work, etc, so now it's back to my normal boring stuff. ^_^

I think I need to start cleaning out the garage. It's needed it for quite some time, heh.

Update, etc

Jun. 7th, 2006 01:10 pm
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It's been like three weeks since my last update and I was going to lock this because it's so boring, but then just decided to not. Beh. There weren't a lot of changes, so I just didn't post. Life is good. Faire season is over, so my Saturdays will be open again for other social-type things, as well as hobbies and chores, etc. Heh.

With A-Kon looming, I have my friend Shaun over for his annual visit. I picked him up on Friday after a comedy of errors with us missing each other like some Chaplin movie. After a quick very late lunch, we went out to McKinney and picked up a fridge, then a late dinner at IHOP. I need to remember to stick to breakfasts there. The fish and chips were very, very "meh."

Saturday was great. Matt and I went to a dealership to look at a truck for his mother, after which we went to Glen & Jeanette's house for a surprise birthday game for Glen. We finally concluded our Phlan game fighting a 400+ year old demon-possessed bronze dragon, which Shaun played. It was quite the finale! Since my little sorcerer couldn't land a spell on the critter to save her life, she stopped time and buffed the party a lot. And go go creative use of Forcecage! So, next up for Matt will be AGOT. I'm really looking forward to that.

So far, the anime I've watched while Shaun has been here: Deeper Samurai Kyo, Ghost in the Shell (which I'd never seen before and really enjoyed), and Peace Maker. And still, my all time favorite is Rurouni Kenshin. Next up, more Ghost in the Shell, and um... I forget the name of the other one.

The social game has been postponed, and postponed again. I'm not especially sad about it, although as always once there I have fun. I have four other games aside from the social one that are always waiting to be scheduled, with people I know better. Two D&D games, my Thursday group (which I've missed like three weeks in a row! :-/ I'll be back next week for sure, though!), and Warhammer RPG. Soon one of the D&D games will go away when the DM moves to go to law school, which is sad but it'll be nice to be down to three games, I think.

In WoW, things are moving along nicely in our cobbled-together group. We're in our early 40s and moving forward. Kevin wants to check out the Horde side, too, so maybe one night a week we'll try that out. Matt rolled a tauren warrior named Charro, and I ran a lil orc shaman out to do all our newbie quests together. It's neat seeing everything with new eyes. I have too many level 30 to 45 Alliance alts, heh.

So, yeah. As usual, nothing odd or exciting to report. Although having a functioning full size refrigerator is awesome. Heh. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] fuzake!
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I had an awesome week, although each day was a repeat of the first, more or less, heh. I did a lot of hanging out with friends and watching anime. So, this year we watched:

Witch Hunter Robin

While Trigun was cool, I liked Witch Hunter Robin a lot better. I think because it was more serious, although now I understand why so many people dress up like Vash at A-kon. He was really cool. Wolfwood, too (although his costume would be too easy to really count).

Also, this week while our guests were over, Matt renewed our SWG accounts (again). He also respec'ed my Master Dancer/Master Musician/Master Entertainer/Master Image Designer who was a whopping Combat Level 1 to a Master Rifleman/Master Combat Medic and is now Combat Level 80. I amuse myself by keeping my Expert Hairstylist tag under my name, though.

Matt, friends and co-workers all want to be Imperials, but my big brother, who is on the same server, is a Colonel in the Rebellion. Urg. So, I can either kill my friends and hubby, or kill my brother. What a mess. Anyway, Matt already has his full suit of biker scout armor, and my other friends are well on their way to getting their faction armor, too.

Saturday was A-Kon itself (whee!), where I got to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] finari (who came over quite a bit this past week) and [livejournal.com profile] annawick. There were lots of good costumes, even more mediocre costumes, and an overwhelming number of just plain bad costumes, but as always, it proved to be a prime people-watching day. ^_^ I think next year I will actually go watch the cosplay, though. According to my sister, that is a hoot, so I'll give it a go. Guess I better find out more about that...

After wrangling two free passes, I spent some money in the dealers' room and got Matt his next installment of Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue, issues 13 through 17, plus some hair sticks and earrings for me. I also enviously eyed some absolutely beautiful wedding kimonos that I absolutely could not afford. At about 7pm we headed out to a small party at Anne/Bob/Darryl/John's house, where a super-happy surprise was there for me in the form of a long-missed friend, which totally made my week. Wheeee!!

Sunday was nice and mellow. I had lunch at the parents' house, saw my youngest brother who came, too, then went back home to hang out and watch the last bit of Trigun that we could cram into our soon to be over friend and anime fun.

