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It's from The David Letterman Show. This is the whole segment of Stupid Pet Tricks. Katie and Pyro were first:

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Just a quick post for memories.

My hound rarely whimpers but whines a LOT. It's usually because he's either (a) bored, or (b) needs to go OUT. The only time I've heard him roo (a term other greyhound owners fondly use instead of howling) has been right before I unlock the door and I hear him roo-ing his lonely little heart out. Apparently, other greyhounds roo for happy reasons. Not Taltos, to my knowledge. Just when he's sad, sad, sad.

He has this lip-flapping sigh (rather like a horse) when he settles down for a nap or if he's getting an often desired ear rub.

Sometimes he's very insistent about attention - like when my husband and I are on the computer and he'll come and shove his head into either of our laps. Generally, this means he wants to go outside NOW, not that he actually wants lovin', although he will accept it until we give in and ask "Do you want to go outside?" His response to that question is a whirl around and mad dash for the back door.

The only time he barks is at the neighbors' cats when they come in our back yard and barely make it over the fence (I really wish they'd keep better track of their cats!!!), at the squirrels in our tree, or at our friend's golden retriever when he is trying to entice the golden into play, along with full play bow, madly wagging tail and mock-snapping of the teeth.
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On Wednesday afternoon, I started tai chi with Anne. We're just doing the very basic, slow process of learning each form/stance, but wow. Afterwards my knees are so shaky and I can feel the pull in my leg muscles. I don't remember what the name of the stance is, but Matt calls it the horse stance from his kung fu days. That's the basic, first stance and we hold that position for a long time, plus we assume it before learning any of the other stances. Forms. I dunno what they're called. I'm still learning! Anyway, the coolest part is that we've only done it twice now (we're planning on every Monday and Wednesday), but my knees also already feel more... fluid. I dunno. But they seem to move more smoothly. This will be really good for me! Heck, any exercise would be good for me. Heh.

Thursday evening had me back at Hob's for our supers game, and although it was mostly combat this time, I still had fun. Friday evening I chilled with Matt, played WoW, watched some more Rahxephon. We're about half-way through. We're also watching Samurai Champloo via Netflix, so we're watching Rahxephon between Netflix installments, although next up from Netflix is the conclusion to Generator Gawl.

Saturday morning we got rained out of our SASS event, so I went to the zoo with my sister [livejournal.com profile] annawick and Lex. Yes, in the rain. It was a blast. Annie had Lex all rigged out - rain slicker that fit him just right and knee high rubber boots. And let me tell you, Lex definitely took advantage of his rain gear. He stomped in just about every puddle he saw. It was awesome.

One of the cool things about the rain though was that because it was such a gentle, cool rain, all the animal were out. Especially a lot of the predators. In the Texas critter area, I got to see the bobcat, the cougar, the jaguar, and the coyote all up close and personal.

Heh. The cougar was tracking all the children as they came in, literally licking her lips, so at one point she and I got into a staring contest. Finally, her whiskers twitched, we stared a little more, and then she hissed at me and went to lay down behind a bush where she could watch and not be watched. Heh.

The jaguar was pacing along his fence eyeing the coyote, who totally ignored the jaguar. Heck, the coyote even did a long, lazy stretch and looked right at the jaguar. It made me laugh.

Just as we were heading out, I got a call from Mom, saying she'd meet us at Annie's house, so we headed there. We tried to keep Lex awake so he could get some time with his Granny when we got to Annie's, but at one point when we were literally like three miles away we turned our attention to the road and when we looked back, he was completely passed out and would not wake up. Whoops.

I wasn't able to stay long and visit as I had a dinner appointment that Matt made with friends, so I took off relatively soon after arriving at Annie's house. I hurried back to Lewisville, and then we had dinner with our friends Kevin and [livejournal.com profile] sandrayln in Denton. After dinner the four of us met up with Bob and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys and went to see Fantastic Four, which I enjoyed.

Sunday presented me with my usual mellow morning. I had church in the afternoon, and the lesson I taught was on Matthew 25 (I teach the 16/17 year olds now). Good stuff. After church, I headed up to Sanger and spent some time with Dad on Father's Day. I spent some time with Mom too, of course, but she had errands to run so I sat and chatted with Dad about stuff going on in his life. My parents are awesome.

