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I've been intending to make some kind of count down to Christmas since Vee was born, but it's just been a project I've never tackled. Well, I've finally tackled it! I found a really neat one that had a lot of biblical verses and symbols surrounding the birth of Christ that I liked more than the other, more secular ones, so I decided to use that as a base.

Not being motivated enough to create it all, I picked up this advent wreath from Target:

So far, I've done days one through five. They're not as cute as some others I've seen out there. I'm really not artistic at all - I'm just great at following directions, and, well, this is what happens when I wing it. Heh. Regardless, I like them. I cut each circle to fit inside the appropriate holder, so they'll all be slightly different sizes.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:
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Next project, a suffragette outfit for my mom and a suffragette dress for Vee! Whee! One of my DFWCG friends is lending me an outfit she made for herself while she was preggo, so I personally am set (thanks TONS, [livejournal.com profile] jenthompson!).

I have the *perfect* dress pattern for my little V, and it looks super easy, too. I got it way back when [livejournal.com profile] guen_the_cat told me about a site that had an awesome library of patterns open to the public for a limited time:

My mom's is going to be simple thrift store stuff, I think, which will be easy enough to put together. And what we can't find, I'll see what I can throw together quickly. I already have a big tan felt hat she can wear, too.

Also, does anyone have any idea what color the sashes were that these women were wearing?

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So, after a long hiatus, I'm finally sewing again. ^_^ Hooray! Ok, I've been on a long hiatus from both sewing and journalling.

My return to sewing, though, is totally because of the recent and awesome trip to a lingerie factory that was getting rid of a lot of fabric - I came out of it with literally about a hundred yards of fabric. All white cottons in voile, batiste, damask, and some super awesome stripey stuff. I shared some of the voile with the two ladies at the last (very small) costumers' guild meet-up. I'm planning on bringing the voile roll to the next meet-up, too.

Anyway, I have to get hopping so I can finish Vee's and my early Regency dresses for the 18th Century picnic in mid-November. I know, everyone else is going to be in panniers and wigs, but I can't help it. I *love* me some Regency. I do like other 18th Century stuff, it's just that I'm still on my Regency kick. ^_^

I'm giving the Reconstructing History Regency Day/Morning dress pattern a try for my dress:

I'll write a review when I've finished!

I'm thinking I'll try making up my own pattern for Vee's dress based on the image below.... It'll be a first, so everyone cross your fingers that it comes out ok. Luckily for me, early Regency is pretty forgiving!

I'll be making both dresses out of the same fabric, the stripey light-weight white cotton.

Hopefully, Texas weather stays true and we'll have nice, mild weather that day. Otherwise, our coats will ruin the look, because there's no time for me to make two pelisses!
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I'm copying this over for my own amusement, but I know it will interest and amuse some of my friends, too.

Plus, Joss Whedon is so awesome. This is the interview he did for CrochetMe.com.

Heh! )
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Thu Dec 20: No game because Jeff had a work Christmas party.

Fri Dec 21: Mellow, slow day at work. The boss let everyone else go early, but he and I stayed in case of any crises.

Weekend Dec 22, 23: Mellow and enjoyable.

Mon Dec 24: Wrapped Christmas presents. Played WoW, leveling toons on the server that my brother Rob plays on, with a goal of reaching level 39 so we can level these little alts with Rob's sister-in-law and her husband in January.

Tue Dec 25: Christmas morning we headed over to my brother Ian's and his wife Nikki's house. We spent the morning and early afternoon visiting with each other, and then opened presents. Matt and I had small, inexpensive gifts for everyone (breaking out of the name-drawing thing. Oops! But we had souvenirs and trinkets from Thailand and wanted to share!). Mom and Dad gave all the men these cool cart-thingies. Dollies, I guess they're called. I got a box full of kitchen stuff, and of particular interest to me was this extremely handy vegetable chopping tool. Sweet! They also gave me ladybug place mats, a cookbook and some other useful things. Nifty!

Mine and Matt's gifts to each other was our desk/shelving system for our den. Worth every penny, and I'm as thrilled about it today as I was the day we bought it. I'll be even more thrilled when we've finished straightening up from moving stuff around. Whee!

After Ian and Nikki's, we headed over to Grandma Dottie's house for an hour or two of food and chat. Afterwards, Matt and I drove my brothers Chris and Aaron home, and had an enjoyable hour in the car visiting.

