Mar. 13th, 2014 11:24 am
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I forgot that I have a million people coming tonight to play Dresden. I can probably work on my hat and ribbons during the game, but the dress takes up too much space. Ah well, back to cleaning!

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Edited to add: I made the executive decision to wear stuff I already have for Saturday. That way, tonight while gaming, I can work on the capote/turban for day wear, and my sashes for dinner. I'm not giving up on the new dress, I'd just rather not stress. Heh. Even though the dress is literally 85% done! And, IF I do finish it, I can switch out my evening dresses. ^_^
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Ok, for you my gaming friends. Even if you haven't been keeping up with Order of the Stick, you MUST go read the most recent one!
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Last week was fairly uneventful.

Work, home, work, home. Thursday we had our weekly game, and we've switched over to D&D 4.0 for the time being. Friday was gaming at Paul's and more of the same - D&D 4.0. On Thursdays I'm playing a ranger, and the Friday game I'm playing a cleric.

Saturday we had our first baby class with Siouxsie. Fun, fun!

This week is more of the same, except we have to clean up some more to prepare for our weekend of gaming, since Glen and Jeanette are coming over so we'll actually be playing at our house (Paul's house has too much dog hair and Glen's allergic). It was Glen's birthday, and Matt's is coming up, so this weekend should be fun. Whee!


Apr. 11th, 2008 10:51 am
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My weeknights are pretty much the same, as always. Thursdays we're doing Savage Worlds 50 Fathoms. We've played twice, and so far so good. I'm still out on the system (it has raises and "exploding" dice), but I don't really care about system much. That's what the other gamers are there for. Ok, one of the reasons. ^_~ System is all periferial for me anyway. I'm all about story and setting. Rules? Beh. Just tell me what dice to roll.

Last Saturday, we had planned on cleaning up around our house. However, Matt's mother called late Friday afternoon to get us to help her dump her old couch on Saturday. So we did that instead, then went to check at CCA for maybe a futon or something. There were none there and nothing else that caught her eye, so we had lunch and she went off to do other things. But the morning was over and I got lazy, so nothing really productive got done around the house. /sigh

Tonight we're going to Matt's sister-in-law's house because his brother Audt and Audt's family are in from Thailand (sister-in-law Ning, nephew Art and niece Aim). Should be fun, even though I'm the only one on that side of the family that doesn't at the very least understand Thai, heh. So tonight, a lot of visiting in Thai and I just hope I don't doze off. Oh! I'll have to remember to take the camera....

That also means that any evening plans and all weekend plans are pretty much up in the air while they're here, as we'll want to spend time with them while we've got the chance.
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Lessee.... What have I been up to?

We've been going to Irish classes pretty much every Saturday afternoon. Matt makes it to them more often than I do. It's interesting what I remember and what I've forgotten. It's been like six years since I tried to speak it, but it's still a fascinating language. More a part of Matt's roots than my own; although I think I may have some Ulster-Irish in me, I'm primarily (of the British Isles) Welsh and English, with a dash of Scot and Irish. Heh. That said, Gaelic is a really beautiful language, even when spoken with a Texan accent. Hehe.

Oh, and everyone needs to go to Matt's LJ and watch the "Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom" video. It is to LAUGH.

The weekend of the 9th, we went over to Scott & Yvonne's for the Star Wars game. We got a late start, but I am enjoying it quite a bit.

Then last weekend I went to the Antique Elegance show. I wore the pink regency, which looks mostly ok - I'm not totally thrilled with the bodice. I think on the next one I'm *not* going to line it. The directions didn't call for lining, but the fabric was sheer so I did. However, it made for some unneccessary bulk in the gathered areas. Also, I think I'm going to add an extra panel to the back for some more fullness. Mostly because I love, love the fullness in the back of those regency gowns. I didn't get a hat done, and my hair was just pulled back in a bun, but I did have my awesome wool shawl that I got off eBay. I really need to learn how to do hats and historical hair....

Anyway, the show was fun - I made it there bright and early for the Mourning Clothes fashion show, which was awesome. Several of the people from the DFWCG made it and I wandered around with them. Was a lot of fun, as usual! I left at noon-ish since I was already fighting the plague and wanted to get some rest.

Work's going well. I'm not quite "that girl" yet as there is still stuff to learn and no one to teach me, but I'm well on my way. I'm considered quite the Excel whiz (amusing, heh!), and an expert on this and that, but I'm still aware of my short-comings. Next week is jeans week for our office, though, in honor of one of our programs - National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. The theme cooked up was "Be Comfortable In Your Genes." My counselors seem to be very fond of the puns. I love puns, too, heh. Anyway, we'll be accepting donations of jeans to take to a local charity. There will also be this big thing comparing modern concepts of beauty to beauty of say only 50 years ago (think modern skeleton vs Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren), and workshops and such. One problem is that I think I only have like one pair of jeans. Heh.