On a totally unrelated topic, I also recently figured out why it's so hard for me to get started on a sewing project. I hate transferring the pattern and cutting the fabric. The sewing part, I'm cool with. But the prep bores me. I want to wave a wand and poof have prepped fabric for me to just work on. Ah, well. I know it's never going to happen like that. So, now I just need to get to work on my gown. Step 1 transfer the pattern, Step 2 cut the fabric. I can do it! Because after I finish this regency gown, I want to start on something from the 1880s. Well, after I do the cap to go with the regency. Heh. That'll be quick and easy, though.

Ok. Done for now!
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So, I am very fortunate in that I am able to bring my pack-dependent hound to work. Often I drop him off at our friends' house (a Golden Retriever and his person) during work hours so they can play together, then I head over and give them a lunch walk, etc. However, these pictures are from a hard day's work at the office....

The work is killing us! )

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Matt, here's the wild dog that's native to Thailand: the dhole. I knew I'd find it sooner or later!
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I had a very full weekend, heh.

Thursday night, Matt had gone to the grocery store and stayed up until who knows how late making Irish stew made from beef, onion, carrots and lots of potatoes. He put carrots in it for color or else it cooks to an unappealing grey.

Friday night after work, Matt and I did more irish cooking. I made some soda bread, which was incredibly easy since I just dropped the ingredients in the Kitchen Aid and watched. Heh. Then I helped Matt with the potatoes for colcannon (mash taters with cabbage, onion and garlic). Yum! We also watched Waking Ned Divine since our War of the Buttons is only on VHS and our VCR is long, long since dead. We definitely need to get it switched to DVD. War of the Buttons is greatness.

After we ate, we adjourned to the sewing room and Matt made a haversack while I laid around and watched several episodes of Firefly to get me into the mood for shooting the following morning. Every time I watch it, I am reminded of how much I love all of those characters. Every one of them has some quality that draws me. Joss Whedon really has a way with character development and dialog.

Saturday morning we got up and headed down to Cleburne. I think we'll take 121 to 35W next time, as 35E to 67 seemed to take longer. Anyway, we got to Cleburne, signed up on a posse and did a lot of shooting. A real nice gentleman whose handle is Eli let us tag along with him and use his gun cart. We shot six stages (if you want more info, Matt wrote about it, too). One of my favorite things was the silly line you say before each stage. They all had something to do with Irish stuff, in honor of St Paddy's day. I don't even remember them all but they made me laugh. I had a lot of fun, even though the rifle bit my index finger real hard on the first stage and made me bleed, heh. Oh, yeah. I won second place in the Ladies' Traditional category. It doesn't mean all that much, though, since there were only the two of us. :P

After shooting, we drove home, showered and then headed out again to go to the shop to play some D&D. Well, there was one delay from leaving our home.

Taltos had been in his kennel the whole time we were gone (7am to about 4pm), so I let him outside as soon as we got home. First he went to the bathroom, and then he ran some crazy fast and energetic laps around the back yard. He came back to the door all breathless and happy. I let him in and headed to the living room to leash him so we could go. As soon as he saw the leash, he started doing his happy dance, when in the middle of the second or third bounce he bent down to investigate his paw. Distracted, I looked down, too.

And saw a stick between his dew claw and foot.

So I bent down to really investigate, and realized that it wasn't stuck between his toe and foot so much as puncturing the skin between the dew claw and foot. Eep! Turned out that it wasn't a stick - was a root, and it was a good two and a half inches long and a quarter inch in diameter! I called Matt to come help me, since I knew removing it would hurt the poor hound, but it needed to be done.

We coaxed him to lay down, which of course he did. While Matt held him down and was stroking him, I pulled the stick out and cleaned the puncture wound thoroughly. Taltos whimpered when I pulled the stick out, but other than his panting and accelerated heart rate, he acted like nothing was happening. Greyhounds really are excellent animals. I've cleaned the wound and bandaged it every morning and evening and it looks and smells clean, and the hole has already closed. I think he'll be ok, but I'll be taking him to the vet to double check.

Taltos just acts like the bandage is an irritant, but it hasn't slowed him down any. I watched him do his laps yesterday afternoon and he wasn't slowed down by it at all. Crazy hound.

So after that adventure, we finally got to the shop and played some D&D. I had fun at the game, but I'm with Matt on this one - no more games on Saturdays when we go shooting. We were too hurried, and worn out. Not to mention too much driving.

Sunday was much more mellow. Church, relaxing, then an early night.

