Apr. 10th, 2006 01:15 pm
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Lessee. It's been a bit since my last update. I had most of this scribbled out on Friday's lunch, but now it's turned into the week and a half update. Heh.

So... another very long, rambling update...

Friday March 31 was good. I spent the morning hanging out at the house with the Verizon Fios guy. Well, I spent it cruising the internet and playing a little WOW while he installed our new Fios. After he left, I went to Golden D'Or (whose name still cracks me up - Golden of Gold??), since they were having their marvelous sale in their discount room. I picked up the most beautiful bronze chenille brocade at $1 per yard that will turn into mine and Matt's Elizabethan outfits for next year's faire. Matt's outfit will get most of it and I'll have it as accent colors. I'm thinking I'll use black velveteen for the main color on mine. Afterward, I got my car inspected and brakes fixed. Then [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys came over and Finari and I sewed while our boys fiddled around on the computers.

Oh, yeah. Our refrigerator died that Friday at some point, but luckily we have a chest freezer and I was able to move all the frozen foods out and some of the refrigerated stuff. I also resurrected Matt's tiny, old college fridge, which by some miracle still functions. Sometime in the near future, we'll get a repairman out to look at it. If it costs less than $300 to get it fixed, I'm thinking we'll go that route. Whee!

On Saturday April Fool's day, Matt and I went back to Harry Hines for matching fabric for Matt's Italian Pendragon. We found it at $19 a yard, but of course since we only needed the one yard, it was fine. After that we headed out to Anna to hang out with Rob, Sioux & Kyr, and Sioux's sister Terri and Terri's daughter Emma while Matt hung out in their kitchen making his hat. Lots of fun!

Sunday April 2 had Matt and I back in Anna (we should have just stayed the night, heh) with Mom and Dad joining us as well. Around 2pm I headed to Arlington to spend the rest of day and afternoon with Annie and Lex. He is getting more fun every time I see him. He even said, "Hi, Yay!" when I walked in the door, and I am convinced he was saying my name. ^_~

Monday and Tuesday of last week had me doing crazy work stuff involving massive database updates for discontinued parts. That evening I spent time with [livejournal.com profile] elizagoth and [livejournal.com profile] finari. We had a marvelous dinner then went to Hancock’s, then visited and started on our sewing. Elizagoth had to leave a bit early, though. Boohiss.

On Wednesday I finished sewing up the underskirt for the pink to loan to Jeanette. I'm not pleased with the pink's fit (bought it off eBay, silly me. Yet another reason to learn to sew for myself), so if it fits Jeanette, I think I may give it to her along with one of my old chemises.

Thursday evening Matt and I went to Phantom of the Opera at the music hall in Dallas. We got all dressed up - I wore my silver from the reception six and a half years ago, and Matt wore his very nice grey pinstriped suit. We went with [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys, and had a great time. We saw the Merediths from our old ward in Denton, and we also saw my uncle Jared and aunt Ginny, plus their kids. That was funny! We got to chat a bit with Jared and CJ during intermission. Jared's current hobby is rock climbing and rappelling. CJ is studying to be a DO. Cool.

Friday morning at work I had fun with garb, since I got Miriam to try on my ren wench stuff, heh. That evening we had Phlan gaming up at the shop and hit 20th level after three years of play. Sweet. Now to see if we survive the Big Boss. Bosses. Yeah. We're gonna die.

Saturday was opening weekend for Scarborough Faire. A lot of my friends and co-workers went. I also saw the parents, who also had Lex with them. That afternoon I met some people from the DFWCG email group. I so want to have a craft day with them, since I have so much to learn. I need to learn how to do cartridge pleats. And hand sewn eyelets... After faire, Matt and I headed home to pick up the hound and then headed to the shop for some Star Wars gaming.

Sunday was mellow and relaxing. This morning as I got a "Warning" from the city again. Sheesh!! This time it was for parking my green car in my driveway, but my car blocked the sidewalk. I could scream. My neighbors park ON THEIR LAWN during the weekends, and Sunday afternoon at 3pm (per the slip) I get a warning for parking in my driveway? I mean, a police officer stopped in front of my house, took time to fill out the card stock paper warning, got out of his car, and put it under my windshield wiper. Was it really that slow yesterday? Bah. Why didn't the officer just issue the warning about the sidewalk thing a year ago when they gave me a warning for my old white car with expired tags, which was in my driveway, too? *sigh* I guess I'll be parking the Hyundai on the street from now on. Facing the correct direction, of course. They actually give tickets for parking on the wrong side of the street. I guess it's good that the police patrol my neighborhood during the day....?