Most of this past week has been spent with very early evenings (usually 9PM!), since Matt got the plague and I didn't want to catch it from him. I've been getting LOTS of sleep, drinking tons of water and taking my vitamins, and for the most part I've thankfully avoided the worst of it, although I have gotten a bit of cold-type symptoms. I'll really be glad when Spring finally gets here and this warm/cold weather is done. We haven't had a single hard freeze this year, though, which makes for a bit of difficulty come spring when all the evil bugs come out....

Tonight we're heading over to our friend's house to make Werewolf characters for an alts game while [ profile] de_nova and [ profile] devineoraclefy have to work. :-/ They said they can't come back to play until like May or so. Booo! Anyway, we'll be in the same setting, just playing from a different angle than our original pack (which will be resumed as soon as de nova and devineoraclefy can play!). Should be fun, and I haven't seen [ profile] kalar or [ profile] narkeys in too long.

Tomorrow is 4th Saturday, so off to Rob's I go for some more gaming with the sibs. Should be fun! Hey, [ profile] annawick, if you want to come along, you're welcome. We'll be leaving our house around 11 AM-ish, I think.... Hm. I need to clean out my car.

Ok, back to "work." Yeah, it's Friday. Hooray!
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Thursday's game on the 31st got canceled due to the Lost season premier. I think everyone watches it except me and Matt, heh. Ah, well. The game is going really well, and I am managing to stay up to date on my wiki notes. Yay! I've also been working heavily on the wiki for the Werewolf game, although that one has been indefinitely postponed due to two members' scheduling conflicts. T_T I do need to work on the Star Wars stuff and the GURPS stuff, since both of those games have been revived. Whee!

Last weekend (Feb 2) Matt and I went to Irish classes. Four of our friends showed up, too! Matt's working on the organizational stuff for the next Irish immersion weekend. Very, very preliminary. I think it'll likely be in the fall. I am so looking forward to it! The classes are always very engaging, and then of course there's a cieli on Saturday night! Hooray for Irish/Celtic folk dancing!! We'll also be manning the Gaelic League booth at the Irish Festival that's coming up Feb 29 through March 2.

The Antique Elegance show is just over a week away. I need to decide what to wear. Should I finish the pink regency, or tweak the silver 1878? Regency doesn't seem to fit there, though, so I'm unsure.

Wow. A short update. That's because I posted on the 1st and it's only the 6th, heh. But there you have it!
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Wednesday of last week, Matt and I went to the FC Dallas vs. New England Revolution game. We left our house at 6pm and it made all the difference. We got there at around 6:30, maybe 6:40, and the traffic was way lighter. The previous game we attended, we left our house at 6:15 and it took us a full hour to get there, so we missed a little bit of that first game. Yuck! Anyway, FC Dallas lost. T_T Even so, I had a lot of fun!

Thursday had me over at my friends' house gaming. Our Serenity game is going well, even though this last game was a classic "If it can go wrong it will!" The group had to make a deal with Niska. Then we found multiple (like 4 or so) bombs on the ship. Then we passed Reavers, who sent an exploratory shuttle. Then some of the bombs we missed blew up. Then the main Reaver ship came towards us so we had to limpingly jump without navigation, as that was one of the things that was damaged by the bombs we missed. Oh, and due to the previous complications, we'll likely be late for our rendezvous with Niska's man, so we'll be in big trouble there. So our next episode starts with us trying to get our nav system back on line and high tail it to the rendezvous. Heh. It was a blast. ^_^

Friday afternoon, I got an IM from Matt, who let me know that the annual Lewisville Lebanese food festival was going on this weekend. So, after work we headed over there and filled up on super-yummy Lebanese food. Mmmm.

The weekend was pretty tiring. We got up early and headed out to the farm so we could do some chores for Matt's mom. This time around, we worked on her greenhouse, so I got to climb ladders and such. We've committed every first Saturday to her for chores. Whee! But it's needed - she's in her sixties living in the boonies. Plus I do enjoy the drive (it's about 75 miles to the farm), as it's a nice, relaxing time chatting with the husband. Oh, and she gave me a basil plant that I'm going to have to try to keep alive. Which will be an interesting experiment. Heh.

