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Wow. So things have gotten a bit lively at our residence.

First, of course, there's the Case of the Car-Killing Deer on Thanksgiving. I never heard from the insurance adjustor, although in all fairness, if he called the shop and I wasn't there, no one except me answers the phone so a message may have been misdirected. So anyway, I emailed our insurance agent (who rocks, by the way), to let him know and in half an hour he had me set up to contact Service King, who are taking care of everything else. All I had to do was drop off my poor injured Saturn and pick up a rental. All this morning. Hooray! Well, except for the deductible, which will be a big ouch. So Merry Christmas, Jay & Matt!

The next excitement started just before our little batch of snow last week. Our heater is wonky. It blows luke-warm air. So we've had this little space heater in our room and we stayed in our bedroom to stay warm. I've heard Matt refer to it as the fort.

Then, my awesome brother-in-law came over to try to fix things up before last week's freeze and discovered that our breaker box is... um... shall we say dangerous? All the switches were turned off and he still managed to spark himself. Owie. That was when he called his efforts done and brought in some of his friends to work on things for us. We got it all settled and now have a new breaker box. Well, the heater is still wonky, but we now have parts and at least the breaker box is safe now so we can turn things on and off with no fear of earning a punk hairdo without the hair spray but with all the gravity defiance you could possibly want.

Saturday was super-filled. We woke up early to take the hound over to our friend's house and then headed to Austin for our friends' Scott and Hope's wedding and reception. It was held in a very pretty, intimate Methodist chapel filled with poinsettas. Hope was beautiful, of course, and Scott very handsome in his tux. For a gift, Matt and I gave them two things. One thing that was serious, and one thing for fun: a video about building a strong marriage, and a set of paints for miniature painting, since we knew for a fact that that was a particular hobby of theirs. Best of all, Matt wrapped the gifts in an issue of the City of Heroes comic, since both of them work for NC Soft. Hehe. After the reception, we headed back up to Denton, picked up the hound and went home and directly to bed.

I've also called the vet and am to take the hound in for a check-up. He hurt his back by jumping into my Saturn before the back door was all the way up and slammed into it as he leapt. Poor hound. I felt like such a terrible person for not paying closer attention - I had been concentrating on getting the door up and his leash had slacked. Anyway, I gave him his left-over painkiller/anti-inflammatories and he seems to feel ok, but now there's this swelling lump at the place of impact. The swelling is all fluids, I can tell. My boss says it's white blood cells gathering there to protect the injury. Taltos lets me fiddle with it without complaint, so I don't think it causes him a ton of pain, although it worries me. I'm calling it Junior, and have been calling the hound Quasimodo. Luckily, neither the injury nor the swelling seem to have slowed him down any - he still runs his laps and such, but I'm concerned. So off to the vet we go tomorrow.

Voila! That is my last two weeks.
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I had a very busy September, and am having an equally busy October, heh. Lets see. What have I been up to?

(Oh, yeah. This is a LONG entry)

*reaches over and flips the calendar back to September...*

Weekdays are all the same more or less. Some hanging out with the hubby watching movies, some World of Warcraft, some hanging out with friends, some reading. And of course, work. Always work.

Oh, and Thai lessons every Tuesday evening. Dude. That language is tricky, as I knew it would be. Time to make massive amounts of flash cards. Our class sessions are somewhat amusing, although of course very instructive. The teacher speaks about as much English as I speak Thai, so our lessons involve a lot of pointing at images and then saying the word. Since I'm learning kindergarten stuff, like the alphabet, it is definitely sufficient, and for the most part, when there's something to explain, Matt's there to interpret for me. Heh.

Anyway, at least the alphabet is semi-phonetic (with 40-something consonants, 30-something vowels and five tonal markings), which simplifies the learning process somewhat. I mean, once I'm literate, I won't have to guess which tone to try since it's marked right there on the word. I'm going to so butcher that language and cause myself all kinds of embarrassing situations. Good thing I like to laugh at myself!

(No, no! I meant Orange Juice, not Toilet Water!!)

Now the calendar:

Sep 16: Matt and I were back in Cleburne for some more Cowboy Action Shooting. Whee! This time, my sis came with us and we had a blast. I am really digging this new hobby. I need to make some more clothes. :D That evening we got together with Glen and Jeanette who were in town for the weekend and did some character creation. Well, everyone else created characters and I played with Aleis. I miss those girls!

Sep 21: [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky came down that Thursday and stayed til Friday afternoon. Thursday evening we hung out and discussed Werewolf characters and what direction we want the chronicle to take and tied up a lot of loose ends from the old chronicle. I'm digging our characters and am looking forward to our first real gaming session. Friday was a wonderfully mellow day (I took a vacation day off) shopping and chatting. I miss Tempest_Sky, and can't wait til our next visit (Whee! Soon!!).

Sep 23: The following Saturday, I went with the parents, sibs, and sibs spouses and kids to the Texas Civil War Museum. That was a lot of fun. Heh. The film was a pretty good "Go, Texas!" kind of propaganda that I thoroughly enjoyed. They also had about thirty Victorian era dresses out on display, all of them in near-perfect condition. I'm going to have to scan the pictures my sister was able to take of a few of them (she ran out of film). My most favorite was a gorgeous royal purple silk taffeta bustle gown from the early 1880s. I did clean my finger prints off the glass protecting the display. Really.