My current Big Goal - by this time next year I will have an Elizabethan noblewoman's outfit. Yeah, it'll be off for Scarborough's time period, but so be it. I can do it!


May. 9th, 2005 12:29 pm
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I had a good time at Anne's game on Friday. I think we're finally getting close to solving the mystery. I suck at mysteries, heh, but [livejournal.com profile] finari was sure on a roll! I'm logging my notes on my husband's site, as well as our LJ community. My goal is to get all my notes up before the next game, although my notes will be only from my character's point of view, so a lot of things will be missing.

Saturday I was at the Faire again, this time just with Kev and Sarah and we went in our normal clothes. I got some small trinkets for Mir, and a little necklace for Mom. Kev and Sarah got lots of garb, Sarah winning the garb-envy award again by picking up Pendragon's french court dress in burgundy and gold.

Yesterday being Mothers' Day, of course I went to my parents' house. Mom called and asked me to stop by Kid's place to see if he needed a ride, so I did. Unfortunately, Aaron was feeling sick and was passed out sleeping, so I just let him sleep. I'm very conscious about not wanting to expose Dad to any kind of illness (not that he won't get exposed as a public school teacher. Hm. Oh, well). Anyway, at Mom and Dad's, it was awesome seeing [livejournal.com profile] annawick and Dave and Lex, and my brother Ian showed up, too, though his wife was in Oklahoma with her own mom. My sibs are cool. I like their spouses, too! I know I've said that before, but I stand by it. ^_~

I dropped the pooch off at the vet this morning so he could get his teeth thoroughly cleaned. They're gonna knock him out. They warned me that when I pick him up this afternoon, he may be kind of groggy and want to sleep, and I couldn't help but think when is my dog not sleepy, aside from his walk time?

I had such guilt yesterday, since the vet told me to take away all his food and water after 8pm. Poor dog kept going back to his water bowl and licking the bowl even though it was dry. I also had to close the bathroom door, because he remembered water was in there, too.

He hates getting weighed, heh. Dunno why, but he is scared to death to step on that black pad. Ah, well. He clocked in at 98.7 lbs. Wonder if I should worry about his food intake? Is there such a thing as a fat greyhound? He doesn't look fat, that's for sure...


May. 2nd, 2005 11:43 am
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The week since my last update was pretty standard. Work, etc, although I've been reading a lot more and playing WoW a lot less. I had a brief distraction and bought about ten cheesy regency romance books and have been amusing myself with them . Yes, I have revealed a deep, dark secret - I love regency romance novels, although no author has yet to compare to Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer. So there.

Anyway, I worked, read a lot, played a little, and whiled away my time until Friday evening when the bug bit me. Yep. That sewing bug reached over and took a chomp out of me. I was up until 4am sewing. Heh.

Saturday's 7:30am came early for me, but I woke up cheerfully. Matt, the dear beloved husband, kindly walked the dog for me as I staggered around groggily. I put on my chemise and petticoat, packed all our gear, and waited for our friends to show up. Kevin and Sarah arrived first, followed shortly by [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys. Then Anne, and finally Brian. Kevin and Sarah split off to pick up [livejournal.com profile] hellocobweb but met us there. Off to Faire! Whee!

At Scarborough, we had a lot of fun. We made it to the Faire by opening cannon, although we spent a good twenty minutes in the parking lot dressing and lacing up. Matt looked fantastic in his Italian-style red and gold doublet and slops. Our friends Mark & Amy & son and Glen & Jeanette and their little ones showed up, as did [livejournal.com profile] lolafae and [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky. We were quite a crowd.

We did some shopping, watched some shows, and then played dress up at Pendragon. [livejournal.com profile] annawick tried on Pendragon's new french court gown. She looked so good in it. Jeanette tried on the Anne Boleyn in gold and blue and looked positively regal with her golden hair and pale skin. My friend and co-worker Sarah, however, stole the costume-envy prize when she found us later wearing the Sea Queen, newly purchased.

Oh, and we watched the Don Juan and Miguel show. It's been quite a while since I actually watched shows at Scarborough, as I usually lounge around with friends and visit, or stroll around with friends and window shop. I have to admit, my favorite jokes were his "bilingual" jokes. The ones that caused me to laugh outright were:

"I am the Juan your mother warned you about."

"I am not the Juan you are looking for."

Q: "What do you call four Spaniards in quicksand?"
A: "Quattro sinko."

Q: "Why do Mexicans only cross the border in pairs?"
A: "Because there is no tres-passing."