I started on a Truly Victorian 1878 natural form bodice (TV420). I was thinking of doing the evening neckline but decided to stick with the collared one for the first time around. I've got this lovely light gray fabric that will make a beautiful outfit. I've also got a dark, dark gray that I am eventually going to use to do the trim and such so I can mix and match between the two, but for starters, it's all the light gray. I'm hoping to finish the bodice tonight so I can start working on the skirt and over-skirt. The goal is to have it done before the upcoming weekend.... We'll see how it goes!

Heh. This past weekend while I was sewing, I watched all the episodes of Firefly plus the movie Serenity. I think I should maybe watch something else tonight, but.... Well, Firefly is just that good. Maybe I'll watch it all again....
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Thu 9/6: The Thursday group started up a Serenity game, which will be loads of fun, as usual. The premise is that we're carnies, heh. So there's a built in reason for travelling the 'Verse. My character concept: Carnival fortune-teller. Sometimes the fortunes are eerily accurate. Other times, she keeps the truth to herself. Her secret? She's a natural psi-talent and experiences visions of the future, never predictable, in vague flashes at times and with gut-wrenching graphic accuracy at others. Fun, fun!

Fri 9/7: Friday morning, work as always. After work, we headed out to the farm, as we had chores to do for Matt's mother. We took the hound and he had a blast running around off-lead in the one acre (or bigger?) yard. It was fun to watch him come to the realization that he was off-lead. Zoom!! We went to bed early. ZzzZZzz...

Sat 9/8: Saturday morning we woke up early, early so we could get started on the chores before the heat. While Matt fixed the lawn mower, I did some work on her roof. Then while I mowed the lawn, Matt did some work on her roof, too.

We headed out at 11am to go to DFWCG hat making class. I learned a lot, because I'm a total n00b at hats. There was such a good attendance! I do hope we recruited some more people! ^_^ After the class, we headed to Justin for Matt's Star Wars game. We wrapped up a story line and paved the way for an intro for my new character (and Yvonne's, too). Yay!

Sun 9/9: Sunday morning I got up and prepped the lesson. It was on Gifts of the Spirit and Charity. Those are some of my favorite chapters in the New Testament. After church, my mom and I went to visit my granddad. Grandpa was in the hospital after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke in August. Unfortunately, he wasn't very responsive - he has no feeling on the right side of his body and was verbally incoherent. :( We chatted at him and I told him I love him. It was sad to see him there after all his liveliness and orneriness. However, I did get some real quality time with my mother on the drive.

After visiting Grandpa we went to visit [ profile] annawick. Seeing my sister is always good, and both my mom and I needed the cathartic medicine of happiness that a perpetually cheerful three-year-old can bring. Lex is good for the soul.

Mon 9/10: Monday morning had me back at work (yes, there's a pattern there). I'm still doing tai chi on Mondays and Wednesdays with Anne. I'm pretty proud of us. I also have a new goal for cleaning and hopefully I'll stick to it. After chores, I played some WoW and then Matt and I stayed up until all hours of the night talking about the philosophical differences between Epicureans and Stoics.

I'm definitely a Stoic, heh. Especially after a little research and locating of some quotes:


"Man is disturbed not by things, but by the views he takes of them."

"If, therefore, any be unhappy, let him remember that he is unhappy by reason of himself alone."

Marcus Aurelius:

"Get rid of the judgement, get rid of the 'I am hurt,' you are rid of the hurt itself."

Tue 9/11 and Wed 9/12: Tuesday, work and my weekly lunch with efkelley. The evening, chores and WoW. Wednesday much the same, with a break for tai chi with Anne.
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Not a lot is happening with me, aside from the craziness at work. Gearing up for GenCon is always pure chaos, and I'm really starting to feel it. Whee!

Lessee. Thursday games are going great. Two weeks ago (7/27) the team of intrepid youth battled an 80 foot tall robot. Last week (8/2), they saved a boy from anti-meta assassins (the term we're using in our game for supers is meta-human).

Fri 7/28: Werewolf. I am loving that game, even though we're just in the beginning stages and not even a pack yet. The two cubs just completed their Rites of Passage. The rest of us started out Cliath. The participation is really incredible. I'm not the only one taking notes, and the updates on the wiki are just a blast to read, and almost as fun to write. Next installment, this Friday. Hooray!

Sat 7/29: We went shooting in the morning with several friends at the range on 1171 and I35W. I'm no good with a pistol. I think part of that is my eye prescription hasn't been renewed in like three years plus I have a slight astigmatism. And my hands shake. But for some reason I'm not quite so bad with a rifle. I probably simply need more practice....

