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This is to all my friends not in my costuming circle (I found out about the exhibit from a costuming friend, so they already know ^_^): I'm planning on going to the Art & Love in Renaissane Italy exhibit at the Kimbell in Fort Worth some time soon as the exhibit ends on June 14. Anyone else interested in going with?
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I've been so busy! Let's see. What has been going on? Well, my week nights are much as before: Monday/Tues/Wed evenings walk the hound, chores and either WoW, reading or watching a movie. Thursdays are still game nights, and the Serenity game is going well. I've been updating the Wiki, so all my notes are up. Whee! Fridays are more chores, etc. Matt is doing a lot of end of year stuff for the church so he's pretty swamped.

Thanksgiving was awesome. I went over to Mom's on Wed night to help with food prep as has become my normal tradition. We spent the evening visiting and working. Then Thursday had us at my older brother Rob's for the Thanksgiving festivities. I wore toe socks and flip-flops because I knew how much they bothered my brother-in-law (hehe). For some reason he has this thing against toe socks, so I was delighted to exploit that weakness. >:) See, I can be evil! Even though Matt tells me that's not evil, it's just mischievous.

Anyway, We all lazed around and visited and ate wonderful food. Some of Rob's wife's family came, too, which I hope also becomes a tradition, as I love having them there.

On Dec 2nd and 3rd Matt and I went up to the Lake to visit with [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky and Tim. We spent a lot of time visiting, plus our usual golf cart ride (which I still so thoroughly enjoy!!). Tempest Sky is looking so adorable these days, as her pregnancy is really visible now. I so much enjoyed the time we spent there!

Then last week, I spent the weeknights as described above. Saturday morning, I got off my procrastinating shelf and pulled out my 1878 skirt and bodice to do some minor alterations - like finish the hem on the skirt and shift the fasteners around on the bodice. I still need to do some fitting stuff with the bodice, but I'll totally need help for that as I don't have a fitter's form (or whatever they're called). I'm realizing in the course of my sewing that I have SUCH a high waist.

Anyway, I still need to add trim to the skirt and bodice, and I was leaning towards pleats. One of my fellow costumers gave me a pleating tool that looks remarkably like a ruler with some useful bends in it. I think that will help a lot. I'm thinking of adding pleats to the bottom of the skirt and the ends of the bodice sleeves, plus maybe at the bottom of the bodice.

Next up is my pink regency day dress, and apron. I think also this year the costuming guild is working on rococo stuff, so that should be fun, too! We're also going to have a class on steam-punk outfits, which is going to be really fascinating.

Saturday afternoon, we headed over to a friend's house for a pre-Candlelight get-together. It was lovely, of course. I love hanging out with other costumers, as it gets me all excited about sewing again. And boy-howdy do I need the inspiration. I procrastinate to no end, or choose other hobbies (WoW/reading/movies) instead of sewing. Anyway, the party was fun with yummy treats and lots of costuming talk, and then we adjourned to Dallas Heritage Village for their annual holiday Candlelight event.

Candlelight was so much fun, too! We wandered around as a guild, and shortly after we arrived there, my sister [livejournal.com profile] annawick and mom [livejournal.com profile] saintvickery and the Lex, too, of course, saw us and wandered around with us. Annie and Mom were dressed up, too, so they blended well with the rest of us crazies. ^_^ Err... Eccentrics! We're not crazy, we're eccentric. Anyway, Annie's dress looked particularly good and made me definitely want to make an actual bustle, she looked so sharp!

The Heritage Village was absolutely lovely. It was a little warm at first (I think it got to 80 F / 26.6 C that day!), but cooled off after the sun went down to a very nice comfortable for Victorian clothes 60 F / 15.5 C. I still love touring those homes - some are very ornate and elaborate, and others simple and charming. Plus the candle-lit (go figure) roads really enhanced the atmosphere. This year there were a lot more people dressed up, too. I think some of the guild's members passed out guild cards, which was awesome. We drew quite a bit of attention as everyone looked really awesome. Hooray for dressing up!

Things at the new job are going well. I had my one month review, and the boss had a lot of positive things to say. So, if things continue as they are, I guess I'll get to stay. ^_~ I'm hesitant because there's this six month probation thing that the University does, which since they fired the person before me makes me less confident than I would be otherwise. Luckily, the work itself is not difficult and my co-workers are all pretty awesome. So aside from missing my friends at the Shop (Mir and Kev especially!), over all things are well.

