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Yesterday was Thanksgiving, of course, so the family got together at Mom & Dad's. At one point or another, Lex's dad, Dave, told us that Lex could burp his alphabet. Neither parent would take the credit for teaching him how to do this. Finally, everyone point blank asked Lex where he learned it.

"Fwom the talking squirrel!" he said.

I figured it out based on a trailer I had seen a while back: the talking squirrel from Over the Hedge!

That's gwanpop's movie, so I guess it's my dad's (Lex's grandfather) fault. Heh.

On a totally unrelated note:

Every month I go through the mail. I get about six to ten applications for credit cards that I have to open and sort through. Well, in my own petty way, I have discovered a small way to get back at them for wasting my time. For every credit card app that sends me a return envelope with postage pre-paid, I seal up that envelope and mail it back. That way they have to pay the post office $0.42 for every letter of theirs that I have to open.

So there.
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This is primarily for Denise, but also for anyone else who needs a home phone line and doesn't want to pay the phone company, there's Skype. You can get a monthly subscription at $3/month and call anywhere in the USA. Or if you want to makeunlimited world-wide calls, it's $10/month.

To get an online number so that people can call you, it's $60 per year so basically an extra $5 per month. With the online number, it works just like a phone number for anyone trying to call you.
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Look! A picture post! )
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Edited to add the photos from my Aug 19th entry so that the review is complete. ~Jay

So, I mentioned a website for glasses last week, in which I stated I ordered two pairs of glasses. They came yesterday. The prescription is spot on, and I was pretty sure it would be. Be sure you have your complete prescription and read the site's directions before ordering. There is a very helpful little clickable question mark next to each part of the options on the order that explains what that part of your glasses prescription is, so they really made the site helpful in that sense.

I purchased a black framed Eight Dollar pair and a silver & black framed $26 pair that came with magnetic clip-on shades. My total was like $39 for two pair of prescription glasses, including shipping.

So, the review. They came shipped in a bubble-wrap envelope, but both pairs of glasses were stored in a clear, hard plastic glasses case and wrapped with a soft, gray chamois cloth with the Zenni Optical text on it. They seemed secure and were undamaged.

The eight dollar pair is nice. The plastic frame is a little creaky around the hinge if you wiggle it against the bend, and I don't imagine there's a lot of flex there. But they were Eight Dollars. I've paid more for non-prescription sun glasses from Wal-Mart that I lost or broke within a year of purchasing them. The fit is comfortable, and to say that I'm pleased with them is an understatement. They're very collegiate. Or beatnik. What ever. I love them. I feel like Diana Prince (with smaller frames, though, heh). Or Clark Kent. Neat!

The $26 pair is very nice, too. The primary down side of ordering frames online is that one can't be sure what the glasses will look like on, so the silver frames will take some getting used to (I've always worn dark frames). I do like them, though!

I've got four pictures of the $26 glasses. The first picture is without the clip-on shades:

With the clip-on shades:

The clip-on shades are on the flimsy side - the "glass" is a very fragile plastic. So if you're rough on your glasses, you'd probably be better off just buying two eight dollar pairs and opting to have the lenses tinted for $4.95 extra. They seem to have several different colors of tint in several different strengths (10%, 50% and 80%). I haven't tried this option yet so I can't really say much about it.

Front view of just the shades:

Side view to show how fragile they are (but remember, they were very, very inexpensive!! $26 for prescription glasses w/ shades!!):

I think if I order any more pairs of glasses with clip-on shades, I'll order an extra set of clip-ons so I can leave one set in each car. Or I'll just pick up a pair of $8 glasses and pay the extra $5 to get 'em tinted.
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So, thanks to the blog of the wife of one of my co-workers from my old job, I found out about a very, very inexpensive site to get glasses called Zenni Optical. Like, the cheapest pair you can buy off the site, for a full pair of glasses (lenses, frames, etc), is $8.


All you need is a copy of your prescription - the whole thing, not just the diopter thingy but the number for the distance between your two pupils. I happened to have my prescription in my wallet, so I went ahead and ordered a pair just to see what happens. I actually ordered two pair of glasses. I mean, really, eight dollars?! Obviously there's a shipping cost, but it's only like an additional $5 with no limit to the number of pairs of glasses you order.

Is there a catch? I'm not sure. I don't think so - my friend orders her glasses there. I'll let yall know when I get the glasses in about two weeks.

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