(more) Sat 7/29: Anyway, we finished up around noon, went home and cleaned up, and headed out to Anna to hang out with my oldest brother Rob, and younger brothers Chris and Aaron. Rob ran his GURPS game for us and much silliness ensued. We also played a card game called "Once Upon A Time," which merely continued the insanity. I believe much fun was had by all. This theoretically is going to be our every 4th Saturday hang-out. I hope it continues!

This past weekend Matt and I watched the Bourne Ultimatum with some friends. Aside from the shaky-cam (which really bothered Matt but not me so much), I thought it was a really fun flick. After the film, we headed over to some other friends' house for dinner and an evening of hanging out. They invited several other people, most of whom I knew through various avenues such as the old days of the Cam, WoW, etc. It was a Harry Potter themed evening so I went in my Hufflepuff gear, and Matt in his Griffindor stuff.

I really need a pocket for my wand in that robe. Hey, [ profile] annawick, do you have any more of that mustard cotton left? Like a 12 inch by 4 inch scrap or so?

I'm planning on cutting out some fabric for two projects to work on while on the road or quiet hotel room time at the con. One will be an 1800 cap from the Kannik's Korner pattern (view a). Easy, easy. Then I think I'll cut out a dress from's Lady's Closet. Probably this one. Both of those I can do by hand while in the car the 18 hours to Indy, plus 18 hours back. If I'm not reading, sleeping or driving....

The shop, as I mentioned, is chaos. It will only get worse this week. So if I pull my hair out in mass quantities, someone loan me a wig, please.
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So I've been remiss in updating! I don't feel bad though since not much happened (as you'll see by the very short entry) and hardly anyone else updates weekly either. ^_~

Anyway, mostly things go as usual, interrupted by cool stuff on the weekends. Lessee. On Friday Aug 13 and Sat Aug 14, I babysat the Lex. Much fun was had by both of us, I hope! I had a blast chasing him around, playing on the computer (really just him pushing buttons), etc. We took a long walk, too. Fun fun!

Last Thurs we did a one-shot installment run by [ profile] winterwolf_tx which was a blast. It's our Hero High game, and we did a very comic-booky venture into a very bleak future, then to the past to save our regular time line. I do believe much fun was had by all.

This past weekend I went to a midnight Harry Potter book release with Matt, my sister, and [ profile] arioch1970. Me, Annie & Matt all dressed up, and the weather was very accommodating at a nice 85 degrees (29.4 C). My sister's costume the most complete of the three of us. She did a generic Hufflepuff student, complete with tie, sweater and awesome robes that she made. Matt was a generic Griffindor with tie and sweater. I was a generic witch and just wore my vintage 1920s black crepe dress, a witch hat, some yellow and black striped stockings (Yay, Hufflepuff), and my pseudo-Victorian boots that I bought from an equestrian supply place.

We hooked up with one of our DFWCG friends (shameless plug for the site - Matt just updated it and it looks awesome). She did Professor Trelawney and her costume was perfect, and she deservedly won first place which earned her first in line and a free book. Awesome!

And here we are in our geekiness....

And that catches us up to the present. Tomorrow, Hero High game. Friday, Matt's game. Saturday, shooting in the morning then more gaming at my older brother's house. Whee!
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So, I skipped the Thursday game as Matt really, really wanted to see Transformers. And wow. That movie rocked. I never really watched much of the cartoon, but the movie was really fun and engaging.

Friday's game went really well, even though I was mostly an observer. We convinced Matt to run a Werewolf the Apocalypse game. Fun, fun! [ profile] kalar and [ profile] devineoraclefy are both entirely new to Werewolf, so Matt ran them through their first change and the experience of discovering a whole new world. He did the set up really well and it was really fun watching them role-play their characters discoveries as they themselves discovered the game. I think this time we really picked character concepts that will blend well together. Of course, it doesn't hurt that out of six of us, four are Fianna. Heh. Anyway, we've got:

Homid Child of Gaia Ahron = Bob
Lupus Fianna Ahroun = Paul
Homid Fianna Galliard = Dave
Homid Fianna Philodox = me
Homid Uktena Theurge = Austin
Homid Fianna Ragabash = Shana

My concept for this game is an old one for me, one I've been wanting to play for quite some time. I remember the "breakthrough" feeling I had when I conceived it. I'm really excited about this game!

Saturday I went to the Star Wars Exhibit at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. It was awesome, and I totally enjoyed myself. My family is so cool! Ok, we're actually quite nerdy, but I think they're a lot of fun, so it's all good anyway. First we watched the special effects movie at the Omni (I so want to see Harry Potter there too!), then went through the exhibit.