Wed Dec 26: Early that morning, I headed out to the Lake for a very nice visit with [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky, who is looking quite pregnant, as well as very happy. We spent a good part of the morning just hanging out and visiting and watching movies. Then we took a quick trip into town so they could spend some of their Christmas money.

That evening we goofed around and played very, very silly games of dominos and Uno. Not to say that the games themselves are silly but that we were very silly. Competition was rife, and I was apparently determined to lose, at least at Uno. Boy howdy I got skunked. In one hand I went from second best to way worst. It came from being hit with three Wild Draw Fours AND three Draw Twos. They ganged up on me! Ok, in all fairness, it was everyone for themself. At dominos I fared much better and placed neither best nor worst. Heh.

Thu Dec 27: I woke up all nice and lazy that morning, of course still at the Lake with Tempest Sky and Tim. Tim had to go out and work, but Tempest Sky and I spent a very lazy day watching all of Dresden Files, while she knitted and I sewed. I started on the pink regency, which is coming along quite nicely. Since I got addicted to Dresden Files, we finished it up, and after the last one ended, I headed back home to my wonderful hubby.

Fri Dec 28: Friday morning I had several things scheduled. I took the hound to the vet for his annual check-up and scheduled him for a teeth cleaning later in January. After that, I dropped the hound off at home and went to the eye doctor to get my prescription renewed and some new contacts. Then I went to Denton to get a new social security card. After that, I drove down to Carrollton for lunch with [livejournal.com profile] elizagoth. We had lunch at this really nice little Cuban restaraunt on Josey and Belt Line and had some super tasty food. I never had eaten Cuban food before and enjoyed it very much. I especially enjoyed the company, and we spent a good hour and a half of quality conversation time.

Sat Dec 29: Worked on the pink regency. Watched movies.

Sun Dec 30: Went to church. Went home and relaxed.

Mon Dec 31: Monday, since Matt had to work, I decided to do some chores. I finished setting up the new shelving in the den for the computers. Next up, organizing them and getting Matt's gun desk set up. Then the organization in the dining room and den will be complete! I straightened and cleaned up the kitchen. Then I spent a mellow evening with the husband, relaxing, playing WoW. Still trying to get those toons to 39. ^_^

Tue Jan 1: Happy New Year! New Years morning we packed up our computers for the LAN party. After I dropped the computers and Matt off at the Shop, I went to Anne's and watched her pup and my hound interact. Both dogs did well with only one growly incident when the pup jumped on the hound, and that was so mild - the hound wasn't even aggressive about it. It was literally a "Hey, stop that, kid!" kind of thing.

Anne's pup is so cute, and one day he will be HUGE. He is a Shiloh Shepherd. He's only eleven weeks old and already thirty pounds, even if half of it is FUR! What a fuzzball! ^_^ His paws are about as big as the hound's paws, too. The breeder predicts that the pup will be 32-ish inches at the shoulder and a good 150 pounds. My hound is only 31 inches at the shoulder and 98 pounds.

Heh. At one point, the hound (after checking the back yard and marking it his) took off in a dead run and did his enthusiastic laps. The pup, Leo, thought that was so very cool and loped around clumsily but with a lot of curiosity. So CUTE! I'm serious. That pup killed me with his cuteness.

After we played at Anne's, I took the hound to [livejournal.com profile] narkeys's house so Duke and Taltos could play while we were at the LAN party. We spent the rest of the day at the Shop playing a LOT of WoW until late in the evening. Fun, fun!

Wed Jan 2: Back to work.

Thu Jan 3: Work, of course. I also worked on the pink regency during my lunch break. It turns out that the bodice will be pretty much entirely hand sewn simply because I'm working on it everywhere but home. Heh.

And yesterday evening we resumed our weekly game after the holiday chaos. Very fun! I think I'll update the wiki when I'm done here.

Tonight, we're heading over to a friend's house to watch movies and hang out.

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I've been so busy! Let's see. What has been going on? Well, my week nights are much as before: Monday/Tues/Wed evenings walk the hound, chores and either WoW, reading or watching a movie. Thursdays are still game nights, and the Serenity game is going well. I've been updating the Wiki, so all my notes are up. Whee! Fridays are more chores, etc. Matt is doing a lot of end of year stuff for the church so he's pretty swamped.

