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I'm copying this over for my own amusement, but I know it will interest and amuse some of my friends, too.

Plus, Joss Whedon is so awesome. This is the interview he did for CrochetMe.com.

Heh! )
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Wednesday of last week, Matt and I went to the FC Dallas vs. New England Revolution game. We left our house at 6pm and it made all the difference. We got there at around 6:30, maybe 6:40, and the traffic was way lighter. The previous game we attended, we left our house at 6:15 and it took us a full hour to get there, so we missed a little bit of that first game. Yuck! Anyway, FC Dallas lost. T_T Even so, I had a lot of fun!

Thursday had me over at my friends' house gaming. Our Serenity game is going well, even though this last game was a classic "If it can go wrong it will!" The group had to make a deal with Niska. Then we found multiple (like 4 or so) bombs on the ship. Then we passed Reavers, who sent an exploratory shuttle. Then some of the bombs we missed blew up. Then the main Reaver ship came towards us so we had to limpingly jump without navigation, as that was one of the things that was damaged by the bombs we missed. Oh, and due to the previous complications, we'll likely be late for our rendezvous with Niska's man, so we'll be in big trouble there. So our next episode starts with us trying to get our nav system back on line and high tail it to the rendezvous. Heh. It was a blast. ^_^

Friday afternoon, I got an IM from Matt, who let me know that the annual Lewisville Lebanese food festival was going on this weekend. So, after work we headed over there and filled up on super-yummy Lebanese food. Mmmm.

The weekend was pretty tiring. We got up early and headed out to the farm so we could do some chores for Matt's mom. This time around, we worked on her greenhouse, so I got to climb ladders and such. We've committed every first Saturday to her for chores. Whee! But it's needed - she's in her sixties living in the boonies. Plus I do enjoy the drive (it's about 75 miles to the farm), as it's a nice, relaxing time chatting with the husband. Oh, and she gave me a basil plant that I'm going to have to try to keep alive. Which will be an interesting experiment. Heh.

I started on a Truly Victorian 1878 natural form bodice (TV420). I was thinking of doing the evening neckline but decided to stick with the collared one for the first time around. I've got this lovely light gray fabric that will make a beautiful outfit. I've also got a dark, dark gray that I am eventually going to use to do the trim and such so I can mix and match between the two, but for starters, it's all the light gray. I'm hoping to finish the bodice tonight so I can start working on the skirt and over-skirt. The goal is to have it done before the upcoming weekend.... We'll see how it goes!

Heh. This past weekend while I was sewing, I watched all the episodes of Firefly plus the movie Serenity. I think I should maybe watch something else tonight, but.... Well, Firefly is just that good. Maybe I'll watch it all again....
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Again with the long time between updates! Let's see. My week days and evenings are all pretty similar (work, WoW, reading, movies, sewing, etc), but my Saturdays this month have been a lot of fun!

On Saturday the 8th, on a whim I went to the Sci-Fi Expo with [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] thewolfhound. It was the first time for me to go to that con, and it was a nice little convention. I didn't really see any gaming. In all fairness, though, I didn't look really hard. The dealers' room was fairly small, but attendance was free, so I'm definitely not complaining.

It's all [livejournal.com profile] winterwolf_tx's fault that we went, since he reminded me of it and told me that Alan Tudyk was going to be there. I took my Serenity RPG with me just in case I wanted to get it signed. I was almost stopped by the $20 autograph fee, until I learned that Alan Tudyk was donating 100% of the proceeds to Donate Life. So I got my Serenity RPG book signed, plus a signed picture that I need to get framed and gift to [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky. Heh.

After we finished up at the Expo, we went over and hung out with my sister for a bit, then headed home. Full, fun day!

Then the following Saturday the 15th, Matt, [livejournal.com profile] annawick and I went to a shooting match for SASS in The Boonies, TX. The set up there is really nice, and with more research, Matt has discovered all kinds of SASS sites in Texas. Go figure. Texans like to dress up like cowboys and shoot guns. I am so shocked! And I am so guilty since it sounds like fun to me, too.

So my nifty Victorian gown is getting put on hold before I even start it so I can get a 1880s riding habit put together for the August 19th orientation. As luck would have it, my friend [livejournal.com profile] hellocobweb has a copy of The Cut of Women's Clothes by Norah Waugh that he loaned me, and there is a 1880s riding habit skirt in there that I can copy. Whee! And I'll use my new Truly Victorian pattern for the habit bodice, with only a few minor modifications. Now, will I finish it before Aug 19? Only time will tell...

