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Friends! I just heard on Steam Ingenious that Butterick has just released two new Edwardian patterns. One of them reminds me of Jen's Hooverette dress (even though it's quite a bit earlier, hah!), the other is a suit.

What do y'all think about them?

Butterick 6093. The artist's rendering of the one I like:

Line drawing:

Butterick 6108

And line drawing:

Edit: Ok! At my PC. Heh.
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Ok, so generally speaking, I'm not that into Edwardian, except perhaps very late. I don't like those huge puffy sleeves. It's the same reason I don't care for the 'Romantic' era, I think it's called. The 1830s & 1840s? Anyway, due to my general 'eh' feeling for it, I never did see coughing up the cash for a good pattern.

However, am I willing to cough up the cash for a Butterick pattern? You bet! I know Butterick patterns aren't historically accurate, but I really feel that this one captures the over all look well enough for me, especially since I'm not that into this era, anyway! I'm pretty excited about this pattern and will be grabbing one the next time there's a Butterick sale at Hancocks or JoAnns! :D


Apr. 29th, 2012 05:47 pm
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So, I went thrifting recently and picked up two very interesting pairs of shoes that I think I can use for costuming purposes. They're not perfect or anything, but at least they seem close enough, and for a total of $15, I'm calling it good.

First there's this pair, which I can't decide if I should use for Georgian or for Victorian? Seems like there's some minor cross over there, and since these aren't 'perfect' for either, maybe use them for both? I need to get the heel thingy fixed (the sole part?).

Then there's this pair, which I'll use for Edwardian, even though they're not pointy toed:

Oh, I'm totally open to suggestions on what to do with them, what kinds of modifications or whatever, or just leave them like they are. The price was so good, though, that I couldn't just walk away, heh.
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I stumbled across this pattern and was wondering if there are any historical references that anyone can find that resemble this?

The main reason it caught my eye is that it looks so simple. I don't have my heart set on it, but if I could just see some extant or fashion images of it, I may go ahead and buy the pattern. I already did some basic google searches and a pretty extensive perusal of De Gracieuse, but maybe I'm just not looking for the right key words. Any help from my friends would be really appreciated! :D
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I love de Gracieuse. I have wasted like two hours just perusing their 1912. I really, really need to figure out how to use their patterns one day. At least now I have some vague ideas of an over all "look" that I can do modifying my existing patterns.

I may still buy some other patterns later. There are a few more than I realized - Sensibility.com has a few, and so does a site called Hint of History. I still really like the Laughing Moon pattern. Any way, we'll see.... I mean, I have the January 2013 Titanic museum exhibit event, and I'll probably go another time with family, too, since the exhibit gets here in like September. So I'll need a colder weather outfit, too, that would be totally uncomfortable in April, heh.
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So, the Steampunk tea is coming up and I'm thinking I'm just going to wear what I wore last year to the May Frontier Fort Days. That way I don't have to really think about things. I will probably add an overskirt, as that would take almost no time at all. Matt can wear his British uniform or his Gunslinger/Pinkerton outfit. Vee can wear her 1860s dress. Then all I have to do is throw something together for Morgan. Sweet. To be honest, aside from being relieved that I basically have something for everyone, I am really looking forward to the event. It will be tons of fun.

What I'm really spending time thinking about is the Edwardian Picnic. I need to keep it simple because I'm going to be working on stuff for three people. Not sure if Matt will want to go, but if he does, then I'll come up with something. Luckily, men's fashion is pretty predictable.

So, plans.

I need to come up with a dress for Vee. Once I settle on what I'm going to do, it won't take much time, but I need to find a pattern first. If anyone has any suggestions for a pattern I can do, I would be really grateful. Maybe I'll search de Gracieuse, and enlist some help in enlarging a pattern? That's kind of scary. Fabric wise, I'll probably make hers out of one of the white fabrics below.

I'm going to make a jumpsuit/jumper for Morgan from a pattern that [livejournal.com profile] jenthompson is loaning me (THANK YOU!!!). Probably out of the white/blue stripey stuff below if there's enough.

For myself, I am going to cheat and wear Victorian underthings so I can concentrate on the outfit itself. I am either going to buy the Laughing Moon 1909-1913 Dress, or use the Butterick 1914 blouse and skirt patterns here:

These fabrics are ones that I have in my stash. Since the picnic is in like May, it'll be fairly safe to assume that it will be warm, maybe even hot. Here are some samples of the fabrics I'm thinking about.

I have a TON of this fabric (I used this fabric for my white bustle dress):

I also have a lot of this fabric (I used this fabric for mine and Vee's white regency):

I have six yards of this fabric, which I haven't used in anything yet:

The advantage of the Butterick patterns is that I already have them. That feeds my frugal side and I wouldn't need to wait to get started. The disadvantage is that I have no idea what to do with them. Maybe the skirt with the buttons in the white/blue stripey stuff and a blouse (I like the simple one in the top left) in one of the whites? Or a skirt with overskirt like the two on the right out of all white, with a matching white blouse? Or blouse and skirt out of all stripey stuff? I don't know. I think if I could visualize something, it would be really easy to go from there. As it is, I'm so inexpert in this era that I'm a little at a loss.

That's why the Laughing Moon pattern is so alluring. I could just use the day dress pattern and do the whole thing in the white/blue stripey stuff with a white undershirt. SO straight forward. Downside, of course, is that I have to buy the pattern and then wait for it to get here. The waiting, realistically, isn't that bad, since I tend to procrastinate anyway. I just have to wait for my allowance to cycle, heh.

So anyway, any advice or feedback would be appreciated!

Edit: Here's Vee's other Edwardian dress. If worse comes to worse, I'll just make this one again, and just size it up. And add more buttons, heh. This was from roughly two years ago.

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Next project, a suffragette outfit for my mom and a suffragette dress for Vee! Whee! One of my DFWCG friends is lending me an outfit she made for herself while she was preggo, so I personally am set (thanks TONS, [livejournal.com profile] jenthompson!).

I have the *perfect* dress pattern for my little V, and it looks super easy, too. I got it way back when [livejournal.com profile] guen_the_cat told me about a site that had an awesome library of patterns open to the public for a limited time:

My mom's is going to be simple thrift store stuff, I think, which will be easy enough to put together. And what we can't find, I'll see what I can throw together quickly. I already have a big tan felt hat she can wear, too.

Also, does anyone have any idea what color the sashes were that these women were wearing?

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