In all, a good weekend, in spite of the craziness. ^_^
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The weekend fun (long-ish)... )

In other news, with more information later, we're going to Thailand this year! Whee! So! If any of my sewing friends can give me specific information on what types (weaves?) of silk fabric that are period correct for for either Victorian or Regency, I would be very, very grateful! :D
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We're back from the vet, and Junior has reduced. Taltos seems unconcerned and much the same. He stood patiently while I felt all around the swollen area. The fluid is all gone and all that remains is the solid stuff. The vet tech told me that the swelling was a *seroma.

When they drew the fluid out, they said he just stood there calmly. Greyhounds are awesome at the vets' since they're so used to being poked and prodded during their training to determine if they'll be star athletes.

Here's what the vet's notes said (I had them printed off for me):

"Taltos was jumping into the back of a hatch back and hit his back near the shoulder blades. It swelled up, then went down and then swelled up again.

"Large fluctuant mass, about 15cmx14cm, with a firm center area on the back between the shoulder blades. No other findings remainder of physical.

"Aspirated 95mls of a thin red fluid from the swelling.

"Cytology** revealed red blood cells and a few white blood cells."

They prescribed some antibiotics and told me to bring him back if it swelled up again, and that it wasn't anything to worry about. Eventually the solid stuff will reabsorb into the body. The vet tech said it was scar tissue. Over all, the hound seems unchanged and unconcerned. Although, maybe he'll be able to sleep sprawled on his back again, heh.

Since the hound is so big, they don't have a kennel for him; rather, they put him in one of their empty rooms with a blanket. I was told that they shut his door when people bring in their own pets but when all the other animals are secure, they open his door and let him watch the people. Apparently, he cries when the door is closed but will lay down calmly if it is left open. Occasionally he will walk over to the vet techs for some love, but will settle back down on his blanket after a moment.

*Pulled from the mighty Wikipedia: A seroma is a pocket of clear serous fluid that sometimes develops in the body after surgery. When small blood vessels are ruptured, blood plasma can seep out; inflammation caused by dying injured cells also contributes to the fluid.

Seromas are different from hematomas which contain red blood and from abscesses which contain pus and result from an infection.

**Cytology: I'm guessing from "cyt-" cell and "-ology" study of. So that and context means a cytology is a cell-study...?
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Friday evening had me at my sewing machine throwing together a new skirt for the SASS event on Saturday. I guess I don't always have to use a pattern, because I needed this skirt quick and I didn't have time for fancy cutting and such as I'm such a procrastinator. I pulled out some green $1/yard fabric (I have a lot of $1/yard fabric) and put what I call a frontier skirt together. I imagine women in the frontier couldn't always look exactly stylish all the time, but they would have wanted to maintain some of the fashion. So anyway, it's kind of a natural form skirt with a flat front and a bunch of fabric pleated into the back. It came out so well that I think I will make a few other really cheap skirts similar to it that I can shoot in and won't have to worry about ruining them. Hence "frontier skirt."

Funny, now that I'm looking, my skirt turned out similar to the more simple of the TV tie-back underskirts. Neat! I'm going to throw together a matching bodice, too, using my TV bodice, and will do the same for a few other shooting outfits. My hat and boots should be in sometime this week, I think. Whee!

Saturday morning before dawn, Matt and I headed out to Arlington, where we hooked up and caravaned with [livejournal.com profile] annawick and [livejournal.com profile] spar30 to the SASS event in Cleburne. The event was cool, although once there we discovered that all the side matches happened on Friday during the day and would happen again on Sunday, but none were on Saturday, so we didn't get any actual shooting done. However, I had a fun time wandering from stage to stage watching the shooters. Wow. Some of those people are amazingly fast and accurate. Me, I'm just going to concentrate on being accurate. I imagine that with time, I'll get faster, too.

Since we didn't get any shooting done, after Annawick and Spar left, I went and talked to the club president and offered mine and Matt's services should they need any volunteer labor (luckily Matt didn't mind, but I knew he wouldn't). So, after the match, we headed over to Beaumont Ranch, where Matt and I helped with set up, etc. After we finished that up, we sat down and did a lot of people watching. There were some really good costumes there, and it really inspired me to get working on something more formal, too.

