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Yesterday was Thanksgiving, of course, so the family got together at Mom & Dad's. At one point or another, Lex's dad, Dave, told us that Lex could burp his alphabet. Neither parent would take the credit for teaching him how to do this. Finally, everyone point blank asked Lex where he learned it.

"Fwom the talking squirrel!" he said.

I figured it out based on a trailer I had seen a while back: the talking squirrel from Over the Hedge!

That's gwanpop's movie, so I guess it's my dad's (Lex's grandfather) fault. Heh.

On a totally unrelated note:

Every month I go through the mail. I get about six to ten applications for credit cards that I have to open and sort through. Well, in my own petty way, I have discovered a small way to get back at them for wasting my time. For every credit card app that sends me a return envelope with postage pre-paid, I seal up that envelope and mail it back. That way they have to pay the post office $0.42 for every letter of theirs that I have to open.

So there.
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On Wednesday afternoon, I started tai chi with Anne. We're just doing the very basic, slow process of learning each form/stance, but wow. Afterwards my knees are so shaky and I can feel the pull in my leg muscles. I don't remember what the name of the stance is, but Matt calls it the horse stance from his kung fu days. That's the basic, first stance and we hold that position for a long time, plus we assume it before learning any of the other stances. Forms. I dunno what they're called. I'm still learning! Anyway, the coolest part is that we've only done it twice now (we're planning on every Monday and Wednesday), but my knees also already feel more... fluid. I dunno. But they seem to move more smoothly. This will be really good for me! Heck, any exercise would be good for me. Heh.

Thursday evening had me back at Hob's for our supers game, and although it was mostly combat this time, I still had fun. Friday evening I chilled with Matt, played WoW, watched some more Rahxephon. We're about half-way through. We're also watching Samurai Champloo via Netflix, so we're watching Rahxephon between Netflix installments, although next up from Netflix is the conclusion to Generator Gawl.

Saturday morning we got rained out of our SASS event, so I went to the zoo with my sister [livejournal.com profile] annawick and Lex. Yes, in the rain. It was a blast. Annie had Lex all rigged out - rain slicker that fit him just right and knee high rubber boots. And let me tell you, Lex definitely took advantage of his rain gear. He stomped in just about every puddle he saw. It was awesome.

One of the cool things about the rain though was that because it was such a gentle, cool rain, all the animal were out. Especially a lot of the predators. In the Texas critter area, I got to see the bobcat, the cougar, the jaguar, and the coyote all up close and personal.

Heh. The cougar was tracking all the children as they came in, literally licking her lips, so at one point she and I got into a staring contest. Finally, her whiskers twitched, we stared a little more, and then she hissed at me and went to lay down behind a bush where she could watch and not be watched. Heh.

The jaguar was pacing along his fence eyeing the coyote, who totally ignored the jaguar. Heck, the coyote even did a long, lazy stretch and looked right at the jaguar. It made me laugh.

Just as we were heading out, I got a call from Mom, saying she'd meet us at Annie's house, so we headed there. We tried to keep Lex awake so he could get some time with his Granny when we got to Annie's, but at one point when we were literally like three miles away we turned our attention to the road and when we looked back, he was completely passed out and would not wake up. Whoops.

I wasn't able to stay long and visit as I had a dinner appointment that Matt made with friends, so I took off relatively soon after arriving at Annie's house. I hurried back to Lewisville, and then we had dinner with our friends Kevin and [livejournal.com profile] sandrayln in Denton. After dinner the four of us met up with Bob and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys and went to see Fantastic Four, which I enjoyed.

Sunday presented me with my usual mellow morning. I had church in the afternoon, and the lesson I taught was on Matthew 25 (I teach the 16/17 year olds now). Good stuff. After church, I headed up to Sanger and spent some time with Dad on Father's Day. I spent some time with Mom too, of course, but she had errands to run so I sat and chatted with Dad about stuff going on in his life. My parents are awesome.

