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It's been a busy week. We left for Columbus OH on Monday (Jun 27) afternoon at 6pm with a crew of seven, two in the truck and five in the van. We arrived there at 4pm on Tuesday, pretty exhausted. It was pretty smooth sailing until we hit the Ohio border, when we ran into some construction. Since it was the last stretch, it was pretty tiring - it took 2 hours to go 55 miles. Ugh.

This year we stayed at the Hampton. [livejournal.com profile] elizagoth, I missed you and thought of you often. ^_^ That was a fun con.

Wednesday was set-up, which went very smoothly. My pre-con prep list is complete. The only things we had to go to the store for were munchies and water. Success! Well, and the register drawer, which was not in the register, but that wasn't my fault. ^_~ The register was on my list. I didn't know I had to include its individual components, heh.

Thursday through Sunday was the actual convention itself. Sales were down this year from last, but since I actually had a budget and a fairly complete check-list this year, we sold more than our expenses. Yay! I think we'll do even better at GenCon.

For me, the highlights of the con were chatting with the NCSoft guys, and lunches with Matt and Sandy and Bobby at the North Market. Mm. $6 sushi rolls and exotic ice cream. The flavors I tried this year were Gucci Moo-moo (a vanilla with chocolate covered cashews, bought purely because of the odd name), Thai Chili (peanut butter, coconut milk, and curry), Avocado, Mascarpone Honey Almond, and of course Chocolate Cayenne. They were all super yummy. Mmmmm!

Rather than leaving on Monday morning, we packed up, showered and ate, and left Sunday night just before midnight for a straight drive through. One of our three truck drivers was too tired to help with the truck, but she did help with the van so that was fine. Matt and Kev pulled five hour shifts on the truck, with the rest of us co-piloting, driving the van or resting. We rolled back into Texas around 6pm.

Rather than further mess up our sleep schedules, Matt and I went and watched Batman Begins and Mr & Mrs Smith. Both were good, though I enjoyed Batman a lot more. I thought it was excellent, and hope they do more!

Tuesday was spent recuperating. We picked up the pooch, then played some online games, watched a lot of Kenshin, and cuddled.

Work, as predicted, was chaotic, but since Mir was there, she kept an eye out on the most important things for me. Email took forever, but most of it has been resolved. Tomorrow will be busy, too, but one step closer to manageable.


Jun. 17th, 2005 04:46 pm
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Why can't there be still before the storm?

I hate pre-con chaos, and the chaos doesn't end with the con, although once at the con itself things tend to even out a bit to at least a thunderstorm and less of a hurricane. It won't be over until late August. Ugh.

We need to go out to the farm and do chores very soon, too.

I have too much to do.

Hey, [livejournal.com profile] annawick, what are you up to next Saturday (the 25th)? I could use a sister. ^_^
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Well, I just called the hotels and booked rooms for Origins and GenCon. And thus the convention season with all its cat herding and reluctant extroversion begins.


Jun. 29th, 2004 02:57 pm
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I'm back. And I have my oh-so-traditional convention cold, heh.

And at Origins... )

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