It also turned out that one of the gentlemen at our table shoots at Comanche Valley on the 3rd Saturdays (whose SASS handle is The Lizard (hee!)), so we had a lot of questions for him. The more I hang out with these people, the more I realize I really do like gun folks. They're polite, friendly, encouraging, and generous. I hope that I will be able to be the same!

Matt and I slipped out after we finished eating to go 'rescue' my poor hound, who happened to not be suffering at all, thanks to the wonderful efforts of [livejournal.com profile] finari. Thanks SO much, Finari, for hanging out at our place and keeping our co-dependent hound company. ^_^

Sunday morning, while walking the hound, we ran across my neighbors' pit bulls who were out and about. [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky, I know you've got a soft spot for pit bulls, but when they're out wandering without people, I get nervous. Unfortunately, I didn't have my pepper spray, so as soon as I saw them, the hound and I paused until they left. However, the little puppy that was trotting along with them came over to investigate, and followed us in a big meandering pattern with no concern for roads or cars or anything. So I picked her up (she was about thirty pounds - gonna be a big girl, that one) and brought her home with me, with the hound dancing below me in great curiosity.

I took the puppy back to the owners, thinking they'd be relieved to have their puppy back. Boy, was I wrong. I was greeted at the door by the woman of the house, who looked at the puppy with disappointment. I told her that it had escaped from her back yard, and her response was to ask me if I wanted a puppy. I, of course, said no and handed her the puppy. I also informed her that her other two dogs were out, as well, and that seemed to actually get a worried response. Sheesh, these people. Take care of your freaking animals!

Oh, and the cocker spaniel from this morning found its own home, too. Hopefully a good one.

Anyway, that was my weekend, and this is my first attempt in a long time to do a weekend update instead of procrastinating for that monthly update. ^_~
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Monday evening after work was pretty interesting. The hound caught his first cat.


Don't read if you're squeamish or judgmental about predator/prey situations. )
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Yes, this is a soapbox.

Most of my friends and family know that I have a greyhound. My husband got him for me for an anniversary present two years ago this November, and although the adoption agency was worried that I might be unpleasantly surprised, Matt knows me well and has known that I had wanted one since my early college days. To that end for the six or seven months prior to the adoption, he prepared the house for our hound's arrival.

I have been fond of the breed since I first read about them while working at a book store. I stumbled across a book about them that I was supposed to be shelving, and fell in love. That was also when I found out what happens to them when they are retired from racing, or if they don't make the cut.

I'm a farm girl. I have a realistic viewpoint on the fate of animals for food, but this is another matter. Pets in general are another matter, even, but in my heart, greyhounds are a special case.

Thousands of these hounds are born each year, raised and trained to run, give their heart and soul to the chase, live and breathe for the full out run their bodies have been bred over the centuries to do. They give their all, and when they are injured, or when they have grown too old at three years, their fate is not as pretty as the fates of other athletes. And heaven forbid a hound fail training!

Well, in Great Britain, the fate of these hounds has come to light with a vengeance over the past few weeks. An exposé article uncovered a man who, over the past decade, has been paid by various breeders in the racing industry to permanently retire their old racing hounds. He is vilified and will become the fall-guy, but it is the industry itself that should be attacked.

The people against the slaughter of these hounds are proposing a fix to the symptom, not the problem: "A new code of practice proposed under the animal welfare bill would restrict the killing of greyhounds to vets using lethal injections."

I think this law, should it pass, will result in the racing industry using even less humane methods of ridding themselves of the greyhound. I fear they will simply abandon them, or throw them out of the back of a moving vehicle, or some other equally horrifying method of 'losing' a dog.

I think the laws should address other issues, such as a restriction on the number of hounds that are bred each year, and more effort in finding homes for hounds that are ready to be retired.

Anyway, here are some links to the stories:

BBC News: Racing watchdog probes dog deaths

Times Online: Revealed: the man who killed 10,000 dogs

the hound

Jul. 6th, 2006 04:47 pm
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One of these days soon I'm going to bring up my digital camera so I can take a picture of the hound while he's sleeping. His head is propped up against the wall, his eyes are rolled back, his jaw is slack and his tongue is hanging out... He looks soooo silly!
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Lessee.... What have I been up to?

