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Ok, I'm not on any quote of the day type email lists or anything, but I just found this quote and I love, LOVE it!

"If you have the choice between humble and cocky, go with cocky. There's always time to be humble later, once you've been proven horrendously, irrevocably wrong." ~Kinky Friedman

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My movie tastes are not sophisticated. :P Regardless, this meme was fun! (copied from [livejournal.com profile] avice)

and the meme.... )
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I think my result was pretty accurate....

You are a

Social Moderate
(56% permissive)

and an...

Economic Conservative
(71% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also : The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Thai Food

Jul. 3rd, 2008 10:24 am
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For those of you unfamiliar with my awesome husband, he's half Thai. His father, a Texan, was an only child, Matt is his only son, and Matt's two brothers are actually full Thai sons of their mother. They married Thai women. All this means all of my in-laws and nieces and nephews on Matt's side are full Thai. Fun, huh? I think so. ^_^

I love Thailand. Thai culture, architecture, and history fascinate me. Especially the ethnic clothing (I know, shocker). Matt thinks I'm silly when I tell him that it's exotic and exciting. To him, it's just part of who he is, like mundane American stuff for me like blue jeans or .... I don't know. It's hard to think of what American things could be exotic to others (not Texas stuff, though. Of course Texas rocks). Anyway, I am captivated by it all. I've been to Thailand only twice for a total of about six weeks.

Well, I also love Thai food.

Where am I going with all this? Well, Matt has discovered a very useful website: Thai Table. Let me just state: YUM. He hasn't looked at all the recipes since there are so many, but the ones he has looked at are pretty down right authentic. Which is, I must say, absolutely awesome. Oh, and one of the neat features of the site is that it has a little sound file for each title, with the name of the dish said in Thai. Coolness! (I do find it amusing that most of my Thai vocabulary has to do with FOOD)

So if any of yall out there want to try making Thai food, the recipes are there. If you don't know where to get the ingredients, there are two really good Asian groceries in Carrollton. I dunno about the rest of the DFW area. There's H-Mart off 190 and Old Denton, and the other one whose name I can't remember on Josey and Belt Line.

And my wonderful husband made me some Tom Kha Gai last night just because I wanted it. He really is the best husband ever. It's Thailand's version of Chicken Noodle Soup, but personally, when we have sick kids, they're getting this not the American stuff.

We're going to make more tomorrow morning to take to the family 4th of July party for the potluck lunch. YUM.

Tom Kha Gai
(Tom = Soup, Kha = Galanga, Gai = Chicken)
Aka "Galanga Chicken Soup" or "Coconut Milk Chicken Soup"

1 can chicken broth (2 cups)
2 cups of water
1 inch of sliced galanga (kha)
2 full stalks of lemon grass/citronella (ta-krai) cut into 1 inch lengths and bruised
4-6 torn & bruised kaffir lime leaves (bai ma-grood)
4-6 tbsp fish sauce (nam pla)
1 tbsp sugar
Some sliced chicken breast (to preference, at least 1)
1 can coconut milk (2 cups)
Juice of 1 lime
1/4 cup torn & bruised cilantro/coriander leaves (pak chee)

- 1 can straw mushrooms
- Crushed chili peppers (prik khee noo)

Directions: Put everything in the pot except the lime juice and a quarter of cilantro. Bring it to boil, then simmer to cook the chicken. After about ten minutes, check the chicken to make sure it's cooked. Then, while stirring slowly in one direction, add the lime juice and the last of the cilantro and serve.

Newbie note: You don't usually eat the lemon grass and galanga. If serving it to folks new to Thai food... you might want to strain those out of the soup. Old pros just eat around them!

Serving: Serve as a soup in a bowl by itself to compliment a meal or poured over heaping mounds of jasmine rice as a main dish.
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What Kind of Reader Are You?
Your Result: Literate Good Citizen

You read to inform or entertain yourself, but you're not nerdy about it. You've read most major classics (in school) and you have a favorite genre or two.

Dedicated Reader
Book Snob
Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm
Fad Reader
What Kind of Reader Are You?
Create Your Own Quiz


Oct. 31st, 2007 10:08 pm
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What type of Fae are you?
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LOL. Blame [livejournal.com profile] guen_the_cat!

What herb are you?

Take this quiz!