The exhibit itself was really neat. They had a lot of what-ifs and look-where-where-science-is-now kind of stuff that was really interesting, plus a lot of little activities, like building your own miniature robot, steering a robot, sitting in an air-propulsion type car thing... All kinds of neat stuff! I could have spent more time there, but teh Lex was so tired poor thing. Then when we broke for lunch, I sat too long and was ready to head home myself. Of course, I think had I gotten a full night's rest (instead of going to bed at 3am and getting up at 7:30am...), I would have had a lot more energy for the exhibit. Maybe I should go back, and be rested this time...

After the exhibit, we went home and took a "nap" and threw off our sleep schedule. Luckily Sundays are very low energy so we were able to balance ourselves out by Monday morning.

Only to throw it all off again last night! Because, of course, Matt and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter with Bob, Chip, and Paul. So here I am again, having gone to sleep around 3:30am and getting up at 7:30am. Whee! I'll just say that if you've read the book you will notice things that were left out (of necessity due to time). If you haven't read the book but seen all the other movies, you'll probably enjoy it quite a bit. Maybe. I enjoyed it anyway!

Lunch today with Annie, the Lex and Eric was good. I'm still tired, though.


And yet I still adore going to opening midnight showings. It was worth it! ^_^
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So, I'm still doing tai chi with Anne. This will make our third week. I'm getting a little more co-ordinated in the movements and making less mistakes. Which is saying a lot for a clutz like me. Heh. Here's to hoping we keep it up!

On Wednesday (last week) I was finally able to straighten up my hobby room. I had previously bought several sets of new shelves and so I swapped out my short book shelves and put in some that were much taller and got all my fabric up off the floor and various piles and onto the shelves. Whee! Now I need to vaccuum because the floor is literally covered with strings and such from the edges of the fabric. Heh. Anyway, it's clean now so I can set up the new sewing machine and give it a test!

Thursday's game is going well - lots of in-game drama. ^_^ Friday we rolled up new characters for our bi-monthly game. GURPS Conan was going well but we convinced Matt that he wanted to run a Werewolf game for us instead. Fun, fun!

Saturday was Matt's birthday. His warantee expired. But we had fun anyway - we got up, played some WoW, and then went out for some sushi. Mmm. Sushi! Sunday was mellow, Monday and Tuesday were, well, normal.

We finished up Generator Gawl and RahXephon. Both very interesting anime. We're still watching Samurai Champloo (which is very fun!) and between disks of Samurai Champloo, we've started Witch Hunter Robin. Matt's never seen it before, but he knows I love it. Whee! Anime!

Oh, yeah. Matt found some Japanese TV series about the Shinsengumi called, predictably, Shinsengumi!. ^_^ I've only seen one episode, but it was awesome. I am really looking forward to seeing more! Plus, I have a handful of American and British (a foreign one, too) DVDs more fantasy oriented that friends loaned me that are all surreal and fantastical. They said "Think Changeling!" Lots of movies on my "to watch" plate. Yay, movies!

That's it. Back to work!
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Last week progressed as normal with only one hiccup at work that was smoothed over. The Thursday game is going great but Friday's game was cancelled.

Saturday started with a bang, though. I rolled out of bed nice and late (like 10am) and headed over to Hancock's to watch a sewing machine demo to see if I wanted one. Well, I did. The price was right, and with Matt sewing now, we needed two machines - especially since we both always want to sew at the same time. So we picked up a Singer CG500. There were two other commercial grade models but we decided on the base one. Here's to hoping it lasts us a long, long time!

After Hancock's, I headed into Dallas for the DFWCG class - we had a really neat class on bobbin lace making. It was fascinating. Heh. When I first heard about the class subject, I was like "Meh, I'll go, but it isn't something I'm really interested in." Even when I got there, I was still pretty neutral. Then she had us sit down and actually do some very basic stitches (or whatever they're called), and I was fascinated. She recommended a book, which I think I'm going to get. I'm not sure when I'll actually start making my own lace, but the class was totally worth my time. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After the class, Matt and I headed to Justin for our Star Wars game, which imploded with the three character deaths of the Jedi. Sheesh.

Big time gamer geek stuff here... )

Sunday was mellow, etc, exactly like I like them, and today back to work. Whee!
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Thursday was great fun. [ profile] arioch1970 is running a very good game so far! I'm really enjoying the flow of the game and just over all feel of it. My character is developing quite well and I'm really enjoying the dynamic between the characters, and as always the company is excellent.

Friday was pretty mellow. Matt and I played around on City of Heroes, since they did a "free through Sunday" promotion and we wanted to check out some of the new features. I don't see us going back, but I have always loved the character creator for that game. Heh.