Friday July 21 was my friend John Bonnot's going away party. He's been recalled to the army, and if he passes the medical, they'll keep him for another 18 months and send him to Iraq. However, his shoulder is shot, which was why he was on medical leave in the first place, so there is a pretty good chance that he won't pass the physical. Then they'll send him back home. On the off chance, though, he may be gone for a while. Anyway, the party was fun and I got to see a lot of friends. Anti-social and shy person that I am, though, we only stayed two hours before leaving.

Saturday morning started early. I showed up at Finari's place, and from there we went to Lake Texoma. On the way, I saw this ranch that raises miniature horses. I forgot how absolutely cute they are. I think next time we go, I'll take my digital camera so I can get some pictures of them. Not to mention get some records of our fun at the lake. There, I had a a wonderful, laid-back day with Tempest_Sky and Finari. We watched movies, painted miniatures, had golf cart rides. As usual, I had a wonderful time, and am rejuvenated for a new week. I can't wait until next time!

Now, at work, we're gearing up for GenCon. My early mornings are about to start, since I'd rather come in early and work and still leave at my normal time than stay late or work on Saturdays. I already came in early once and put together a lot of paint sets on Friday. It was slow going until I found the radio in the paint department. It had some band named Ween in it that wasn't too bad. I remember that one of our graphic designers LOVED Ween, but I had never heard their stuff before. Next time, though, I'm going to bring something a little more to my taste that will be good to work to. Like Rob Zombie or KMDFM. I'll talk to the production director and figure out if he wants me to start coming in starting Thursday, or if I have a reprieve until Friday.

Anyway. That's what I've been up to the past few weeks. ^_^
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Tuesday I hung out at [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys's place. We chatted and goofed around.

Wednesday I went to dinner and watched Serenity (4th time - gotta support the film!) at the Studio Movie Grill with Matt, [livejournal.com profile] finari, [livejournal.com profile] narkeys, Sarah and Kevin. I like that theater, although the two times I've been, the restrooms were a little questionable. But I like the dinner with the movie thing, and I definitely like it on a weeknight. There were only like five couples there (bad for the theater, good for the viewers).

Thursday I chilled out at home with the hubby. He's been fiddling around with the free Lineage II stuff, too, seeing if he can set up a server at our place. Lineage II doesn't really do it for me, though.

Friday was the girls' game. It was awesome as usual, especially since I had a chance to see [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky. Whee! The story arc is progressing nicely, and I have always really enjoyed Anne's storytelling style. It certainly isn't for everyone, but it really meshes well with this group.

Saturday morning we got rid of the white car... we donated it to a charity based out of Dallas. It'll do someone else a lot more good than us sitting in our driveway unused for a few years. ^_^ Saturday afternoon we went over to Glen & Jeanette's and played some D&D. Surprise, surprise! ^_~ It was fun.

Sunday morning I went to church, but I could feel a cold coming on. So I destroyed it with an eight hour nap, and then Vitamin C and lots of water during my waking hours.

Monday work. Monday evening WoW. And I got to play with an old MMO friend. Whee!!

Tuesday, more work, and again some time over at [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys's place. ^_^

On another note, I'm thinking of dressing up for AKon 2006. My sister is going to do a nifty outfit, too. A friend of mine convinced me that with my coloring I'd be great as Belldandy... We'll see. I've looked through a lot of images and picked up a pattern that I'll be able to alter for the surcoat. I'll need to do a little more research on that, too. Then there's always Robin from Witch Hunter Robin...

Prepping for the con now, so that's it for this week...
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I know I always start out like this, but the week went pretty much as expected. No unusual upsets or drama. Makes for boring reading. Ah, well. ^_^

Thursday evening I went dancing with [livejournal.com profile] finari, [livejournal.com profile] lolafae and their friend from work who had never been before. The playlist was really good and I danced until I was sore. What an excellent diversion. Yay!

Friday morning, I took Matt to the airport and he spent the weekend in Nebraska at NukeCon. From what I understand, he really enjoyed himself. I'm sad I wasn't able to go. We couldn't really afford to spend an extra $300 for airfare since we're saving for our vacation this fall. Anyway, he got to hang out with a lot of our best demo guys, and really had fun.

I, in the meantime, had a terrible time.


Friday evening I hung out with [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys, and we watched Serenity. This was my second time to see it, so I had a lot of fun watching people's reactions as they watched the film. I'm also not one to overly analyze or criticize films. I either enjoy them thoroughly or hate them and walk out.

I enjoyed Serenity thoroughly (again).