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Thu 9/6: The Thursday group started up a Serenity game, which will be loads of fun, as usual. The premise is that we're carnies, heh. So there's a built in reason for travelling the 'Verse. My character concept: Carnival fortune-teller. Sometimes the fortunes are eerily accurate. Other times, she keeps the truth to herself. Her secret? She's a natural psi-talent and experiences visions of the future, never predictable, in vague flashes at times and with gut-wrenching graphic accuracy at others. Fun, fun!

Fri 9/7: Friday morning, work as always. After work, we headed out to the farm, as we had chores to do for Matt's mother. We took the hound and he had a blast running around off-lead in the one acre (or bigger?) yard. It was fun to watch him come to the realization that he was off-lead. Zoom!! We went to bed early. ZzzZZzz...

Sat 9/8: Saturday morning we woke up early, early so we could get started on the chores before the heat. While Matt fixed the lawn mower, I did some work on her roof. Then while I mowed the lawn, Matt did some work on her roof, too.

We headed out at 11am to go to DFWCG hat making class. I learned a lot, because I'm a total n00b at hats. There was such a good attendance! I do hope we recruited some more people! ^_^ After the class, we headed to Justin for Matt's Star Wars game. We wrapped up a story line and paved the way for an intro for my new character (and Yvonne's, too). Yay!

Sun 9/9: Sunday morning I got up and prepped the lesson. It was on Gifts of the Spirit and Charity. Those are some of my favorite chapters in the New Testament. After church, my mom and I went to visit my granddad. Grandpa was in the hospital after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke in August. Unfortunately, he wasn't very responsive - he has no feeling on the right side of his body and was verbally incoherent. :( We chatted at him and I told him I love him. It was sad to see him there after all his liveliness and orneriness. However, I did get some real quality time with my mother on the drive.

After visiting Grandpa we went to visit [livejournal.com profile] annawick. Seeing my sister is always good, and both my mom and I needed the cathartic medicine of happiness that a perpetually cheerful three-year-old can bring. Lex is good for the soul.

Mon 9/10: Monday morning had me back at work (yes, there's a pattern there). I'm still doing tai chi on Mondays and Wednesdays with Anne. I'm pretty proud of us. I also have a new goal for cleaning and hopefully I'll stick to it. After chores, I played some WoW and then Matt and I stayed up until all hours of the night talking about the philosophical differences between Epicureans and Stoics.

I'm definitely a Stoic, heh. Especially after a little research and locating of some quotes:


"Man is disturbed not by things, but by the views he takes of them."

"If, therefore, any be unhappy, let him remember that he is unhappy by reason of himself alone."

Marcus Aurelius:

"Get rid of the judgement, get rid of the 'I am hurt,' you are rid of the hurt itself."

Tue 9/11 and Wed 9/12: Tuesday, work and my weekly lunch with efkelley. The evening, chores and WoW. Wednesday much the same, with a break for tai chi with Anne.


Sep. 7th, 2007 04:51 pm
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When I was in high school (either a freshman or sophomore), my big brother and I were on an Allan Dean Foster kick. We both really enjoyed one of his books, Glory Lane. It's a rather silly book, but I loved it.

Anyway, what brought this up? The main character, a punk rocker who called himself "Seeth", had a little card and used it in the story once to try to pick up a cute girl. Well, my dear brother made one for me and gave it to me in high school.

It's about the same size as an ATM card, although it's battered with time and the lamination is separating along one edge. Several of the letters are smudged, as it was created with a typewriter. It, however, still has the power to amuse me, which is why it is still in my wallet after all these years:

The Card )

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It's name is Aenad...

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I'm a killer....

I thought this one was interesting, too!

What Type of Killer Are You? [cool pictures]

You are a Samurai.
You are full of honour and value respect. You are not really the stereotypical hero, but you do fight for good. Just in your own way. For you, it is most certainly okay to kill an evil person, if it is for justice and peace. You also don't belive in mourning all the time and think that once you've hit a bad stage in life you just have to get up again. It's pointless to concentrate on emotional pain and better to just get on with everything. You also are a down to earth type of person and think before you act. Impulsive people may annoy you somewhat.

Main weapon: Sword
Quote:"Always do the right thing. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest" -Mark Twain
Facial expression: Small smile
Take this quiz!

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Alignment test: I know this is a big shocker...

So, I'm seeing a lot of Good, Lawful, and Neutral up at the top here....

You scored as Lawful Good. A lawful good person acts as a good person is expected or required to act. They are dedicated to upholding both what is right and what is set down in law.