This morning I took Shaun and Dan back to the airport at the crack of dawn, and then went in to my normal Monday work routine. Matt just took Patrick to the airport, so tonight I will clean up a bit and then just relax. No more social obligations until Thursday.

Mmm. Nice.
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On Tuesday, I did the standard work thing. Matt showed me a Star Wars fan film called IMPS, the second installation of TROOPS, and I loved it. Theoretically they are going to produce eight (total) twenty-ish minute films, one at the beginning of each month. When I got home, I watched another fan film called Revelations that Matt put on DVD for me. It was pretty good for a fan film. The effects were nice, the acting was ok, but the sound was all off and a little distracting. I also watched Episode IV. I watched those while I helped [livejournal.com profile] finari work on her skirt - I did the pleats though. Later I showed her how to set a waist band, so I won't be able to teach her much more, heh.

Wednesday morning started out with a twist when I narrowly avoided an accident with an SUV whose driver didn't know how to drive. She pulled out of a driveway and promptly did a 180 across Swisher because she slid through some water and didn't know how to control a skid. Dork. Luckily I saw it in plenty of time, and although I had to slow down rapidly, I didn't have to slam the breaks. I got to have lunch with [livejournal.com profile] annawick and Lex (Yay!), which is always fun.

Our roommate moved out after not occupying our spare room for months and not paying rent for two of those months. She got four - I gave her Oct & Nov rent-free while she was looking for a job, and she didn't pay April or May. Although in all fairness, I told her if she moved her things before the end of the month I'd call May a wash. I don't think I'll ever see April either. /shrug. It's better off this way, regardless. She never stayed at our place, anyway.

We have our house again. I'm thinking we won't have another roommate, maybe. Of them all, half have been on time with rent, the other half slid and got several months rent-free. It's partly because we don't really need the money or a roommate, so we've let friends on difficult times stay. Actually, it's been family that have slid on rent. Hm. Friends have always come through.

After she left, I spent the evening with Matt. While he watched Schindler's list, I read a book. It was a comfortable, cozy evening.

Thursday day was a normal work day, but Thursday evening I went dancing. Since some of the artists joined us, we decided to really dress up. I wore my floor-length white and silver jacket, plus leggings and boots. Lots of fun was had.

I took Friday off to get some things taken care of around the house. That morning I went fabric shopping, and found an awesome deal on some black cotton twill and white cotton gauze for the jedi costume that Matt's making. We'll be dying the gauze since the only colors in cotton gauze we could find were pastels, heh. I helped [livejournal.com profile] finari finish up her skirt, which looks marvelous, as I knew it would. That evening we played Star Wars d20. Matt made an adjustment in time period, so we're now playing during Episode I rather than 4000 years before. Should be interesting...

Saturday morning I cleaned house a bit, then that afternoon I picked up the guys at the airport. We hung out, and I made the guys watch Revelations and IMPS and went through Shaun's anime to pick out what to watch this year. We're going to watch Trigun and Witch Hunter Robin. We started with Witch Hunter Robin while Matt made machine-gun noises with the sewing machine in the TV room. Witch Hunter Robin is very cool so far - one I may consider picking up.

Sunday was very mellow, as usual. I went to church, then hung out with the guys (there will be a lot of that coming up this week) and watched more Witch Hunter Robin. Matt finished his outer robe.

It is now Monday. All my friends are off work today. I guess it's fair since I took Friday off, but still. :P
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It's cold in my office. I'm in a huge metal building on the second floor and it's going to be over 98 degrees today outside (heat allegedly rises, right?). I am wearing my husband's fleece hoodie and there is no way to shut my vent. Boohiss.

Our convention this weekend went well. It made for a really long weekend, though. We started clean-up and set-up on Thursday, and all our artists arrived, so there was a lot of to-and-from the airport. They are here until Thursday and Friday of this week. I got a lot of my regular work done, then pitched in downstairs.

Friday our guests started arriving, but for the first half of the day, I hermited in my office. Then, I went downstairs and helped out at the concessions. The rest of the weekend was much the same, with highlights being visiting with [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] annawick, and playing with Lex.

In all honesty, it wasn't really an interesting week for me, just really busy. It involved a lot of work, and a lot of sitting around manning my station. Meh.

Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] finari, for your help and especially your company this weekend. And [livejournal.com profile] annawick, I'm glad really you and Dave came by, too. ^_^

I came upstairs to my office this morning (preceded by my dog, who was waiting at my office door patiently) to a turned off refrigerator. Yes, the cleaning crew turned off my fridge. Sheesh. So I cleaned up all the water from the defrosted freezer portion for the first twenty minutes or so, and got to work. Luckily, I'm not as swamped as I could have been since I got so much taken care of on Thursday and Friday. It's almost a normal Monday.