Saturday started out very early with Matt getting up and being in Carrollton by 5am to do some volunteer work. He came back and I woke up while he and a friend were chopping branches from the evil tree that has been scraping the roof of our house. There are still a lot of things that need to be done in our yard, but this rainy season has made yard work pretty difficult. Anyway, after we finished up the yard work, we drove around for some other chores and such, then went and visited friends, then went home and collapsed.

Sunday morning was calm, as it usually is, and after church we headed out to the farm to make sure it was intact after this most recent circuit of storms. It was fine. ^_^

Plus, thanks to [ profile] jenthompson's friend [ profile] dragonfly_sidhe, I have had the movie Stardust brought to my attention. Now that looks like a really cool movie! I definitely must see it this August. Whee!

I've also been working on my first 'corset' ever. I'm making a set of Regency stays from the pattern. I don't know how historically accurate the pattern is, but it's a good start for me, I think. I've been doing the whole thing by hand (so far). I think it's really helped me understand how the construction goes together, so I don't think I'm insane. :P Plus, I enjoy hand sewing, at least while watching movies and such. I was also able to put together pieces of it while we were in Thailand, where a machine wasn't available. Heh. I only have one more layer to do (it's three layers), and then figure out how to put the bones in. I'm a bit intimidated by that step, since I don't really have a solid grasp of how it works. All the other things I've made have been very, very simple constructions, but this is a good foray into more complex clothes. Ah, well. We'll see. It'll be an adventure!
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I had a very full weekend, heh.

Thursday night, Matt had gone to the grocery store and stayed up until who knows how late making Irish stew made from beef, onion, carrots and lots of potatoes. He put carrots in it for color or else it cooks to an unappealing grey.

Friday night after work, Matt and I did more irish cooking. I made some soda bread, which was incredibly easy since I just dropped the ingredients in the Kitchen Aid and watched. Heh. Then I helped Matt with the potatoes for colcannon (mash taters with cabbage, onion and garlic). Yum! We also watched Waking Ned Divine since our War of the Buttons is only on VHS and our VCR is long, long since dead. We definitely need to get it switched to DVD. War of the Buttons is greatness.

After we ate, we adjourned to the sewing room and Matt made a haversack while I laid around and watched several episodes of Firefly to get me into the mood for shooting the following morning. Every time I watch it, I am reminded of how much I love all of those characters. Every one of them has some quality that draws me. Joss Whedon really has a way with character development and dialog.

Saturday morning we got up and headed down to Cleburne. I think we'll take 121 to 35W next time, as 35E to 67 seemed to take longer. Anyway, we got to Cleburne, signed up on a posse and did a lot of shooting. A real nice gentleman whose handle is Eli let us tag along with him and use his gun cart. We shot six stages (if you want more info, Matt wrote about it, too). One of my favorite things was the silly line you say before each stage. They all had something to do with Irish stuff, in honor of St Paddy's day. I don't even remember them all but they made me laugh. I had a lot of fun, even though the rifle bit my index finger real hard on the first stage and made me bleed, heh. Oh, yeah. I won second place in the Ladies' Traditional category. It doesn't mean all that much, though, since there were only the two of us. :P

After shooting, we drove home, showered and then headed out again to go to the shop to play some D&D. Well, there was one delay from leaving our home.

Taltos had been in his kennel the whole time we were gone (7am to about 4pm), so I let him outside as soon as we got home. First he went to the bathroom, and then he ran some crazy fast and energetic laps around the back yard. He came back to the door all breathless and happy. I let him in and headed to the living room to leash him so we could go. As soon as he saw the leash, he started doing his happy dance, when in the middle of the second or third bounce he bent down to investigate his paw. Distracted, I looked down, too.

And saw a stick between his dew claw and foot.

So I bent down to really investigate, and realized that it wasn't stuck between his toe and foot so much as puncturing the skin between the dew claw and foot. Eep! Turned out that it wasn't a stick - was a root, and it was a good two and a half inches long and a quarter inch in diameter! I called Matt to come help me, since I knew removing it would hurt the poor hound, but it needed to be done.

We coaxed him to lay down, which of course he did. While Matt held him down and was stroking him, I pulled the stick out and cleaned the puncture wound thoroughly. Taltos whimpered when I pulled the stick out, but other than his panting and accelerated heart rate, he acted like nothing was happening. Greyhounds really are excellent animals. I've cleaned the wound and bandaged it every morning and evening and it looks and smells clean, and the hole has already closed. I think he'll be ok, but I'll be taking him to the vet to double check.

Taltos just acts like the bandage is an irritant, but it hasn't slowed him down any. I watched him do his laps yesterday afternoon and he wasn't slowed down by it at all. Crazy hound.