Thanksgiving was awesome. I went over to Mom's on Wed night to help with food prep as has become my normal tradition. We spent the evening visiting and working. Then Thursday had us at my older brother Rob's for the Thanksgiving festivities. I wore toe socks and flip-flops because I knew how much they bothered my brother-in-law (hehe). For some reason he has this thing against toe socks, so I was delighted to exploit that weakness. >:) See, I can be evil! Even though Matt tells me that's not evil, it's just mischievous.

Anyway, We all lazed around and visited and ate wonderful food. Some of Rob's wife's family came, too, which I hope also becomes a tradition, as I love having them there.

On Dec 2nd and 3rd Matt and I went up to the Lake to visit with [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky and Tim. We spent a lot of time visiting, plus our usual golf cart ride (which I still so thoroughly enjoy!!). Tempest Sky is looking so adorable these days, as her pregnancy is really visible now. I so much enjoyed the time we spent there!

Then last week, I spent the weeknights as described above. Saturday morning, I got off my procrastinating shelf and pulled out my 1878 skirt and bodice to do some minor alterations - like finish the hem on the skirt and shift the fasteners around on the bodice. I still need to do some fitting stuff with the bodice, but I'll totally need help for that as I don't have a fitter's form (or whatever they're called). I'm realizing in the course of my sewing that I have SUCH a high waist.

Anyway, I still need to add trim to the skirt and bodice, and I was leaning towards pleats. One of my fellow costumers gave me a pleating tool that looks remarkably like a ruler with some useful bends in it. I think that will help a lot. I'm thinking of adding pleats to the bottom of the skirt and the ends of the bodice sleeves, plus maybe at the bottom of the bodice.

Next up is my pink regency day dress, and apron. I think also this year the costuming guild is working on rococo stuff, so that should be fun, too! We're also going to have a class on steam-punk outfits, which is going to be really fascinating.

Saturday afternoon, we headed over to a friend's house for a pre-Candlelight get-together. It was lovely, of course. I love hanging out with other costumers, as it gets me all excited about sewing again. And boy-howdy do I need the inspiration. I procrastinate to no end, or choose other hobbies (WoW/reading/movies) instead of sewing. Anyway, the party was fun with yummy treats and lots of costuming talk, and then we adjourned to Dallas Heritage Village for their annual holiday Candlelight event.

Candlelight was so much fun, too! We wandered around as a guild, and shortly after we arrived there, my sister [livejournal.com profile] annawick and mom [livejournal.com profile] saintvickery and the Lex, too, of course, saw us and wandered around with us. Annie and Mom were dressed up, too, so they blended well with the rest of us crazies. ^_^ Err... Eccentrics! We're not crazy, we're eccentric. Anyway, Annie's dress looked particularly good and made me definitely want to make an actual bustle, she looked so sharp!

The Heritage Village was absolutely lovely. It was a little warm at first (I think it got to 80 F / 26.6 C that day!), but cooled off after the sun went down to a very nice comfortable for Victorian clothes 60 F / 15.5 C. I still love touring those homes - some are very ornate and elaborate, and others simple and charming. Plus the candle-lit (go figure) roads really enhanced the atmosphere. This year there were a lot more people dressed up, too. I think some of the guild's members passed out guild cards, which was awesome. We drew quite a bit of attention as everyone looked really awesome. Hooray for dressing up!

Things at the new job are going well. I had my one month review, and the boss had a lot of positive things to say. So, if things continue as they are, I guess I'll get to stay. ^_~ I'm hesitant because there's this six month probation thing that the University does, which since they fired the person before me makes me less confident than I would be otherwise. Luckily, the work itself is not difficult and my co-workers are all pretty awesome. So aside from missing my friends at the Shop (Mir and Kev especially!), over all things are well.

I'm finally adjusting to the early schedule, too, although I do find myself getting drowsy at 10 PM, which seems so terribly early. Bleh. I do miss my late evenings and late mornings! Oh and no traffic. I do miss having no traffic. I do like the extra two hours with the husband, though, since we are able to carpool. Anyway, if things work out here, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Matt and I looked for a house in Richardson or Carrollton in a few years.

Yesterday I put up some minor Christmas decorations - a wreath on the door and some lights, garland and a nativity set in the living room. No tree though. I think it's buried somewhere in our garage. Plus it takes us like three months to take the thing down (one year we took it down in JUNE), so I don't think we'll do a tree this year. Our living room still looks Christmasy, though, with the lights and the nativity scene.