I'm finally adjusting to the early schedule, too, although I do find myself getting drowsy at 10 PM, which seems so terribly early. Bleh. I do miss my late evenings and late mornings! Oh and no traffic. I do miss having no traffic. I do like the extra two hours with the husband, though, since we are able to carpool. Anyway, if things work out here, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Matt and I looked for a house in Richardson or Carrollton in a few years.

Yesterday I put up some minor Christmas decorations - a wreath on the door and some lights, garland and a nativity set in the living room. No tree though. I think it's buried somewhere in our garage. Plus it takes us like three months to take the thing down (one year we took it down in JUNE), so I don't think we'll do a tree this year. Our living room still looks Christmasy, though, with the lights and the nativity scene.

Ok. Lunch is almost over, and I'm still unsure as to the policies on internet use for my office. My desk is in the front office (very public) and I'm in the student lounge, so I'll sign off for now.

Until later!
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It's not on their site yet, but I started getting antsy about it so I called. It's on December 8 and 9 this year (I didn't ask the time. Whoops) and will be $10 per adult. For my non-costuming friends, it's still a lovely experience. For my DFWCG friends, I'll bring it up at our October meeting, too, just for good measure. ^_^

So, here it is, well in advance:

WHAT: Candlelight
WHEN: Sat Dec 8, 2007 & Sun Dec 9, 2007 (Time TBA, but it's afternoon/evening. I'm thinking probably Saturday)
WHERE: Dallas Heritage Village
WHY: Because it will be fun!

EDIT!!: PS: Whoops! I won't be at the October DFWCG meeting - Matt just reminded me that we will be in Cleburn at the big shooting match. So, I'll email the yahoo group!
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This lecture should be a lot of fun! We'll be looking at a LOT of actual clothing from 1850 through 1900, and from what I've been told they're in excellent condition. If you want to go with Matt and I, please let me know before Saturday morning. If we don't hear from anyone, we're going to leave early and run errands! ^_^

Exploring Antique Clothing

"Date: Saturday - August 11th, 2007, Start Time: 02:00:00 PM

Hal Simon, Chief Curator of Dallas Heritage Village, will be giving us a lecture on antique garments from the museum's collection dating from the mid-1800's to the early 1900's.

The class will be held in the old school house, second floor, at 2pm on Saturday the 11th. Since the site will be closing around that time, please park in the parking lot across the street from the park. Use the delivery entrance, next to the donkeys' paddock. The white school house is toward the back of the park.

Light refreshments will be provided, and the dress for this event will just be street clothes. If you follow the Event Website link, the schoolhouse is building #17.""

Fee: $1 members and Students with valid ID / $3 non-members

Dallas Heritage Village
1515 S Harwood St
Dallas Texas 75215
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So, I skipped the Thursday game as Matt really, really wanted to see Transformers. And wow. That movie rocked. I never really watched much of the cartoon, but the movie was really fun and engaging.

Friday's game went really well, even though I was mostly an observer. We convinced Matt to run a Werewolf the Apocalypse game. Fun, fun! [livejournal.com profile] kalar and [livejournal.com profile] devineoraclefy are both entirely new to Werewolf, so Matt ran them through their first change and the experience of discovering a whole new world. He did the set up really well and it was really fun watching them role-play their characters discoveries as they themselves discovered the game. I think this time we really picked character concepts that will blend well together. Of course, it doesn't hurt that out of six of us, four are Fianna. Heh. Anyway, we've got:

Homid Child of Gaia Ahron = Bob
Lupus Fianna Ahroun = Paul
Homid Fianna Galliard = Dave
Homid Fianna Philodox = me
Homid Uktena Theurge = Austin
Homid Fianna Ragabash = Shana

My concept for this game is an old one for me, one I've been wanting to play for quite some time. I remember the "breakthrough" feeling I had when I conceived it. I'm really excited about this game!

Saturday I went to the Star Wars Exhibit at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. It was awesome, and I totally enjoyed myself. My family is so cool! Ok, we're actually quite nerdy, but I think they're a lot of fun, so it's all good anyway. First we watched the special effects movie at the Omni (I so want to see Harry Potter there too!), then went through the exhibit.