On a totally unrelated topic, I also recently figured out why it's so hard for me to get started on a sewing project. I hate transferring the pattern and cutting the fabric. The sewing part, I'm cool with. But the prep bores me. I want to wave a wand and poof have prepped fabric for me to just work on. Ah, well. I know it's never going to happen like that. So, now I just need to get to work on my gown. Step 1 transfer the pattern, Step 2 cut the fabric. I can do it! Because after I finish this regency gown, I want to start on something from the 1880s. Well, after I do the cap to go with the regency. Heh. That'll be quick and easy, though.

Ok. Done for now!
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I had a wonderful weekend. The weekend started off with playing Matt's game. It started out a few months ago as a low-fantasy d20 game in a setting that Matt cooked up but we've now fully switched over to GURPS in the Conan setting. Heh. There's a learning curve for all of us since it's been so very long that we've played, but I'm pretty pleased with the system change over all, and we've kept all the important elements of Matt's original setting, too. Oh, and welcome to [livejournal.com profile] kalar who has joined the game, too! ^_^ (PS Even though my character didn't warm up to yours right away, I'm glad you're playing!)

Friday night went into Saturday morning and Matt and I went home about 4am and promptly collapsed. My sister called Saturday morning to inform me of her plans shifting and that she wouldn't be able to make the rest of the day's events. T_T However, we rescheduled our stuff for Sunday afternoon, so all was well.

After [livejournal.com profile] annawick called, we slowly got our engines going so we could head out to Fort Worth for the day's activities. First we went to the Japanese Gardens, where we met up with several others from the DFWCG and wandered around and took pictures. Matt and I were total slackers (plus I forgot about my ninja costume) and didn't dress up, but [livejournal.com profile] jenthompson and Dawni looked fabulous. After feeding the coi and taking pictures, we headed over to the Kimbell Art Museum to check out their Drama and Desire: Japanese Paintings from the Floating World exhibit. Talk about some beautiful paintings! I was going to pick up the exhibit book, but they were sold out. T_T

Matt and I seem to take a long time in exhibits. Ah, well. After finishing up there and saying our goodbyes to the other DFWCG-ers, Matt and I headed over to the Mercado Juarez in Dallas and had some awesome food. Then we went to the Cinemark at Vista Ridge and watched Wild Hogs. Thanks so much for the recommendation, [livejournal.com profile] lance_work! It was a hilarious movie, just like you said it would be, heh.

Sunday was a nice, lazy morning, and then a nice mellow day at church. I had to take the 14 and 15 year old class, too, because the teacher's wife just had a baby, but they're good kids too, so everything went smoothly. After church, my sis and the Lex came over to play. Much, much fun was had. I mean, he was fun before, but now he's almost intelligible. It was cute. We drove up and Annie was already there waiting. I leaned in to get Lex out of his car seat since he was half asleep. His eyes opened up and he looked at me for a sec, groggily trying to figure out who I was. Then this little smile crossed his face and he said, "Jay!" My heart melted. What a cutie! Plus I got to hang out with my sister, which is always a bonus. We watched a dinosaur movie, chased the kid around, and chatted a whole lot.

Then, I went to bed and woke up this morning refreshed. What a great weekend!
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The weekend fun (long-ish)... )

In other news, with more information later, we're going to Thailand this year! Whee! So! If any of my sewing friends can give me specific information on what types (weaves?) of silk fabric that are period correct for for either Victorian or Regency, I would be very, very grateful! :D
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Friday June 23 was Matt's birthday. We went to Les Miserables for his present, and ate at the buffet that is there at the theater. Overpriced, but I ate enough very tasty rare prime rib to make it worth while. The show itself was great. I think the actor who played Jean Valjean was one of the best tenors I have heard. Cozette was a bit shrill for my taste, though. Eponine was in excellent form, as was Javert. I got chills at various moments and was moved to tears during at least one of Jean Valjean's scenes. It was a beautiful evening.

