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I have a rule with my kiddos. They must make up their mind on their Halloween costume by October 1. This gives me plenty of time to (procrastinate and finally) make the costumes. If they change their mind in the subsequent weeks before Halloween, they must make do with something from the costume box.

So, we have been watching the Lord of the Rings as a family in the past two weeks. As you can probably guess, someone changed their mind about the costume they want to wear for Halloween. Morgan decided he wanted to be Frodo for Halloween instead of Link.

Lucky for him, I had several years ago stumbled across a rustic, collarless shirt and waistcoat at a thrift store in a size 6. I bought it, because it was perfect for Victorian stuff and my tiny boy would one day be big enough. And my pack-rat, opportunistic ways paid off!

I pulled the shirt and waistcoat out, some breeches that I inherited from Jen's son, and a cloak from the costume box. I present to you Frodo Baggins of the Shire:


((P.S. Thanks for making it easy on me, my son. I'm glad I worked on Vee's costume first.))

((P.P.S. in honor of our viewing fun, we also decided to have a hobbit feast.))

Dinner today, based somewhat on the meal that Bilbo fed to the unexpected visitors:

Cookbook I found and bought, although the above meal wasn't derived from it, heh:
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Well, it's been a bit since I last wrote, and this one is going to be quick, too, because I am about to log in to my MMOG. ;) Yes, I'm a lazy bum! That aside...

Matt's officially graduated! He heard back from his professors on Monday and got the good news. He doesn't know what his grades are, but he has passed, and that's all he needed. He's finally done. Now it's just a matter of getting his diploma in the mail. Well, and paying off his school debt.

As for the holidays, we haven't done anything except for the gift shopping, which we've completed. I didn't take the tree down from Christmas 2002 til August 2003 (yeah, yeah, I am a big time procrastinator and a horrible house keeper), so I decided to not even bother with one this year. So, um, bah humbug! ;)

And I've seen Return of the King. Twice. I loved it.

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