So after that adventure, we finally got to the shop and played some D&D. I had fun at the game, but I'm with Matt on this one - no more games on Saturdays when we go shooting. We were too hurried, and worn out. Not to mention too much driving.

Sunday was much more mellow. Church, relaxing, then an early night.

In all, a good weekend, in spite of the craziness. ^_^
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Friday night was spent with [ profile] de_nova, [ profile] divineoraclefy, [ profile] narkeys and of course the husband and we played D&D til all hours of the night. Much silliness ensued with tangents galore. I think we probably got an hour's worth of actual gaming in, although de_nova's character was busy alchemizing for us, so poor de_nova was out of even that little bit of action.

Saturday morning I spent over at [ profile] elizagoth's place. She fed me a wonderful breakfast burrito (she's such a good cook that eating over at her place is always a pleasure) and we spent a good part of the morning in her back yard visiting and basking in the sunlight. If my skin weren't so fair, I'd sit in the sun all the time!

Saturday evening was spent over at our friends the Stamm's place and we played a whacky-fun game of Star Wars. I also got to meet their twin daughters again. Much cuter now since they're like five months old and smiling and making cute baby noises. Our friend [ profile] lance_work is staying over while looking for a summer intern job, so he accompanied us to the game and played his techie character, contributing quite a bit to the game. Heh.

And now for the geeky gamer talk... )

And as soon as lunch is over, back to work.
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Whee! I updated my notes on the New Gotham page of the gaming wiki. I also updated the Supernatural NPC page some.

Guido is SO cute! ^_~

I had a LOT of fun this weekend and will do a weekend update tomorrow. ^_^

Edit: Oh yeah. If you think of anything to add to the NPC pages that I forgot, etc, feel free to do so!

Update, etc

Jun. 7th, 2006 01:10 pm
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It's been like three weeks since my last update and I was going to lock this because it's so boring, but then just decided to not. Beh. There weren't a lot of changes, so I just didn't post. Life is good. Faire season is over, so my Saturdays will be open again for other social-type things, as well as hobbies and chores, etc. Heh.

With A-Kon looming, I have my friend Shaun over for his annual visit. I picked him up on Friday after a comedy of errors with us missing each other like some Chaplin movie. After a quick very late lunch, we went out to McKinney and picked up a fridge, then a late dinner at IHOP. I need to remember to stick to breakfasts there. The fish and chips were very, very "meh."

Saturday was great. Matt and I went to a dealership to look at a truck for his mother, after which we went to Glen & Jeanette's house for a surprise birthday game for Glen. We finally concluded our Phlan game fighting a 400+ year old demon-possessed bronze dragon, which Shaun played. It was quite the finale! Since my little sorcerer couldn't land a spell on the critter to save her life, she stopped time and buffed the party a lot. And go go creative use of Forcecage! So, next up for Matt will be AGOT. I'm really looking forward to that.

So far, the anime I've watched while Shaun has been here: Deeper Samurai Kyo, Ghost in the Shell (which I'd never seen before and really enjoyed), and Peace Maker. And still, my all time favorite is Rurouni Kenshin. Next up, more Ghost in the Shell, and um... I forget the name of the other one.

The social game has been postponed, and postponed again. I'm not especially sad about it, although as always once there I have fun. I have four other games aside from the social one that are always waiting to be scheduled, with people I know better. Two D&D games, my Thursday group (which I've missed like three weeks in a row! :-/ I'll be back next week for sure, though!), and Warhammer RPG. Soon one of the D&D games will go away when the DM moves to go to law school, which is sad but it'll be nice to be down to three games, I think.

In WoW, things are moving along nicely in our cobbled-together group. We're in our early 40s and moving forward. Kevin wants to check out the Horde side, too, so maybe one night a week we'll try that out. Matt rolled a tauren warrior named Charro, and I ran a lil orc shaman out to do all our newbie quests together. It's neat seeing everything with new eyes. I have too many level 30 to 45 Alliance alts, heh.

So, yeah. As usual, nothing odd or exciting to report. Although having a functioning full size refrigerator is awesome. Heh. Thanks, [ profile] fuzake!


Nov. 10th, 2005 01:17 pm
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Thursday I hung out with friends, then Friday evening I went to the lake for a slumber party and the girls' game. We left Denton around 7pm after a quick stop at the grocery store for supplies. I spent a wonderful hour and a half chatting with Anne and [ profile] finari on our drive.