Terrible, I know. But I laughed anyway, heh.

Saturday evening, Matt asked me to teach him to sew. I agreed, but also let him know that what I can teach will take about ten minutes, then the rest is practice. We swung by WalMart to pick up some black fabric ([livejournal.com profile] annawick has all my black broadcloth right now) and extra thread. Heh. I think tonight while I work on my tartan skirt hem, I will help him and answer questions as he is on the sewing machine.

Sunday was relaxed. Church in the morning, a nap in the back yard on a blanket in the grass. Mmmm, so warm and a cool breeze to offset it. Beautiful! My one eternal regret is the fact that my coloring is perfect only for colder climes, while I absolutely adore the heat. So I was covered from neck to toe while basking in the warmth. When Matt got home, we played a bit of WoW and got Matt's warrior to 20.5. Soon we will be able to play with Kevin's 25 hunter! Whee!

And now, back to work....
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Alrighty, friends. On Saturday, my hubby went to Pendragon and dropped a pretty penny for a doublet and slops. I'm going to throw together some pants and a shirt to go with it, but he's pretty much got his outfit as soon as he gets his boots. He wants to get a sword and dagger, plus a fancy hat. I told him he can't spend more than $100 per year on his garb after the initial purchase though, heh.

He tried it on Sunday with a mock shirt and pants, and looked very good. Whee!

Ok here's the geeking out part. He's been working on a background for his Faire persona. And geek that I am, I think I want to work on one, too! He's done all this research for his persona - apparently he's going to be a Venetian mercenary who was stationed at Rhodes when the Hospitallers defended it against ... um ... some dude (ask Matt. He'll tell you), and finally left the service of the Hospitallers after they were given Malta when they lost Rhodes.

Anyway, I'm thinking I need to make myself an Italian-style outfit so I can be Italian, too. My one problem is that I suck at accents, so if he and I are going to be doing the role-play stuff at faire, I think I'm going to not speak English, heh. That way I can avoid the whole accent problem all together.

Heh. Flashbacks to Dante, Vincenzo and Eva. ^_^
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I got to meet a fellow FFXIer who moved recently to the DFW area. He came and helped our staff painter with some army painting, and we all did lunch. That was fun.

Friday evening we played Werewolf. It was fun, although the players weren't very focused. We missed [livejournal.com profile] finari - she was sick. :( Hope you're feeling better!!

Saturday, in spite of the rain, my sister [livejournal.com profile] annawick and I went to Scarborough and had a blast. It never rained very hard, though it did stay pretty damp. Annie was more prepared than I. She brought two umbrellas, which we used about three times. We meandered about, did a lot of window shopping and bought a few things. I think we heard the Are you sisters? at least four or five times, heh. I got a new wedding ring. It's plainer than my last one, and much more easily recognizable as a wedding band, I think. It cost the same as my old one ($10, hehe), which I am keeping because I'm a sentimental freak. I did impulse by a music CD. The musician had a beautiful tenor voice and was singing traditional Renaissance songs to lute. I listened to it on the way home. It was very nice, and I never regret supporting the small-time artist.

Because of the rain, my Hyundai got a lil stuck, but due to Annie's foresight, I didn't park very far into my spot. Annie and some really nice man pushed my car out easily.

Oh and before anyone says Why in the world did you let your pregnant sister push your car?!, she said "Do you put your precious things in glass cases or sturdy boxes?" She's still in her first trimester.

And she doesn't know how to drive a standard. ^_~

We did come out of there with a "rain check" each, which was nice, because now I may be able to convince Matt to come out with me again. ^_^ He needs to try on some of Pendragon's garb...

After Scarborough, we did a pit stop at Hancocks. Butterick patterns are only $1.99 each right now (max 5). I picked up three at the Hancocks near my sister's place, then went home and grabbed the other two I really wanted. Matt has decided that he wants to do an 18th century costume for faires, not Renaissance. I don't think it matters as long as he looks good, especially since we're patrons, not staff. On top of that, the 18th century is one of my favorite fashion periods. Buttericks had two different 18th century style patterns (for men), and I got him an early 19th century military pattern, too. I picked up two patterns for me and three for him.

So, now I have to get back into sewing. I think we're going to send the jacket patterns to Thailand and have those made there, though. Jackets are a little beyond my limited abilities, and since we have that option open, there's no reason not to do it.

So, [livejournal.com profile] lolafae, are you looking forward to going to Scarborough? I think between [livejournal.com profile] finari and I, we may be able to come up with some garb for you... If nothing else, you can borrow my blue chemise and put on some fairy wings. ^_^

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