Sep 29: The weekend starting Friday myself, [livejournal.com profile] sandrayln, our friends Kaity and Laura went to TRF for Sandrayln's bachelorette party. We left Denton around 9:30 pm and drove to Houston to start our fun. We rented a hotel room in the Woodlands and on Saturday morning took a shuttle to the faire. I dare say much fun was had by all. ^_^ One thing to note is that there was one sword shop down in the pirate area that has a raffle and auction towards the end of the day, at which there are some really good deals on costume weapons. Neat! Saturday evening we had dinner at the sushi bar which was in walking distance from the hotel and got the royal treatment from the owner, who could tell none of us knew what to do. Heh. Sunday morning Laura woke us up (cruel!!) and we headed back home.

Oct 5: On Thursday, we all got back together again for the wedding rehearsal. We ran through the wedding twice, but our parts were all easy enough. The hardest part was the walking up the aisle at a freaking snail's pace. The wedding coordinator was quite the martinet about that detail. The first time I went really, really slow, which wasn't slow enough, so the second run through I went even slower. I could have fallen asleep I was walking so slow. After the rehearsal, though, we cornered the bride and made sure she was ok with us going just slow. Yay! Of course, I have no complaints, because Sandrayln has been great, and I hope we did well for her, too.

Oct 6: On Friday evening, we all met up at the Master Grill, a Brazilian style churrascaria, and had a lot of food. Mm. I love that place!

Oct 7: Saturday morning I got up and was at the stylist first thing, but still managed to be ten minutes late for the pre-wedding stuff. Ugh. I felt so guilty. Anyway, then lots of pictures were taken, and then we were all hurried out so that the groom and his people could have all their photographs. Sandrayln looked gorgeous in her gown (of course), and the look on Kevin's face as she walked towards him was particularly sweet. I must admit, though, my favorite part was at the very end. After the preacher announced the married couple, we all walked out to the Imperial March.

After the wedding, I headed to Fort Worth for the Lex's second birthday party. I had fun hanging out with my parents, [livejournal.com profile] annawick, [livejournal.com profile] spar30, and Spar's side of the family. His parents are super cool. Annie is fortunate in her in-laws. ^_^ I had a lot of fun chasing the little monster around, and just watching him entertain himself with his new toys. I also got a chance to chat some with Spar, which isn't very often. He mentioned some home-building ideas that really sparked my interest, though. I'm going to have to email him and get some more details!

Oct 14: This past Saturday the DFW Costuming Guild met for our business meeting. Attendance was disappointingly low, but we're still getting it up and running, so I suppose it's to be expected. We had a slight juggling of officers, but I think that will iron itself all out nicely. I've been very pleased with the current officers, regardless. I need to submit some pattern reviews to the site. I can think of a few that I've done recently from patterns (Matt's shirt... I'll have to find my notes). I also need to send in my idea for our guild logo. Can't forget that!

After the meeting, Matt and I went up to the shop to play some D&D. It was the first game of this campaign, so we'll see how it goes. I do believe fun was had by all, though.

And now, I just got my sewing machine back from the shop, so I'm going to get started on my Truly Victorian Fantailed Skirt. I'm going to make it without the train, as I'm making a walking outfit. I think I'll use some of my brown velvet as trim. We'll see, but that's what's up next! Tonight I should be cutting out the pattern!


Sep. 13th, 2006 10:28 am
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Lessee. The first weekend of September (the 2nd & 3rd) was great. Friday the 1st I went to a birthday/new job/farewell/welcome-home party. There were like five guests of honor, with two birthdays, one person back from the military, one person starting a new career, and one leaving an old job. Then Saturday I got fitted in the dress for [livejournal.com profile] sandrayln's wedding. She picked good colors, and I got to pick my own style within some parameters, so over all, I'm very happy about the dress. Yay, Sandrayln! :D I still need to pick up the dress from her mom, heh.

After getting fitted, Matt and I headed out to Anna to visit with my brother and his family. We pretty much just hung out all day, watching movies, visiting, going on long walks, etc. And had some very yummy home-made ice cream.

Monday I worked a half-day (whee!), but I sure paid for it Tuesday and Wednesday. The hard drive on my computer at work crashed. Died. Kaput. I was able to log in safe mode and I saved all my word docs and spreadsheets, but I totally forgot to back up my emails. I lost three years worth of saved emails and worst of all, I lost all the work email addresses. Well, and any pending emails in my in-box. Uck. I'm still trying to remember what things I still had outstanding.

Luckily, this past weekend was quite fun. I got to spend two days in a row with my sister, which I haven't done in way too long. We went to an Indian Powwow at Traders Village in Grand Prairie. Then we also went shopping (mostly window, heh) down at Perth Street. I still need to get some velveteen, but since I haven't settled on a color, I'm limited.