Ok. Lunch is almost over, and I'm still unsure as to the policies on internet use for my office. My desk is in the front office (very public) and I'm in the student lounge, so I'll sign off for now.

Until later!
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It's Matt and I at the annual SASS shoot at Ormsby Ranch in Cleburn. Matt is in his 1880 Cold Stream Guard uniform, looking especially handsome. I am wearing the 1878-9 bodice and fantail skirt I made from Truly Victorian patterns 225 & 420. I still need to add trim and such, but it was finished enough for the event.

So, next up is me trying to figure out exactly how and what to add as trim to the bodice and skirt. Also, I'm going to make an overskirt for it.

A friend loaned me her hat, which I totally fell in love with. I was never really a hat person, but this hat really made the outfit! So I'm going to have to look into the whole make your own hat thing now. And of course, if one is wearing a hat like this, one is always armed. Those hat pins are very, very pointy....

Us at the Saturday dinner:

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The original petticoat took about two and a half hours to complete, using some directions given by Fannie & Vera, who are Civil War reinactors. It was amazingly simple the first time around, although I did make some changes to their directions. Rather than using a drawstring or elastic, I pleated the petticoat waist and added a waist band.

From Costumes, In Progress

From a hoop petticoat to a natural form petticoat.... )
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1879 Cuirass Bodice, from Truly Victorian Pattern TV420. Made using cheap but absolutely beautiful gray synthetic fabric.

So, the bodice is basically finished, except for fasteners which I'm planning on doing tomorrow, and trim which will have to wait for another time. This synthetic fabric (sorry to all the historical purists!) rocks my world. I don't know anything about 19th century textiles aside from the fact that there were very few man-made fabrics, so I'm not sure how accurate it is for at the very least texture but it sure goes together like a dream and looks really, really nice when it's finished. Also, it was $1 per yard, and it is machine washable.

Over all, the pattern was pretty straight forward. I'd say it's not for a raw beginner as the directions were clear but not detailed. It was easy enough for me, for the most part, simply because I kind of had an idea how all the pieces should fit.

For larger images, right-click and 'view image' on any photo: )

I've also almost completed the TV Fantail skirt out of the same gray/silver fabric. I haven't done any progress pictures of it simply because it is going together so quickly. Sweet! It went together in two (yes, count them, two) evenings. One of my friends, Nina, came over to visit and such and offered to help, so she helped me by tracing out the pattern, which also definitely saved me some time! (Plus tracing and cutting are my least favorite things to do, so she doubly rocks!)

I only need to add the fasteners and finish the hem on the back part of the skirt, as I've already hemmed the front and sides. I've already tried the whole ensemble on in its semi-complete state, and pranced around my living room admiring myself in the mirror that covers the whole west wall of the room.

I promise on the next Fantail skirt I will do better with photos, because there will certainly be a next time on this skirt. It is just that beautiful, and that simple to do.

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Wednesday of last week, Matt and I went to the FC Dallas vs. New England Revolution game. We left our house at 6pm and it made all the difference. We got there at around 6:30, maybe 6:40, and the traffic was way lighter. The previous game we attended, we left our house at 6:15 and it took us a full hour to get there, so we missed a little bit of that first game. Yuck! Anyway, FC Dallas lost. T_T Even so, I had a lot of fun!

Thursday had me over at my friends' house gaming. Our Serenity game is going well, even though this last game was a classic "If it can go wrong it will!" The group had to make a deal with Niska. Then we found multiple (like 4 or so) bombs on the ship. Then we passed Reavers, who sent an exploratory shuttle. Then some of the bombs we missed blew up. Then the main Reaver ship came towards us so we had to limpingly jump without navigation, as that was one of the things that was damaged by the bombs we missed. Oh, and due to the previous complications, we'll likely be late for our rendezvous with Niska's man, so we'll be in big trouble there. So our next episode starts with us trying to get our nav system back on line and high tail it to the rendezvous. Heh. It was a blast. ^_^

Friday afternoon, I got an IM from Matt, who let me know that the annual Lewisville Lebanese food festival was going on this weekend. So, after work we headed over there and filled up on super-yummy Lebanese food. Mmmm.

The weekend was pretty tiring. We got up early and headed out to the farm so we could do some chores for Matt's mom. This time around, we worked on her greenhouse, so I got to climb ladders and such. We've committed every first Saturday to her for chores. Whee! But it's needed - she's in her sixties living in the boonies. Plus I do enjoy the drive (it's about 75 miles to the farm), as it's a nice, relaxing time chatting with the husband. Oh, and she gave me a basil plant that I'm going to have to try to keep alive. Which will be an interesting experiment. Heh.