Lawful Good


Lawful Neutral


Neutral Good


True Neutral


Chaotic Neutral


Chaotic Good


Lawful Evil


Neutral Evil


Chaotic Evil


What is your Alignment?
created with QuizFarm.com


Feb. 12th, 2007 09:58 am
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I believe that the foundation for any worthwhile and enduring relationship is respect.

Now, what to do when respect is lost?

What about trust?
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One of those getting to know you quiz thingies...

01. Your name:
02. Star sign:
03. Place of residence:
04. What makes you happy?
05. What are you listening to now/last listened to?
06. Do you read my journal?
07. If so, why?
08. Interesting fact about yourself:
09. Tell me something random:
10. Favourite spot/place to be:
11. Your favourite lyrics (poetry or song):
12. Best time of the year:
13. Right or left handed:
14. Favourite food:
15. Coffee or tea (what type / flavour):
16. What was your last dream about:
17: Last radio station listened to?
18. Last cuss word word uttered?
19. Best decade for music:
20. Will you put this on your LJ so I can complete it there?

1. a movie:
2. a book:
3. artist/band, song and album:
4. Something else (lj friend, website, tv show, store, whatever):


Nov. 13th, 2006 12:09 pm
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Stolen from divineoraclefy

The Wild Rose
Random Brutal Love Dreamer (RBLDf)

shmolorful, but unpicked. You are The Wild Rose.

Prone to bouts of cynicism, sarcasm, and thorns, you excite a certain kind of man. Hoping to gather you up, he flirts and winks and asks you out, ultimately professing his love. Then you make him bleed. Why? Because you're the rare, independent, self-sufficient kind of woman who does want love, but not from a weakling.

You don't seem to take yourself too seriously, and that's refreshing. You aren't uptight; you don't over-plan. Romance-wise, sex isn't a top priority--a true relationship would be preferable. For your age, you haven't had a lot of bonafide love experience, though, and this kind of gets to core of the issue. You're very selective.

Your exact opposite:
The Dirty Little Secret

Deliberate Gentle Sex Master
The problem is them, not you, right? You have lofty standards that few measure up to. You're out there all right, but not to be picked up by just anyone.

"You're never truly single as long as you have yourself."

ALWAYS AVOID: The Bachelor

CONSIDER: The Vapor Trail.

Link: The 32-Type Dating Test by OkCupid - Free Online Dating.


Oct. 6th, 2006 09:08 am
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The elements...

What is your TRUE element (fire, water, air and earth)

YOUR ELEMENT IS EARTH You are mostly gentle and cultivated, but there are moments when you are cold. You are also respectful and loyal. I bet that you are really pretty and likes luxury. Your colors are indigo, grey, black and blue.
Take this quiz!

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Why am I hearing 'You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine'?

You scored as XIX: The Sun. This is the happiest card in the deck. It is full of joy and optimism, everything is right with the world. We are as innocent children playing in the fields without care. The Sun brings success, well-being and happiness in all spheres - material, emotional, spiritual - wherever our desires lay. When this card appears in a Tarot spread it indicates success, joy and happiness. Obstacles will be overcome, goals achieved. When badly aspected, it can indicate a stagnation through over-indulgence, too much of a good thing.


XIX: The Sun


I - Magician


XI: Justice


II - The High Priestess


VIII - Strength


XIII: Death


III - The Empress


VI: The Lovers


XVI: The Tower


X - Wheel of Fortune


0 - The Fool


IV - The Emperor


XV: The Devil


Which Major Arcana Tarot Card Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com
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I liked this one!

You scored as Storm. Storm is the seconday team leader of the X-Men. She has a peaceful personality but must be careful since her emotions control her powers. She loves gardening and is afaid of tight spaces. Powers: Control of the Weather














Emma Frost


Jean Grey








Most Comprehensive X-Men Personality Quiz 2.0
created with QuizFarm.com
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WHITES are motivated by PEACE,
Seek independence and require kindness.
They resist confrontation at all costs.
(Feeling good is more important than being good.)
They are typically quiet by nature,
They process things very deeply and objectively,
And they are by far the best listeners of all the colors.
They respect people who are kind,
But recoil from perceived hostility or verbal battle.

WHITES need their quiet independence
And refuse to be controlled by others.
WHITES want to do things their own way,
In their own time.
They ask little of others,
And resent others demanding much of them.
WHITES are much stronger than people think
Because they don't reveal their feelings.
WHITES are kind, non-discriminate, patient
And can be indecisive, timid, and silently stubborn.
When you deal with a WHITE, be kind,
Accept (and support) their individuality,
And look for nonverbal clues to their feelings.

What Color Are You?
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