We also played the Star Wars RPG. I totally dig my character in that game. I'm sad to see it indefinitely postponed, as two of the players will be out for several months, since they are about to have twin infants to juggle.

I also had my first Thai lesson last night at the wat in Keller. This is going to be a real challenge, but at least there are a lot of people who are very encouraging. Ugh. But the tones! I am so going to butcher it for a long time. At least I can actually hear the difference in tones. Replicate it? Now that is gonna take some time.

The upcoming weekend: costumes, guns, and gaming. Sounds like a good combo to me! Except I have to clean my house first. Heh.
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I haven't posted in over a week! That would be because I took vacation time and wasted most of it on the computer playing World of Warcraft. Hehe. I didn't get anything constructive done at all. It was fun and relaxing so I don't care. ^_^

Thanksgiving was great. I spent the day with friends and family at my parents' house, ate lots of good food and visited.

Edit: And of course I forgot to mention Friday! Friday was awesome. Matt and I spent the day over at [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys's house, just visiting and hanging out with our good friend Jerry and his wife Karen from Chicago who were in town visiting family. I got to watch the first episode of an anime called Wolf's Rain, which was really interesting. Of course, anything involving wolves catches my interest. [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys let me bring my dog over, so although he was hideously bored, at least he wasn't at our house all alone. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys! I had a blast!

My younger brother Chris got hitched on Saturday. It was a rock star wedding and I loved it. I can't wait to see the pictures for it. Hm. Wonder if any will be digital.

I call it a rock star wedding because of the way the participants looked. My brother and the groomsmen were wearing nehru collar tuxedos with black waistcoats and black and white Converse All Stars. Well, except for Chris - he was wearing his black leather pants and some cool looking boots with a little bit of a platform. Chris's mohawk was not spiked, but combed to the side and all curly and silky looking. My youngest brother Aaron's hair was all spiky alla Robert Smith, and one of the other guys had blond dreads to his waist. Only Brandon looked 'normal' and even he was sharp looking with his short, short hair and trimmed goatee. Heh.

The bride, my new sister-in-law Mary, was wearing a beautiful corset topped gown. The underskirt was satin, in a mermaid-style cut that was fitted around her hips to the knees, then flared out from her knees down. Her over-skirt was straight in front and then had a train, and was beaded around the waist and hem. The bodice was beaded, too. She was wearing a tiara, and her hair was short and spiky, with long bangs framing her face. She looked fabulous.

One of the sweetest things about the whole wedding and reception is the fact that Chris and Mary were middle school sweethearts. Mary's best lady Audra recalled in her toast a note that Mary wrote to Audra about Chris and how much Mary loved him, way back then. Heh. Mary moved away from Sanger just before high school, but Chris and Mary re-hooked up about two (I think) years ago. So now I have a new sister!

So far, my siblings have done awesome jobs on choosing their spouses. All my sisters-in-law and my brother-in-law are quirky, cool, and fun. Yay!

Oh, and another interesting note, Matt and I just took out a loan to do some improvements on our house. It'll be neat to see everything when it's done - we're getting the siding re-done with some high quality no-maintenance vinyl, new glass doors, and a covered back porch. It's making me want to spend some time cleaning up (raking leaves, trimming bushes) my back yard. Only downside is that it gets dark before I get home, and my weekends are usually out at the farm. Hm. I need to think of something, though, since I'm actually feeling motivated and excited about it.

I'll post more later when I think about stuff.
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Friday night was our all-girl World of Darkness game. [livejournal.com profile] lolafae set up an LJ community for us for the curious:


I do believe fun was had by all, heh.

Saturday was pretty relaxed. I picked up my dad from the Honda dealership where his van was getting the 150k maintenance. He stayed at my place and we watched Van Helsing and The Day After Tomorrow both of which I enjoyed. Then my sis [livejournal.com profile] annawick and I went to [livejournal.com profile] wyshadara's wedding. It was fun. She looked absolutely beautiful. I also had a great opportunity to visit with some old, dear friends (/wave, John, Dave S, & Ajit).

I also found out from my dad that my brother Chris is getting married the Saturday after Thanksgiving, hehe.

Sunday was nice and relaxing. It usually is, heh. Morning, prepping my Sunday school lesson (yes, I teach Sunday school. Have for years. ^_^ A side of me many never see), Sunday afternoon I relaxed and continued reading Heinlein's Time Enough For Love. Sunday evening we went to Arlington/Grand Prairie for our First Sunday dinner with the family. It is always fun to see the family, and first Sundays is for my immediate family.

Yesterday Matt & I watched The Incredibles, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I can very easily see why it generated such nice opening weekend totals.

In Taltos news, he's starting to feel more comfortable with us. However, he's showing a protective part of his personality that I never expected. He's growled at three different men, and I think perhaps he was feeling protective of either myself or [livejournal.com profile] sahve. She thinks he's getting like this because of the sheer number of new people he's been meeting in such a short time, as he's been with us only eleven days. He knows who his pack is, but everyone else (well all the other males, anyway) is a "stranger."

I think Matt and I may take to leaving him at home a little more often rather than bringing him up to work every day. At least until he's fully adjusted to his new den. ^_^

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