That Saturday, Matt went shooting with some friends, and [livejournal.com profile] finari and I went to the lake and hung out with [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky. I had a wonderful time. I think the highlight of my day was the ride in the boat across the lake at sunset. Of course, the golf cart chase was fun, too. And meeting a lot of the people at the boat club, especially Connie. And chatting with my wonderful girlfriends. And shopping at BecArt. In all, a wonderful, relaxing day.

Monday the 26 had things back to usual. Work during the day, WoW or chores or movies in the evening. Thursday I got together with friends and thoroughly enjoyed myself, as usual.

Friday evening had Matt and I in Dallas at Shakespeare in the Park. We watched The Tempest, which was awesome. I had never seen it before, and the performances were solid. This season they're doing that and a musical version of Midsummer Night's Dream, and early fall at the Addison location they will be doing Much Ado About Nothing. The "Junior players" will be doing The Comedy of Errors at the end of July, so I think I'm going to try to catch that, too.

Saturday we did chores in the morning and hung out at [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys's house and made super hero characters while watching Sky High and The Incredibles. Matt's planning on running a super hero game for the big group. I'm so looking forward to that, as it'll be losely based off our City of Heroes guild on Virtue. Heh. It will be a hoot. He's reserved the AGOT game for our visits up to OKC where our friend Glen is moving this fall for law school.

Sunday was relatively relaxed. Monday I had work in the morning, then lunch with my co-workers, a friend, and Matt, then I took off from work around 3pm and chilled out at the house with my love.

The 4th was full of fun. We got up at 7am to go to the park for a church flag raising ceremony, breakfast, and activities. I got to learn the Virginia Reel, which was a blast. Matt and I really need to go take some dance classes together. I know he would enjoy them, too.

Which reminds me (tangent!), recently, I think last week, I watched an episode of So You Think You Can Dance over at [livejournal.com profile] finari's house and it reminded me that I need to learn the waltz. And a few of the other more historical dances done in the ballroom. I would absolutely love to twirl around a ballroom in a historical gown with Matt in his Coldstream Guard uniform, when it comes in. Of course, I now need to make a ball gown. I'm thinking 1880s... or early Napoleonic...

Back to the 4th.... after the morning's activities, we headed over to Grand Prairie where the family thing was gathering. In spite of the fact that no one RSVP'ed to my mom (she forgot to ask for an RSVP, and since my family is too laid back, no one said anything), she had a decent showing, although I think the total attendance was "only" around 20-ish. Much fun was had. Volley ball, water balloon cannons/sling-thingies in the parking lot, chasing around of the Lex, reading children's books about the Revolution and key patriots, although none of them even mentioned Gen Nathanael Greene!

Heh. While Mom and I were filling up the water balloons in the kitchen, we were keeping an eye on the Lex (who will be two in October) while his mom and pop were playing volley ball. We gave him a water balloon that was only partially filled and he entertained himself with that for quite a while, until finally, while exploring the fascinating texture of the malleable rubber, he squeezed it tight then bit it. It sprung a tiny leak, and he explored by further squeezing the balloon, which of course burst. He was so shocked. Mom and I had a fit of giggles, and promptly gave him another. He played with that one for a while, then he chomped down on it and this one burst in his face. Again, the shock! And of course the giggles, and another passed down to him.

After hanging out with my family, we went to the Wat to pick up Matt's mother and have dinner together. Just before sunset, the sun came out and I saw the absolutely most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. I could see it from end to end, unobstructed, and because the sun was setting, the colors were bright and vibrant against the dark grey clouds behind it. It was breathtaking, and I watched until it faded.

Oh, and I have this evil plan that will unveil itself on Friday. Some of my friends already know, and to them I say: My plan is coming together.... Muahahah! Fear me!

[livejournal.com profile] annawick!

Apr. 18th, 2006 08:35 am
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Annie, I found those pictures of Lex at the Irish Festival with the wolfhounds!! I knew he'd pop up in my perceptions again when faire rolled around. I don't know what the photographer's rules are regarding his work but I'm pretty sure he won't mind links...


I really like this one:


Heh. And you getting kisses:


The photographer is Photography On The Run, and is very well known out at the faire.

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