The exhibit itself was really neat. They had a lot of what-ifs and look-where-where-science-is-now kind of stuff that was really interesting, plus a lot of little activities, like building your own miniature robot, steering a robot, sitting in an air-propulsion type car thing... All kinds of neat stuff! I could have spent more time there, but teh Lex was so tired poor thing. Then when we broke for lunch, I sat too long and was ready to head home myself. Of course, I think had I gotten a full night's rest (instead of going to bed at 3am and getting up at 7:30am...), I would have had a lot more energy for the exhibit. Maybe I should go back, and be rested this time...

After the exhibit, we went home and took a "nap" and threw off our sleep schedule. Luckily Sundays are very low energy so we were able to balance ourselves out by Monday morning.

Only to throw it all off again last night! Because, of course, Matt and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter with Bob, Chip, and Paul. So here I am again, having gone to sleep around 3:30am and getting up at 7:30am. Whee! I'll just say that if you've read the book you will notice things that were left out (of necessity due to time). If you haven't read the book but seen all the other movies, you'll probably enjoy it quite a bit. Maybe. I enjoyed it anyway!

Lunch today with Annie, the Lex and Eric was good. I'm still tired, though.


And yet I still adore going to opening midnight showings. It was worth it! ^_^
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I had a wonderful weekend. The weekend started off with playing Matt's game. It started out a few months ago as a low-fantasy d20 game in a setting that Matt cooked up but we've now fully switched over to GURPS in the Conan setting. Heh. There's a learning curve for all of us since it's been so very long that we've played, but I'm pretty pleased with the system change over all, and we've kept all the important elements of Matt's original setting, too. Oh, and welcome to [livejournal.com profile] kalar who has joined the game, too! ^_^ (PS Even though my character didn't warm up to yours right away, I'm glad you're playing!)

Friday night went into Saturday morning and Matt and I went home about 4am and promptly collapsed. My sister called Saturday morning to inform me of her plans shifting and that she wouldn't be able to make the rest of the day's events. T_T However, we rescheduled our stuff for Sunday afternoon, so all was well.

After [livejournal.com profile] annawick called, we slowly got our engines going so we could head out to Fort Worth for the day's activities. First we went to the Japanese Gardens, where we met up with several others from the DFWCG and wandered around and took pictures. Matt and I were total slackers (plus I forgot about my ninja costume) and didn't dress up, but [livejournal.com profile] jenthompson and Dawni looked fabulous. After feeding the coi and taking pictures, we headed over to the Kimbell Art Museum to check out their Drama and Desire: Japanese Paintings from the Floating World exhibit. Talk about some beautiful paintings! I was going to pick up the exhibit book, but they were sold out. T_T

Matt and I seem to take a long time in exhibits. Ah, well. After finishing up there and saying our goodbyes to the other DFWCG-ers, Matt and I headed over to the Mercado Juarez in Dallas and had some awesome food. Then we went to the Cinemark at Vista Ridge and watched Wild Hogs. Thanks so much for the recommendation, [livejournal.com profile] lance_work! It was a hilarious movie, just like you said it would be, heh.

Sunday was a nice, lazy morning, and then a nice mellow day at church. I had to take the 14 and 15 year old class, too, because the teacher's wife just had a baby, but they're good kids too, so everything went smoothly. After church, my sis and the Lex came over to play. Much, much fun was had. I mean, he was fun before, but now he's almost intelligible. It was cute. We drove up and Annie was already there waiting. I leaned in to get Lex out of his car seat since he was half asleep. His eyes opened up and he looked at me for a sec, groggily trying to figure out who I was. Then this little smile crossed his face and he said, "Jay!" My heart melted. What a cutie! Plus I got to hang out with my sister, which is always a bonus. We watched a dinosaur movie, chased the kid around, and chatted a whole lot.

Then, I went to bed and woke up this morning refreshed. What a great weekend!
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Lessee.... What have I been up to?

