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Friends! I just heard on Steam Ingenious that Butterick has just released two new Edwardian patterns. One of them reminds me of Jen's Hooverette dress (even though it's quite a bit earlier, hah!), the other is a suit.

What do y'all think about them?

Butterick 6093. The artist's rendering of the one I like:

Line drawing:

Butterick 6108

And line drawing:

Edit: Ok! At my PC. Heh.
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Ok, so generally speaking, I'm not that into Edwardian, except perhaps very late. I don't like those huge puffy sleeves. It's the same reason I don't care for the 'Romantic' era, I think it's called. The 1830s & 1840s? Anyway, due to my general 'eh' feeling for it, I never did see coughing up the cash for a good pattern.

However, am I willing to cough up the cash for a Butterick pattern? You bet! I know Butterick patterns aren't historically accurate, but I really feel that this one captures the over all look well enough for me, especially since I'm not that into this era, anyway! I'm pretty excited about this pattern and will be grabbing one the next time there's a Butterick sale at Hancocks or JoAnns! :D
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I'm going to have to learn how to do Math. I haven't done complex Math since my first few years in college (I got the icky classes out of the way fast and early). That was a long time ago. As in, fifteen years since I've done anything more complex than balancing a check book or figuring out how much to tip.

I have some historical patterns that someone has drawn out on pieces of paper and I want to figure out how to make them. Which means I have to figure out how to make them fit. Ah, well. It'll be interesting. Heh.

I blame [livejournal.com profile] guen_the_cat. She posted a link in our DFWCG yahoo group that got me click happy. The site is in Danish I think? Anyway, I saw a gown from 1797 (I love this time period specifically - like 1795 through 1805. The other Regency stuff is good, too). Luckily for me I don't think it will be too difficult. It'll just take more effort than simply tracing out a pre-made pattern.


There are many other lovely gowns with patterns. Men's clothes with patterns, too. Whee!
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EDIT: updated 6/12/7

This is an updated list both of patterns that I own and patterns that I want. Additionally, I've listed some book titles that have caught my eye. I'm not sure about all the book titles, but there are some for certain that I know are good reference materials.

This is just to help me keep everything organized and also to give myself a checklist as I pick them up...




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Well, I'm the first to admit I'm a nerd. And I've discovered that there may really be no limit to my nerdiness.

Oh, well.

This is my current compulsion: I'm organizing my pattern collection. I bought two file crates, lots of hanging files, and some file pockets. I've printed out labels that categorize by pattern manufacturer (as an initial or initials), pattern number, broad category, and short description of the contents. I've alphabetized by the broad category in these files, with further sub-divisions by pattern number. The file pockets are for each individual piece of clothing from each pattern. I've almost finished organizing them, too.

Ok, I'll stop now, since I know I've clearly illustrated how compulsively nerdy I can be.

Too bad I'm not that organized with my house. Hah!

In other news, Wednesday of last week, the officer who wrote us the warning came over after Matt sent an email to the city requesting a copy of the city codes that pertain to our home. He was quite nice, actually, and explained that there is a neighborhood-watch-type program to make our area nicer, or something like that. We asked him quite a few questions, and he paged a city code enforcer person who came over and answered even more questions.

Thursday I hung out with friends, and then Matt ran Phlan on Friday, which was fun as usual. Saturday had Matt and I back out at faire, and I actually danced a court dance! It was great fun! Sunday was nice and relaxing.

Tomorrow is a DFWCG meeting, and I'm really looking forward to it! Matt has volunteered to do the site for us, so I'm thinking of dragging him along so he can get his questions answered. I'm also toying with quite a few costume ideas, which I really need to make time for, like my 1700s highwayman, my Elizabethan noble, and now I'm toying with a gypsy idea. I am thinking I want to base it around a ghawazee coat like [livejournal.com profile] annawick's, which I love.

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