Last Thursday Taltos gave me a big scare. I was over at a friend's house when I got a call from Matt, who said that Taltos was missing - he had escaped through our open backyard gate. Which reminds me. I need to buy some combination locks for our gates, since I think it was our neighbors' children who got into our back yard. Matt and I never use the gate. Anyway, I ran home to search the neighborhood. I drove through the neighborhood carefully and slowly but no luck. So while Matt stayed at home and called Animal Control (in case they picked him up before we found him), I wandered around on foot, worried sick. I slowly walked back home only to be met halfway by Matt who told me the hound had returned home, none the worse for wear. Whew!

Saturday was a lot of fun. That morning (early!) Matt and I drove out to Pilot Point to some slaughter house to pick up some suet. Matt needs it to make puddings or some such. Oh yeah. When I say "some" suet, it's like 10 lbs!!

After that, we headed to the Dallas Museum of Art to go to the Mayan exhibit with my family. Missed Chris, Mary, and Aaron since they didn't come. Sioux and Dave didn't come to the museum but showed up for the later stuff. The exhibit was very interesting. Not as much eye candy as the Chinese exhibit last year, but very interesting none the less. I didn't know, but the Mayans used cacao beans as currency. Smart people. Mmm. Chocolate. One of their feast beverages was warmed water with chocolate, chile, honey, and some sap that was a frothing agent. Mmm. My favorite piece of art on exhibit was a ceramic pot that had a god, depicted as an old man, riding a peccary. Heh. Oh and the frog in the bowl sculpture. That one made me laugh.

I renewed my membership, too, since some of the exhibits later this year will certainly be worth visiting as well. Upcoming are the art of Louis Comfort Tiffany starting in June with more than 120 of his pieces, and then a Van Gogh exhibit with about fifty of his works in late October. Both really sounded interesting! And I only have to go three times to make up the membership expense, plus it's tax deductible. ^_~

After the museum, we headed over to Ian & Nikki's new place. Wow, what a beautiful home they're making! And I finally got to see Taltos play with a dog that understood Taltos's play-speak. Ian & Nikki have a boxer named Bart and the two dogs had a blast chasing each other around the back yard, heh. It was fun watching them. I wished there was a bigger play area just to see how fast and far they could go.

While there, I also played with Kyrie (of course). I gave her Matt's jedi robe muslin test-run that was way too small for Matt. I trimmed down the sleeves and bottom hem, which she'll re-hem using her new sewing machine. Then we pretended to be rulers of a small country. I can't recall if we named the country, though. Anyway, we carefully planned an assault of the DMA to capture our enemy country's leader, who was of course hiding in the DMA's restaurant. The DMA, as you must know, was merely a front for our enemy's nefarious activities. We had a detailed blue-print of the building, which facilitated our attack (ie the program guide had the building layout ^_~). Princess Kyrieann led the assault, while I, being queen and more recognizable, stayed back and monitored the assault from our headquarters on the stairs.

Matt did some sewing recently and figured out how to make flat caps. He did that and a sash for his italian outfit. I wonder if we'll need another sewing machine soon....

Usually during my lunch break I head over to [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys's house to eat and to take our dogs out for a walk. Yesterday was no exception, but I also got to meet another greyhound on our walk. This hound was a good inch and a half taller than my own, and I thought Taltos was tall! Taltos has more muscle definition thanks to his foster-dad and his race training. Taltos's foster-dad used to walk him a good seven miles a day. Their boy had never raced before, as they rescued him when he was six months old. He was such a sweety, of course. Fawn brindle with a lot more fawn than black, and soft, soft fur. He gave me nose kisses, too. What a cutie!

Last night I dreamt of a greyhound, too. There was mass civil chaos (a disaster? I don't know) and for some reason I was taking an El into Dallas, when I found a greyhound puppy on the floor by my feet in a plastic bag. Yes. But this is a dream, so of course it makes no sense. :P I scooped it up and unwrapped it and took it home with me. It turned out that I wasn't sure whether not it was an actual greyhound or a lurcher, but I wanted to keep it none the less. So maybe I need to get Taltos a brother. ^_~

Oh, yeah. I was quite disappointed by the costumes from War and Peace. The cover gave me such hope, too. The story was ok, since I haven't read the book, but the costumes were all wrong. ;_; The waists were just under the ribcage, instead of the imperial style under the breasts as it should have been. I think I need to start a search for decent (they don't have to be spectacular) films that have good, fairly accurate costumes set in the Napoleonic era... Oh, yeah. With women in the film, too, since I already have all the Horatio Hornblower (with Ioan Gruffudd) and Sharpe's (with Sean Bean). :P

Oh! I just found out via IMDB that there's going to be another Sharpe's movie! Whee!