Last Thursday Taltos gave me a big scare. I was over at a friend's house when I got a call from Matt, who said that Taltos was missing - he had escaped through our open backyard gate. Which reminds me. I need to buy some combination locks for our gates, since I think it was our neighbors' children who got into our back yard. Matt and I never use the gate. Anyway, I ran home to search the neighborhood. I drove through the neighborhood carefully and slowly but no luck. So while Matt stayed at home and called Animal Control (in case they picked him up before we found him), I wandered around on foot, worried sick. I slowly walked back home only to be met halfway by Matt who told me the hound had returned home, none the worse for wear. Whew!

Saturday was a lot of fun. That morning (early!) Matt and I drove out to Pilot Point to some slaughter house to pick up some suet. Matt needs it to make puddings or some such. Oh yeah. When I say "some" suet, it's like 10 lbs!!

After that, we headed to the Dallas Museum of Art to go to the Mayan exhibit with my family. Missed Chris, Mary, and Aaron since they didn't come. Sioux and Dave didn't come to the museum but showed up for the later stuff. The exhibit was very interesting. Not as much eye candy as the Chinese exhibit last year, but very interesting none the less. I didn't know, but the Mayans used cacao beans as currency. Smart people. Mmm. Chocolate. One of their feast beverages was warmed water with chocolate, chile, honey, and some sap that was a frothing agent. Mmm. My favorite piece of art on exhibit was a ceramic pot that had a god, depicted as an old man, riding a peccary. Heh. Oh and the frog in the bowl sculpture. That one made me laugh.

I renewed my membership, too, since some of the exhibits later this year will certainly be worth visiting as well. Upcoming are the art of Louis Comfort Tiffany starting in June with more than 120 of his pieces, and then a Van Gogh exhibit with about fifty of his works in late October. Both really sounded interesting! And I only have to go three times to make up the membership expense, plus it's tax deductible. ^_~

After the museum, we headed over to Ian & Nikki's new place. Wow, what a beautiful home they're making! And I finally got to see Taltos play with a dog that understood Taltos's play-speak. Ian & Nikki have a boxer named Bart and the two dogs had a blast chasing each other around the back yard, heh. It was fun watching them. I wished there was a bigger play area just to see how fast and far they could go.

While there, I also played with Kyrie (of course). I gave her Matt's jedi robe muslin test-run that was way too small for Matt. I trimmed down the sleeves and bottom hem, which she'll re-hem using her new sewing machine. Then we pretended to be rulers of a small country. I can't recall if we named the country, though. Anyway, we carefully planned an assault of the DMA to capture our enemy country's leader, who was of course hiding in the DMA's restaurant. The DMA, as you must know, was merely a front for our enemy's nefarious activities. We had a detailed blue-print of the building, which facilitated our attack (ie the program guide had the building layout ^_~). Princess Kyrieann led the assault, while I, being queen and more recognizable, stayed back and monitored the assault from our headquarters on the stairs.

Matt did some sewing recently and figured out how to make flat caps. He did that and a sash for his italian outfit. I wonder if we'll need another sewing machine soon....

Usually during my lunch break I head over to [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys's house to eat and to take our dogs out for a walk. Yesterday was no exception, but I also got to meet another greyhound on our walk. This hound was a good inch and a half taller than my own, and I thought Taltos was tall! Taltos has more muscle definition thanks to his foster-dad and his race training. Taltos's foster-dad used to walk him a good seven miles a day. Their boy had never raced before, as they rescued him when he was six months old. He was such a sweety, of course. Fawn brindle with a lot more fawn than black, and soft, soft fur. He gave me nose kisses, too. What a cutie!

Last night I dreamt of a greyhound, too. There was mass civil chaos (a disaster? I don't know) and for some reason I was taking an El into Dallas, when I found a greyhound puppy on the floor by my feet in a plastic bag. Yes. But this is a dream, so of course it makes no sense. :P I scooped it up and unwrapped it and took it home with me. It turned out that I wasn't sure whether not it was an actual greyhound or a lurcher, but I wanted to keep it none the less. So maybe I need to get Taltos a brother. ^_~

Oh, yeah. I was quite disappointed by the costumes from War and Peace. The cover gave me such hope, too. The story was ok, since I haven't read the book, but the costumes were all wrong. ;_; The waists were just under the ribcage, instead of the imperial style under the breasts as it should have been. I think I need to start a search for decent (they don't have to be spectacular) films that have good, fairly accurate costumes set in the Napoleonic era... Oh, yeah. With women in the film, too, since I already have all the Horatio Hornblower (with Ioan Gruffudd) and Sharpe's (with Sean Bean). :P

Oh! I just found out via IMDB that there's going to be another Sharpe's movie! Whee!