I think I am going to take Thursday off to get some stuff taken care of at home. Or maybe I should take Friday off, since I'm going dancing on Thursday evening with the girls and some of our artists...

As for Saturday and Scarborough, I can go, I just have to get there at 10am and leave by 2pm. It will be a short day at the faire for me.
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Well, that's done. It wasn't bad - no where near as busy as I'm used to conventions being for us. We broke even, which is as much as I hoped, all things considered. Our booth was not near any RPGs, we did not get any advertising in their on-site or pre-registration books, we did not have any presence on their website, etc. The fact that our expenses equalled our income is acceptable, although not thrilling.

However, there should be some big changes with our presence there next year. It's interesting to hear from some of the con reps that they really want to grow the RPG side of it, then hear the total indifference from other con reps. We'll see. I imagine we'll give it at least one more go.

On the positive side, I love working cons in spite of all the stress. This one was not really all that stressful because of the slower pace for our booth, and the close vicinity of our shop when we forgot items.

I got to see some old friends, and hang a bit with my sister. Hanging with the sis is always good. I was mistaken for her at least once, and she was mistaken for me once, as well. Hehe.

The only major unsatisfying thing for me about A-Kon was the constant nagging knowledge that I had asked for those days off, had them approved, and did not get them. /sigh

The Fianna gathering on Saturday was as nice and laid back as I expected. I met a lot of DAoC names, had a chance to hang out with some old friends. One of the highlights was meeting Dellerane, Syntaix, Qithos (he has such blue eyes!), Manogen, and Griffon.

I really missed having Tracy here, though.

Today was really busy, as I knew it would be, having to catch up with two days of missed work. Tomorrow I take Sanji & Darryl to the airport, and the A-kon fun will be officially over. /pout. I won't get to hang out with them until this time next year. Ah, well. It's good to have friends, and even better to be able to spend time with them. ^_^
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I picked up my friends Sanji and Darryl from the airport on Saturday. It's a blast having them over. This is Sanji's third year to come for A-Kon and the Fianna party, and Darryl's second. Sanji brought a ton of anime with him as the tradition has become, and we have already watched all of Escaflowne. You know someone is a good friend when you can just vegitate together, with out worrying about trying to entertain them. So far, we've just hung out, watched movies and played computer games, until today.

We spend the better part of the whole day at Scarborough, mostly just wandering around and trying not to melt. It was fun, but very very hot and humid.

I foresee the rest of the week continuing like this - hanging out, computer games, and anime, until A-Kon actually starts. Then it will be hanging out, A-Kon and the Fianna party, heh.

Gotta go to work tomorrow, but Thurs will be a A-Kon set up, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday I'll be taking four hour shifts at our booth, so that should be fun...
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I had a fabulous weekend. It started on Thursday, as the owners gave my husband and I a four day recovery weekend because of the working weekend during our convention. I told them that rather than paying me for working conventions, that in the future extra vacation days are definitely an option they can consider.

Thursday and Friday were very lazy, as my hubby and I played City of Heroes pretty much the whole time until our brains turned to mush. We also discovered a wonderful new little chinese delivery/buffet place. Super yummy! Friday night we played Werewolf, though again it seemed a little distracted.

Saturday [livejournal.com profile] finari, [livejournal.com profile] lolafae, one of their co-workers Denise and I went to Scarborough Faire again and had a blast, as expected. We're all getting Royal Season Passes next year. Saturday night we played Matt's D&D 3.5 game, and he managed to almost kill three of us. He was pleased. ^_~

Now that our convention is over, it's time to start working on our appearance at A-Kon 2004. This week will be meetings and prep work because set up is Thursday June 3. I've decided that although I am not going to work the whole convention, I will be there manning the booth both Friday and Saturday mornings for a quick four hour shift. That way I will be there if anything goes horribly wrong or if the employees manning the booth need help or have questions.

So not only are we doing A-Kon, but I have friends coming in from out of town that I am hosting in my home. I am so excited to see them. Two are flying in this coming Saturday, and I'm not sure whether or not [livejournal.com profile] tracy144 is coming (I hope he is, though!!).

Oh, on that line of thought, [livejournal.com profile] fuzake, are you and [livejournal.com profile] sixtyten coming? If so, when do you expect to arrive?

Anyway, next week is going to be busy with working A-Kon and entertaining friends, then I'll have two weeks respite before heading out to work Origins. After that, things will hopefully calm down, heh.

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