Tonight, sewing with [livejournal.com profile] finari!


Mar. 22nd, 2006 01:51 pm
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Thursday and Friday after my last update were spent helping Matt study for his certification test on Saturday, which he passed with flying colors (like 962 out of 1000). Yay! I think he only has two more to go now? Or is it three?

I've been on quite the sewing kick of late. In fact, most days I'd rather sew than play WoW, which astonishes me. Heh. I spent Saturday at [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky's house with [livejournal.com profile] finari, [livejournal.com profile] lolafae, our friend Anne, and Tempest Sky's sister-in-law Karen. After a quick run to Denison's own BecArt where I picked up some incense and herbal tea (yum!), we returned to Tempest Sky's for a whole day of sewing. Matt's shirt is done, so I had plans for myself this time. I started and almost finished the camicia. All that is left to do is the lacing for the wrists. I had a lot of fun, heh. Tempest Sky's living and dining rooms looked like a sweatshop with all of us huddled over the machines with our movies going in the background.

Sunday was easy and relaxing, and of course Monday had me back at work. The contract job is done, so things are re-settling back to its normal chaos. ^_^

Monday while driving down the narrow, black-topped country highway to work I saw a bunch of vultures (it's murder of crows, so does that make it a murder of vultures?). If I could have stopped to watch, I would have. Five of them were perched along the top of a white metal-tubed fence, watching with long, black, slender necks craned as their four compatriots tore into the pale pink and white corpse that I could not identify in the five seconds I was able to gawk. I do love birds of prey. Even the scavenging vulture is beautiful in its all-black utilitarian starkness.

Last night Matt and I watched Roman Holiday and A Breath of Scandal. I enjoyed both movies quite a bit, although there were some parts of A Breath of Scandal that didn't quite sit right with the characters. But it was certainly eye candy. Except for that dead-bird hat! What was up with that?! I'm going to have to find some more of Sophia Loren's movies. I remember being very amused by Matrimonio all'italiana when I saw it in college, and before that I remember seeing Houseboat as a teen and really enjoying that one. I need more Audrey Hepburn films, too, of course. Such a classy lady!

So anyway, I also picked up a copy of War and Peace, which maybe I'll watch this weekend... Friday maybe? I don't know but I think the costumes are going to be beautiful. After watching Roman Holiday, I think I'm going to have to look into some more Gregory Peck films, too... And I still <3 Cary Grant and need some of his films. Arsenic and Old Lace is still one of my all time favorites.
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Work is continuing as normal. Well, normal for December, anyway. I'm a week behind on web invoicing, but caught up in everything else. I'll catch up, though. I always do.

Thursday evening last week I went to the midnight showing of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with Matt, [livejournal.com profile] finari, and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys. We weren't going to show up until 15 minutes to movie start because we didn't want to wait out in the cold; however, when [livejournal.com profile] narkeys called at 10pm and said that they let him in the theater and he was already sitting, Matt and I decided to head over and keep him company. I had lots of fun sitting and chatting, as always before a midnight show. As for the movie itself, I loved it.

Friday Matt and I went to our church Christmas party. He volunteered to bring some Thai desert, so he brought sweet sticky rice and coconut custard. Mmm. Heh. People either loved it or hated it. Funnily enough, the people who have milk or wheat allergies were so excited to see a desert with neither that they fell on it like piranhas. I still adore the stuff. And now that I know how easy it is to make, I may be wheedling Matt to make some on a regular basis.

Saturday morning, Matt went in to the shop to work on some things for friends. I stayed home and straightened up the living room. Didn't quite make it to any other rooms, but at least the first room in the house is presentable again. Saturday evening, I dressed up in my 1860 dress and went to Dallas with Mom, Dad, and Matt for Candlelight at Old City Park. I had lots of fun, and since I wore enough layers under the dress, I miraculously did not get cold. ^_^ Matt snapped a few pictures... If I look good in them, I'll upload them to our website. :P

Sunday was normal, plus we relaxed all day and got extra sleep since both of us were feeling a bit under the weather. Monday was normal with work in the day and WoW in the evening.