I started on a Truly Victorian 1878 natural form bodice (TV420). I was thinking of doing the evening neckline but decided to stick with the collared one for the first time around. I've got this lovely light gray fabric that will make a beautiful outfit. I've also got a dark, dark gray that I am eventually going to use to do the trim and such so I can mix and match between the two, but for starters, it's all the light gray. I'm hoping to finish the bodice tonight so I can start working on the skirt and over-skirt. The goal is to have it done before the upcoming weekend.... We'll see how it goes!

Heh. This past weekend while I was sewing, I watched all the episodes of Firefly plus the movie Serenity. I think I should maybe watch something else tonight, but.... Well, Firefly is just that good. Maybe I'll watch it all again....
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Round Eared Cap, from Kannik's Korner Pattern KK-6602. Made using cheap white cotton muslin and cotton thread.

Review-wise, the directions for this cap were very good! This cap is good for any ladies' day outfit from 1740 to around 1820-ish, according to the pattern. There were detailed images of the stitches and each step was straight forward and easy to follow. I learned a ton of new information. ^_^ Oh, it would be easy, of course, to sew by machine, too.

For larger images, right-click and 'view image' on any photo: )

Cross-posted to my own LJ and [livejournal.com profile] regencyclothing
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So, after seeing a corset on the [livejournal.com profile] corsetmakers group, I got to clicking and found, of course, the poster's website. So, seeing the beautiful garments, I get distracted and start clicking around some more. Oh, and knowing Italian certainly did help here, heh.

What do I find in her Regency selection? A set of short stays like none that I've seen, which look AMAZINGLY simple to re-create. Sweet! I may just have to give it a go.

She dates the stays at 1804. The exterior is in silk taffeta, but I figure I'll use cotton at least for my first try. The front is corded horizontally and the cords look to wrap around the eyelets in the front-center which I imagine gives the eyelets that extra support they'd need. On the inside each cord is sewn in its own channel, but on the exterior it looks like the cords are doubled up, which makes me think there are three layers. I wonder if she'd send me some higher rez images... Hm....
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This lecture should be a lot of fun! We'll be looking at a LOT of actual clothing from 1850 through 1900, and from what I've been told they're in excellent condition. If you want to go with Matt and I, please let me know before Saturday morning. If we don't hear from anyone, we're going to leave early and run errands! ^_^

Exploring Antique Clothing

"Date: Saturday - August 11th, 2007, Start Time: 02:00:00 PM

Hal Simon, Chief Curator of Dallas Heritage Village, will be giving us a lecture on antique garments from the museum's collection dating from the mid-1800's to the early 1900's.

The class will be held in the old school house, second floor, at 2pm on Saturday the 11th. Since the site will be closing around that time, please park in the parking lot across the street from the park. Use the delivery entrance, next to the donkeys' paddock. The white school house is toward the back of the park.

Light refreshments will be provided, and the dress for this event will just be street clothes. If you follow the Event Website link, the schoolhouse is building #17.""

Fee: $1 members and Students with valid ID / $3 non-members

Dallas Heritage Village
1515 S Harwood St
Dallas Texas 75215
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Not a lot is happening with me, aside from the craziness at work. Gearing up for GenCon is always pure chaos, and I'm really starting to feel it. Whee!

Lessee. Thursday games are going great. Two weeks ago (7/27) the team of intrepid youth battled an 80 foot tall robot. Last week (8/2), they saved a boy from anti-meta assassins (the term we're using in our game for supers is meta-human).

Fri 7/28: Werewolf. I am loving that game, even though we're just in the beginning stages and not even a pack yet. The two cubs just completed their Rites of Passage. The rest of us started out Cliath. The participation is really incredible. I'm not the only one taking notes, and the updates on the wiki are just a blast to read, and almost as fun to write. Next installment, this Friday. Hooray!

Sat 7/29: We went shooting in the morning with several friends at the range on 1171 and I35W. I'm no good with a pistol. I think part of that is my eye prescription hasn't been renewed in like three years plus I have a slight astigmatism. And my hands shake. But for some reason I'm not quite so bad with a rifle. I probably simply need more practice....