Saturday was an extremely mellow day for me. [livejournal.com profile] annawick came over and we visited a while, then went out for lunch and Hancocks. Some patterns were on sale for $1 each, so we browsed those while taking turns with the Lex. After that, I lazed around until late-late watching Fushigi Yugi. I enjoyed it, but man what a soap opera. I swear. I liked Tamahome, but my favorite was the emperor Hotohori by far. Miaka whined too much. "Oh Tamahome!" What is it with the main heroine always saying her beloved's name over and over? Unfortunately, the whole best friend hating the other kind of touched a cord. But anyway, I got over that and enjoyed it (I need to watch the last OVA and then I've watched it all I think), but my favorite animes are still Rurouni Kenshin and Witch Hunter Robin so far.

Sunday was more of the same. Church in the morning, Serenity in the afternoon, and then more Fushigi Yugi 'til late-late. Hehe.

Monday morning I picked Matt up from the airport, we went to work, and then home again. I played some WoW while Matt prepped some CAVs for painting. ^_^
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Today, I'm at work. Isn't that what you're supposed to do on "labor" day?

Lessee.... What has happened since my last update?

I did get to see Serenity. The movie was excellent and the experience in general was quite amusing. We were told to be there early to guarantee our seats, as there were limited tickets. We arrived at the theater two hours early and there were about twenty people in front of us.

The guy right in front of us asked us to hold his spot because he had to run home and grab some bracelets his wife had made for him to sell at the show, so, not really caring one way or another, we did. He later gave Matt and I a bracelet each. They were silicone or something, blue and white and said "CAN'T TAKE THE SKY FROM ME" on them. Pretty nifty, and, well, free. The two men just in front of him had guitars (or... I really think one was a lute, but I don't know that much about the more esoteric stringed instruments). They looked like the classic ren-faire goers, with long hair pulled back into ponytails and trimmed beards.

They were fun to chat with, although after I settled in, I disappeared into my latest book, 1634: The Galileo Affair by Eric Flint. I have been waiting for that book for so long! I finished it there, but towards the end, I read more slowly because the two gentlemen in line in front of me started singing. It could have been annoying, but their songs were so amusing that I got distracted. I don't remember all of them (I should have asked them if they had a website), but of course they sang the theme song to Firefly, which I love. They also had several of their own composition. I recall two vaguely... One was about wanting a Serenity trilogy, and the other was about how Joss Whedon got the shaft from Fox.

I was also really amused by the total air of excitement everyone exuded, including myself. Everyone was thrilled to be there and thrilled to have a ticket for the show.

I am a Firefly fan. I admit this freely. And if I get a chance to dress up, I will.

Ok, I will dress up at any opportunity, but still.

Regardless, I consider myself a fan but not a fanboi. Fangirl? Anyway. I dig the shows, but have no real desire to meet the actors or director or any of that. I wouldn't know what to say. "Hey, dude. I like your stuff." Um, yeah. That's original. Or worse... Totally dissect the series and film and then pose very specific questions regarding the subject matter, like those kids in Galaxy Quest.

I also heard some of the people in line scoff about Trekkies and Star Wars junkies and classing themselves different or better, which just amused me for the irony. I myself am not a huge fan of Star Trek. I mean, I definitely like Firefly much better. But Star Wars? Oh, yeah. I'm a fan. I also realize that either way, I'm still a total nerd. Just because I like one show and someone else likes that "other" show doesn't make me more cool. I mean, I left work early to sit in line for two hours. I'm not gonna mention Episode I, II, or III. :P We're all nerds here. Heh.

Anyway, I had a blast.

Thursday I hung out with some friends, and Friday we gamed over at Glen and Jeanette's. Their little munchkins are pretty cute. Well, Riley still needs about a year, but Charissa and Aleis are a lot of fun. Saturday had me up at the Asylum to paint and hang out with friends, then Saturday evening was movies and yummy food (thanks [livejournal.com profile] spar30!) for a happy birthday to me. ^_^ One year older.

Yesterday had me over at the parents for lunch, then back at home for relaxing and movie watching with Matt. He strained his back, so I gave him a very amateur massage, and he said it helped. He seems to be feeling better, so I'm happy.

And today. Whee work. Tonight, gotta do some chores and start getting my house presentable for the Friday night invasion, heh.


Aug. 31st, 2005 10:13 am
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So.... Matt and I are going to see Serenity tonight. A HUGE thanks to [livejournal.com profile] winterwolf_tx, who alerted me to the opportunity. XD I think I'll be seeing quite a few other friends there, as well....

I can barely wait!! Whee!

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