Tuesday evening I chilled with [livejournal.com profile] finari, chatting and watching movies. I really enjoy our walks, too. After that, I stayed up way too late reading Washington's General and am paying for it today. If I hadn't brought the hound to work with me, I think I'd be way too tempted to curl up on his comfy cushion for a nap. I don't regret it, even though I still haven't finished the book. I'm closer, though, and have to finish it by Saturday when Mom comes over to pick up the Lex, who will be spending most of the day with me. Whee!! :D Um. Hrm. I think I need to child-proof some stuff. He's walking now, I think. Heh.

Difficulties with our trip to Ireland are finally wrapping up. It involved Matt contacting eBay, some other mediator, and the LAPD, but it's finally getting settled. Apparently once you pass the $2000 mark for a purchase on eBay, it becomes a serious, prosecuting-level fraud, which is nice to know. The travel agency is now being very communicative and conciliatory. Hah. So now it's looking like our trip will be in May. I have my renewed passport, now I just need to get that paperwork for the international driver's license.

I need to clean out the garage, and I'm finally feeling that urge again. I've been toying with the idea of converting it to a hobby area with one wall for Matt's things, and the other wall for my stuff. It wouldn't be a true garage conversion, as I don't want to actually not have a garage, but just move all the stuff there, make it habitable, and perhaps add a window and a window AC unit for summer... I think it's do-able. Now it just needs the doing.

My hound is sleeping on his cushion beside me, on his back, with his deep, narrow ribcage up and legs sprawled. He is in a right lead, too, which is particularly adorable. Ever since the Mama-san incident at the top of the stairs, he always stops at the shop door for a sniff. Just in case, I guess. I am always right behind him, though. Just in case.

We've also found a new game, one that I'd heard about others playing with their greyhounds and have long wanted to try. It involves a plastic grocery bag tied on the end of a long stick and then pulled around like a rabbit-sized lure. I now know why my hound flunked racing school. His prey drive is strong, but he knows that bag isn't prey, so he only chases it when he feels like chasing it. He's also smart. He won't just chase it in circles. He sometimes waits for it to come around to him and then makes his lunge, or other times he'll cut across the arc and go straight for it.

I have found one way to entice him into the chase, though. I "sneak" the bag up behind him while he's distracted or pretending to be aloof, and flick him on the hind quarters with the rustling plastic, and then pull it quickly away. Oh, he is so offended by that! Heh. He does a 180 bounce and off he goes. Once he actually growled when he lunged for it, and proceeded to chase the bag with great enthusiasm. When he finally caught it, he tore it off the stick and carried it triumphantly to his corner of the yard. He then proceeded to shred the bag into little, tiny pieces, viciously shaking each piece before dropping it and tearing into the bag again.

I was laughing so hard I could barely stand.
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Tuesday last week, I hung out with [livejournal.com profile] finari, and we did some shopping at WalMart. I came out of it with 13 yards of some white fabric with a really cool weave. Mmm. More fabric.

I can't remember if anything unusual happened on Wednesday, but Thursday I hung out with friends, and we chatted about different RPGs.

Friday evening I hung out with the girls. We played a few games of Halo. I am not a competitive person, so I only lasted three or so games before I lost interest (sorry, yall!). Then we watched Sahara. I think I'm going to buy that DVD.

Saturday morning Matt and I went over to Glen and Jeanette's place for a birthday party for Aleis, who is now five. I can't believe so much time has already passed! After that, Matt was feeling poorly so we went home and rested.

Sunday, Matt and I went to my parents' and made cookies and just generally hung out. I started reading a biography on Nathanael Greene, for whom I've always had a great deal of respect. I'm about half-way through and he is definitely becoming more human and less "legend," but I still have such respect for him.

I had an exciting Monday morning as the space heater we set up caught on fire shortly after I plugged it in and went back to bed. I heard a sharp pop! and the heater turned off, so I got out of bed and went to the power cord. As I was standing over it staring down blurrily, it went fffpoof! and burst into a small flame. I squawked and turned off the surge protector (isn't it supposed to turn itself off?), and the flame went out. Whee! Then I grabbed my portable alarm clock, re-set it for work and crawled back into bed. It took me a little to calm down, heh.

That evening, we went out to the farm to prep it for the upcoming freeze, opening all the pipes and shutting off the water. Fun, fun!

Last night, Finari came over to hang out and brought Sky High with her. I loved it, heh.

This morning, I saw a redtailed hawk perched on my neighbor's fence when I let the hound out for his morning run. I ran back inside, snagged the camera, and crept up as close as I thought it would let me and got some pictures. It just sat there, looking at me, all puffed up because of the cold. So beautiful! Now I just need to find the card reader so I can download the pictures....