Tonight, sewing with [livejournal.com profile] finari!
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So I've been thinking about Old City Park a bit lately. Admission is only $7, and they are going to have some really neat activities coming up.

Nov 12 they are having a "Civil War on the Homefront" day: Fall in line with the soldiers of long ago. Experience life at home during times of war by assisting with the preparations of a war-bound soldier, discover what were used as substitutes for many household items in a blockade, and hear the songs and stories of triumph and heartache.

Then in December they're having some holiday activities that sound like they'll be a lot of fun. "Candlelight": Celebrate the season as Dallas residents did from 1840-1910, with crafts, music, dancing, children’s activities, and much more. Hundreds of hurricane lamps illuminate the pathways of Dallas’ only historical village.

I bet I can wear my 1860 dress to that....

*watches for any excuse to dress up!*


Mar. 28th, 2005 10:35 am
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I've finally gotten everything settled and caught up from being gone for a week. I don't like traveling for work because my work load is tripled due to all the catching up and repairing I have to do when I return. It's pretty much all caught up now, though, and I can settle back into my normal busy schedule.

Friday night I watched Saints and Soldiers with Matt, [livejournal.com profile] finari, [livejournal.com profile] narkeys and my parents. It was awesome, one of those 'based on real events' movies about some soldiers that escaped the Malmedy Massacre during WWII and made their way back to the Allied forces. The main character is LDS, and the film handles it in a very understated yet effective way.

Saturday I went to the Dallas Museum of Art and examined the Splendors of the Forbidden City exhibit again, this time with my mom and aunt (her sister) Gretchen. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though it was my second time through, or perhaps because it was my second time through. I'll probably go at least one more time... Anyway, we had fun chatting both before and after the exhibit. Sometimes I forget how cool my relatives are.

Sunday was relatively relaxed, especially once I got home, although at church I was the only one watching six three-year-olds. Not fun. I know for a fact that I will not have more than four children. I'm thinking three. I don't know how my mother managed. Anyway, after church I went home and played on the computer a little, then took a nice two hour nap, and woke up very refreshed. I needed that nap! After I woke up, I played on the computer a little more, then watched The Duellists, which I believe was the first film that Ridley Scott directed. Harvey Keitel's character Feraud really was crazy. The two men fought five duels over the space of fifteen years. I felt so bad for D'Hubert, who never really wanted to duel Feraud but whose honor would allow no less.

Monday, now back to work...


Mar. 24th, 2005 04:29 pm
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Wheee! Just called Ma to confirm our date for Saturday. So it's back to the museum and Splendors of China's Forbidden City. ^_^ Yay!
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Ok there's been a slight change in plans. My mom overextended herself with her Saturday obligations, so she won't be going. The main way this affects us is (a) we can leave for the museum earlier if we want and (b) if I have more than three takers, we'll have to take two cars or meet there. So far, [livejournal.com profile] elizagoth, [livejournal.com profile] walkingshark and [livejournal.com profile] finari have expressed an interest.

Do we want to meet up at my place a little earlier than 1:30pm? I was thinking meet up more around 11am so we could be at the museum around noon and spend 5 or so hours there...

[Edit] I invited my mother-in-law, since she rarely gets to do anything fun while she's in the states, and she adores Chinese stuff. Hehe. So yall will get to meet her.
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Hey yall (esp [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky)! I'm planning on going to the Dallas Museum of Art's Splendors of China's Forbidden City exhibit on Feb 26. I invited my mom to go, too. If anyone else wants to go and needs a ride, let me know. Mom and I are leaving from my place at about 1:30 and she has a van. ^_^ If you can't make it on the 26th, I will be going again at a later date (to be worked out with Matt).

Edit: Exhibition admission includes general admission to the Museum and an Acoustiguide audio tour of the exhibition.

Adults $16
Seniors $14
Students (w/ ID) $14
Children 6 and over $10
Children under 6 Free
Museum members Free

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