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So I put my shirt on backwards on Tuesday. I forgot to mention that. Or maybe I was thinking I didn't need to mention it. But I live to amuse myself, so there it is.

I tumbled out of bed and into my clothes in my rush to take the trash to the curb, and put my pink work t-shirt on with the big red logo across my chest instead of my shoulder blades. Of course, I didn't notice it at all. I was sitting at my computer in my office, working away, when my boss's son came in to chat with me.

After a moment or two of small talk, his brow wrinkled and in a puzzled voice he asked, "Um, Jay. Is your shirt on backwards?" It was almost a statement.

I look down and, suddenly very amused, replied, "Sure enough!"

He shakes his head and goes back to his office and I promptly pull my arms inside the t-shirt and spin it around so that it's on properly. Heh.

My boss's corn plant has flowered. I say corn plant but it looks like a miniature palm tree. Anyway, when she saw that it was going to flower this year, she was so very pleased, heh. Every morning when I unlock my office door, I am hit by the waves of its very sweet, almost cloying scent. I don't have a strong sense of smell so if I can smell it, it must be quite strong. The first day I thought it was my incense sticks, but when she pointed out the blossoms I realized what it was. It is a good thing I don't have allergies, because the pollen content in these two rooms must be insane. I keep the door open for good ventilation. Spreading the love, as it were.

Last night I went to the second DFWCG meeting ever. I signed a paper that will help to make it official, so this is a good thing. We talked about all kinds of different local events we could attend in costume, and that at some point we will start having our own events. We also discussed the website and what features we want it to have. Matt is going to create the site for us. Yay!

My favorite thing about the meeting was gathering with a bunch of weirdos like myself that love to dress up. In things besides normal, boring modern clothing. ^_^ It is just what I need to keep my sewing bug alive.

In other news, the annual convention that my work throws is rapidly approaching with over 100 tickets sold. Our building will be very close to capacity, heh. According to our site, it's only 14 days away, with artists arriving in 13 days. So the summer insanity of conventions is imminent, and oddly enough I feel pretty calm about it so far.

The special edition miniature for this year is completely, absolutely, eye-poppingly gorgeous. She was sculpted by Ridolfi, who I think has a crush on the subject (said subject is fictional, but since she's our mascot there are many fans with a crush on dear Sophie). He translated the 2d artwork so very well! I'm going to get several, heh. I think that she will easily be the most popular sculpt of Sophie done to date.

Faire this weekend. With the weather cooling, it should be quite nice. It may even rain!
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In November we were paid a visit by Jack from RAFM in Canada. I don't recall what he came down for, but regardless, he's a really charming man. He's one of the men in the industry that I enjoy a very light flirtation with - he has that charming, good-natured, somewhat debonair way of speech and manner that make it a pleasure to chat with him.

Anyway, where am I going with this...? Oh, yeah. In this industry, Flirtation = Girl Treasure, which is a big Yay!

I have two um slight addictions that relate to my tabletop RPG hobby: a dice addiction and a metal addiction. The metal I can indulge regularly, seeing where I work. Dice are slightly more difficult, since I have to arrange for trades and such, although my other flirtation is someone at my favorite dice manufacturer, who also happens to be a metal addict. ^_^

Hm. That was another digression...

Anyway, while Jack was down here, I mentioned to him that there were several RAFM figures that I had my eye on. He grinned at me and told me to give him my list. I, efficient office admin that I am, printed out the list I already had prepared on my computer (I have also on that list figures from Hasslefree and Copplestone) and gave it to him.

Well, today, they came in the mail! Whee!!

Lessee if I can find some pictures of them.... )

And, [livejournal.com profile] finari, I'm going to email Mark about setting up a trade soon. I haven't forgotten about your dice. ^_^
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For those of you into miniature wargaming or miniature painting, Reaper just opened their Asylum. According to the press release:

Reaper Launches the Asylum

Denton, Texas, 08.02.04

Reaper will soon be opening a publicly accessible research and development center. Located in the front of the main factory building, the R&D center will be open to the general public on Saturdays only between the hours of 10:00am and 6:00pm.

Known as the Reaper Asylum, the area will contain structured events and scheduled activities using only Reaper products. Alpha, Beta, design and open event workshop sessions will be a major part of the Asylum's schedule and all open to the public on Saturdays.

The addition of a public R&D area will greatly speed up the time that it currently takes Reaper to develop both new product lines and support features for existing product lines.

The main Reaper website will contain a link to the Asylum calendar and event page.

I'm not going to be there this coming Saturday (the 11th) but I do plan on painting there with Anne and Michael G on the 18th starting around noon. Should be fun, and it's open to the public... ^_^
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I had fun last night just sitting around chilling with friends and painting miniatures. Thanks to those of yall that came. I really enjoyed the company! It was my kind of introvert party. ^_~

I didn't actually finish any figs but I made significant progress on one really fun miniature. My friend and co-worker Kevin did the conversion for me (he rocks, by the way), and it's super cool. I'm not going to post more about it because I want to finish it first. I'm really liking the progress I'm making on it, though. When it's done I'll post a picture of it, and what the conversion is based off of.

I also assembly-lined the skin tones of several other figures, as I didn't want the colors I mixed to go to waste. Hm. I'm digging this painting again...

Gotta run, I have chores to do.

Family coming over tomorrow...

Ugh, my house is a mess. As usual, heh.
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Woot! More painting toys! :) I bought a $4 tackle box from WalMart, and it is *perfect* for holding select colors for a travel paint kit. It holds 38 colors, plus an extra pot of extender, a pot of float improver, a pot of primer, and a small bottle of matt sealant. There is a centimeter or so of extra space between two of the rows of paint that I can store paint brushes in, and I was able to fit my ceramic tile in there, also. Not my spiffy ceramic dish, but the tile at least fits, so it's all good.

Hm. Just had a thought. I wonder if I should grab one of those tackle boxes for Eric before I start sending him a bunch of stuff...

On another note, this weekend I injured my right wrist. Note I did not say I hurt it, because, for the oddest unknown reason, it did not and still does not hurt. I don't know how it happened but on Saturday evening, as I was washing my hands to take out my contacts (I'm blind without them), I looked down to see the inside of my wrist horribly swollen and discolored. I think the most alarming part was that there was no pain. I still don't know how it happened, but I discussed it briefly with my boss, who is both an accountant and a registered nurse. She examined it and told me it was a burst capilary. She also prescribed pineapple because the bromilin (sp?) in it will break down the lose blood. Darn! I get to eat a lot of pineapple! ;)

Anyway, I've been keeping it wrapped to keep the swelling down, and it's a good thing my blood is thick or it would look worse. The swelling is almost completely gone, and its color has already toned down from the ugly purple bruise to a brownish bruise with purple tones. Heh.

I also played some DAoC this weekend with Matt. His Irish is up because a lot of the old timers have quit to join more "leet" guilds. This is good for me (odd as it may seem) because finally and again we share a very time consuming hobby. There has been quite a bit of guild drama over it, which I guess is past due, since the Fianna hasn't had drama in a while. I've got pretty strong feelings about it, too. I'll save my rant when I've puzzled out the reasons for why I feel the way I do.

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