Also, my dog tried to eat the shop cat. Each morning as we walk in the front door, I let him off leash. About 99% of the time he just runs up the stairs and goes directly to my office door and waits for me to catch up and unlock it for him, after which he promptly goes to his cushion and falls asleep. This time, however, the upstairs door to the shop was cracked open, and he either smelled or heard Mama-san. I was downstairs when I heard his very emphatic "GRRR-WOOFWOOF!" and the skitter of his claws on the wood floor as he made his lunge. I yelled "NO!" and ran up the stairs. He had already calmed down a little, although his hackles were up, his tail was flying, and he had a big, toothy grin on that pointy muzzle of his. I peeked out the door and saw a very, very offended Mama-san who was staring at the door, blue eyes dilated and tail poofed. I carefully clicked the door closed and went back to my office, with my hound prancing cheerfully a few steps ahead of me. I guess thinks he told her.

Well, I'm gonna stop here because lunch is almost over, and who knows, I may get to go home early. Texas and icy roads do not mix well. Jaelies and ice mix even worse. ^_~


Nov. 18th, 2005 06:04 pm
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Got home from Goblet of Fire around 4am this morning, and woke up at around 7:30 to the hound whrr-ing insistently. Ah, beautiful responsibility! Oddly enough, he always nudges Matt with that cold needle-nose and not me, heh. This morning was the true test since I was on Matt's side of the bed, so the hound went over to my side of the bed where Matt was and nudged him all the same. Heh.

I am the one to usually get up, though. Something wrong with that. ^_~

It was a spontaneous decision to actually attend the midnight showing and I don't regret it. Since we're playing D&D up at the shop tonight I may regret it later, but it was a blast.

Now, to walk the hound before the game. And feed him, too.

Yes, I bring Taltos with me to work. ^_^ That is one of the huge benefits of having a 40 mile per hour couch potato as a buddy. He's starting to complain quite loudly now, though, so I'm off. I've got a busy, fun weekend planned with family, too. Yay!
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After a stressful work week and the knowledge of more to come this week, I had an amazingly good weekend, although it was primarily just me and Matt hanging out.

Saturday Matt woke up early for some SWG to help our co-worker/friend Kevin and I slept in 'til about nine. I then lazily got up, walked the dog, and vegged before jumping on SWG for a bit myself. At about 1pm, we headed out to the farm for a general status check. The lawnmower's battery was dead again. The monkeys (our twin nephews Sammy and Danny) killed it. They left the key turned "on" while they were playing on it. Although I thought to chase them off it when I saw them, I neglected to check the position of the key, which of course burned out the battery.

Since the post office was closed, we couldn't pick up the mail. It was our fault for the late start, but neither of us were too concerned. We decided that we'd head out Sunday evening and just stay the night and pick up the mail on Monday morning when the post office opened.

So Sunday morning, we went to church. Then, while Matt took care of other duties, I went and told my pop happy Father's Day, gave him his present, and hung out for a while chatting with Mom while Dad napped. Heh. One very productive thing came out of the visit, though. Mom shared her house organizational list thingy, which I am going to copy this week before I return it to her. I needed the pointers on getting my house organized and Mom's list was very practical and looked like a really good place to start. Hm. I'm going to need more shelves.

After I finished up at Mom and Dad's, I went back home and we packed up our stuff (plus some laundry since our dryer has finally had the schnitzel) and our dog and headed out to the farm. When we got there, I took Taltos on a walk. He loved it, and was sniffing around eagerly, prancing, ears up and tail flying. All of a sudden, he boinged! straight up, and a cottontail went dashing out of the tall grass. He lunged after it, but I was expecting something of the sort and already had a good hold on his leash.

But, oh, he wanted that bunny!

Once we got settled in, we discovered to our dismay that while the air conditioner did blow air, it did not blow cold air. Heh. So we set up the fan in the living room window, which almost immediately made a difference in the room temperature, and watched the first disk of The Stand. Later we moved the fan to the bedroom window and slept.

It was a cool night, around 70ish degrees, so we slept well, got up early (for us), headed to the post office and picked up his mother's mail, and headed in to work.

I think I'm ready for this week. We'll see. ^_~
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I heard a mockingbird going through its repertoire this morning. It was both beautiful and amusing.

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