We arrived at the lake around 9pm. [ profile] tempest_sky and [ profile] lolafae were already out and about, but Tim saw us drive up and had us hop on his golf cart. He scooted us over to a field and we got to see several deer just barely beyond the headlights of his cart. Then we went to the point where the others were and spent some time star gazing. [ profile] finari saw the Milky Way Galaxy for the first time. She also saw like six falling stars. After that, we went back to the house, watched Van Helsing and fell asleep.

Saturday morning we woke up, showered, and had breakfast. Then we had our game.

Gamer geek stuff now... It was 100% combat this time, which was tolerable after about nine (or ten?) games of pure role-play. ^_~ [ profile] finari's character first changed (whee!), [ profile] tempest_sky's character awoke, and my character, after finally losing the desperate hold on her own sanity, first changed, too. [ profile] lolafae's character awoke last game, so she was already aware that things were not all as they seemed.

I think Lola is an Akanthus mage, and Tempest is a Thyrsus. Anne had an awesome idea for having them choose their Path. Anne chose one card to represent each Path and one card to represent each Arcana, and of course grouped the cards in threes, each Path and its two Arcana. Then, with out telling them any of this, she had the two of them chose the set that they felt represented their character the best. It worked out pretty well. ^_^

Finari and I both are Hunters in Darkness New Moons. Irakka? Heh. I still need to learn all the silly new terms for these old concepts. Although Anne already told us not to put too much stock into the fluff, so I think I'll just skip all that. This should be interesting... Finari's character is more of the sneaky type, and my character is more of the fighting type. It'll be interesting to see what different niches we work out for ourselves.

It works, though. I'm glad this new setting is more lenient on the mixing of the genres...

We played for about three hours, then had lunch and went into Denison to do some shopping at a little herbal shop. I picked up some henna, some crushed walnut shells, a pair of hair sticks, and some bergamot candles. Mmm.

When we finished in Denison, we went back to Tempest's place and put our characters on their new sheets. Whee! Then we went back out to the point to turtle-watch and catch the gorgeous sunset. After the sunset, we went back to the house and played with fire and roasted marshmallows. We left around 9pm to head back to civilization. It's so nice out at that lake.

Sunday morning's lesson was about music, so I brought my clarinet and played name that tune with the three-year-olds, who thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm very lucky they're not critics because I am badly out of practice, heh. Then I let them play around with Matt's chanter, which is virtually indestructible. They enjoyed that, too. We went to my parents' house around 1pm. [ profile] annawick and the Lex were already there, so we lounged around and played with the munchkin. Rob, Sioux, and Kyr showed up around 7pm, so we hung around for another hour or two. Kyr is getting so BIG. I can't believe she's nine already.

Also, Mom and Dad picked up a camper trailer, one of those pop-up tent dealies, which I thought was very cool. It'll be better for Dad, too, since camp set up will be way easier, and they love camping. Of course, we never camped in such luxury as kids, but I know they'll really enjoy it.

Monday evening after work, I just had a very chilled out, mellow evening.

Tuesday evening we had dinner at Buco di Beppo with my mother-in-law, our sister-in-law, Jessie, and the monkeys, plus their friend Max. Matt taught the monkeys the meaning of "selling your best friend down the river," so as to properly embarrass a friend in front of their family, where as I hurriedly explained the meaning of "Too Much Information!!" Those boys are so silly. ^_~ After dinner we adjourned to Audt's house, where I was soundly defeated at chess by a nine-year-old, in like six moves. Heh. I wasn't surprised, though. Danny is one very sharp kid.

Last night, I relaxed and watched several episodes of Firefly. I love that show. I can't wait until Serenity comes out on DVD!

Matt's taking his mom to the airport today, where she's heading back to Bangkok for a few months. We'll be out to the farm to do some winter maintenance, and perhaps start going out there for some shooting now that she's gone... She doesn't really like guns, so while she's home it's a little more difficult. Plus she always has a to-do list when we go out there. ^_~

Also, we're getting a new toilet. Our water bill doubled this past month. Ugh. The one we've got is 30 years old and the water runs through it all the time. Matt's going by Lowes to pick us out a new one and then we'll have it installed. Once that's done, we'll eventually have to look at getting our air conditioner's condenser fixed, since it leaks, too. Luckily it's over the tub so it just leaks straight down the drain, although it's stained the tub. /sigh. Ah, the joys of home ownership!

Work is going well. We're starting to gear up for the holidays, and the huge influx of orders that comes with it. We got a small taste this week of what is to come. It's going to mean overtime for the hourlies, and longer hours for the salaried. This is when pay-back for being salary comes into play, heh. We have an awesome production crew, some real quality employees, so I am confident that things will go smoothly, if a bit hectic.

Now I need to start working on Christmas stuff. List time!

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