(more) Sat 7/29: Anyway, we finished up around noon, went home and cleaned up, and headed out to Anna to hang out with my oldest brother Rob, and younger brothers Chris and Aaron. Rob ran his GURPS game for us and much silliness ensued. We also played a card game called "Once Upon A Time," which merely continued the insanity. I believe much fun was had by all. This theoretically is going to be our every 4th Saturday hang-out. I hope it continues!

This past weekend Matt and I watched the Bourne Ultimatum with some friends. Aside from the shaky-cam (which really bothered Matt but not me so much), I thought it was a really fun flick. After the film, we headed over to some other friends' house for dinner and an evening of hanging out. They invited several other people, most of whom I knew through various avenues such as the old days of the Cam, WoW, etc. It was a Harry Potter themed evening so I went in my Hufflepuff gear, and Matt in his Griffindor stuff.

I really need a pocket for my wand in that robe. Hey, [livejournal.com profile] annawick, do you have any more of that mustard cotton left? Like a 12 inch by 4 inch scrap or so?

I'm planning on cutting out some fabric for two projects to work on while on the road or quiet hotel room time at the con. One will be an 1800 cap from the Kannik's Korner pattern (view a). Easy, easy. Then I think I'll cut out a dress from Sensibility.com's Lady's Closet. Probably this one. Both of those I can do by hand while in the car the 18 hours to Indy, plus 18 hours back. If I'm not reading, sleeping or driving....

The shop, as I mentioned, is chaos. It will only get worse this week. So if I pull my hair out in mass quantities, someone loan me a wig, please.
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EDIT: updated 6/12/7

This is an updated list both of patterns that I own and patterns that I want. Additionally, I've listed some book titles that have caught my eye. I'm not sure about all the book titles, but there are some for certain that I know are good reference materials.

This is just to help me keep everything organized and also to give myself a checklist as I pick them up...




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So they pretty much fit. There's a little oddness around the breast gussets, but I'll tweak them a little and they'll work until I make another set. I think as I get better and have more practice, fitting will become better, too. Fun, fun!

Oh, yeah. In case it wasn't clear before, these were entirely hand-sewn. Yes. I know I'm insane. And it's only the beginning! ^_^

Oh, and PLEASE forgive the totally NOT regency era shift - I don't have one yet so I used an old ren faire one!

Finished! )

Next up: Probably a dress from this pattern. That one looks the easiest for a first try...
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Ok, they're almost done! )

I made the string because I didn't have any on hand, plus the eyelets are so small I wasn't sure what would work anyway. I braided several strands of the cotton thread together, and they seem pretty strong and will work well, I think, especially since with these type of stays one isn't going for any kind of reduction so much as the right silhouette.

Also, rather than putting in more bones, I am toying with the idea of quilting the stays, as not much extra support is really needed. I tried them on last night and they're very comfortable and give quite a bit of support as they are. In my next set, I'll have to work on some of the way the breast gussets fit, but for the most part, this is good. Yay!

Last night I bound the top and arm holes, so all I have left is binding the bottom edge and quilting if I decide to mess with that. I may just call them done and do more on the next set of stays. That way I can start on my next project. :D

Fun, fun!
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So, I've gotten all the eyelets done. And I can sure tell the difference between the first few and the last few, heh. The last few look much, much better as I was getting the hang of it.

Making eyelets.... )
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Whee! These are really coming along! )

Next up: Step 8, The Eyelets! The placing of the eyelets has me a little concerned. I think during this era they did a different type of lacing like with one string. I wonder if it makes a huge difference? I'll see what reference stuff I can come up with and go from there, I guess. Anyway, I think I'll work on those during lunch today or tomorrow. There's a TV downstairs in the art room and Firefly on DVD. Perfect length show for a lunch break...
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Ok, so Step 5 was to attach the shoulders, but I never did get pictures of that step, even though I did it three times. It was pretty straight forward, but I did have to make some adjustments to the strap length. That part wasn't surprising, as the pattern called for straps that were way too long. Anyway, so I don't have any pictures of adding the straps. I have finished all three layers, though!

Edit: Oh! I did get a picture of the strap after all... )

Close-up of a gusset, and picture of Step 6 )

The directions say the rest of Step 6 is to stitch over all the already existing seam lines. So that's next. I think I'll just do a very small, tight running stitch since a back stitch would look bad on the under-side. I brought it with me to work so I can work on it during my lunch break. Heh.

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