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So.... If you like the Regency era and you've read all the Jane Austen books you can find, who do you turn to?

May I humbly suggest Georgette Heyer? Her stuff is awesome and aside from Austen herself, the pivotal reason that I love the Regency era So Much! They're all very quick reads, and some are set in the earlier non-"Regency" era, too. Currently only her novel "The Black Moth" is available for free on the Gutenberg Project.

My personal favorites are:

Black Moth (mid-18th c, the unofficial prequel to These Old Shades)
These Old Shades (mid-18th c)
Devil's Cub (late 18th c)
Masqueraders (cross-dressing oh my!)
Faro's Daughter

Now, that said, I've read & re-read her stuff so many times! LOL I know [livejournal.com profile] nuranar can back me up on this author, though. ^_~
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Woohoo! I know I have a friend or two who love Georgette Heyer a much as I do, so I am re-sharing....

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] myrna_nora at Heyer eBooks for $1.99
For those who have e-readers...

Tuesday, August 16 would have been Georgette Heyer’s 109th birthday. In honor of this most beloved author, who many call the Queen of Regency Romance, Sourcebooks is discounting EVERY SINGLE one of the eBooks we currently have available to $1.99 for one week, getting Heyer’s Birthday Party started a day early on August 15!

That’s 46 books by Georgette Heyer, plus the fabulous reader companion, Georgette Heyer’s Regency World by Jennifer Kloester, available for $1.99 from August 15-August 21.

SOURCE: http://www.sourcebooks.com/readers/casavip/happy-birthday-ms-heyer.html


Sep. 7th, 2007 04:51 pm
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When I was in high school (either a freshman or sophomore), my big brother and I were on an Allan Dean Foster kick. We both really enjoyed one of his books, Glory Lane. It's a rather silly book, but I loved it.

Anyway, what brought this up? The main character, a punk rocker who called himself "Seeth", had a little card and used it in the story once to try to pick up a cute girl. Well, my dear brother made one for me and gave it to me in high school.

It's about the same size as an ATM card, although it's battered with time and the lamination is separating along one edge. Several of the letters are smudged, as it was created with a typewriter. It, however, still has the power to amuse me, which is why it is still in my wallet after all these years:

The Card )

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I'm slow on the start here. When HP7 came out, I hadn't read HP6 yet. So on my trip to Indianapolis last week, I read HP6 on the way up. Instead of reading HP7 on the way back, I rested, sewed, and watched Neverwhere. Well, last night after the game while Matt was playing his PS2 soccer game, I decided to start Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to wind down.


Well, I guess if you call finishing the book at 5am and getting a two and a half hour nap "winding down" then I'm totally unwound. ^_~

It was worth it, though.


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So I've been remiss in updating! I don't feel bad though since not much happened (as you'll see by the very short entry) and hardly anyone else updates weekly either. ^_~

Anyway, mostly things go as usual, interrupted by cool stuff on the weekends. Lessee. On Friday Aug 13 and Sat Aug 14, I babysat the Lex. Much fun was had by both of us, I hope! I had a blast chasing him around, playing on the computer (really just him pushing buttons), etc. We took a long walk, too. Fun fun!

Last Thurs we did a one-shot installment run by [livejournal.com profile] winterwolf_tx which was a blast. It's our Hero High game, and we did a very comic-booky venture into a very bleak future, then to the past to save our regular time line. I do believe much fun was had by all.

This past weekend I went to a midnight Harry Potter book release with Matt, my sister, and [livejournal.com profile] arioch1970. Me, Annie & Matt all dressed up, and the weather was very accommodating at a nice 85 degrees (29.4 C). My sister's costume the most complete of the three of us. She did a generic Hufflepuff student, complete with tie, sweater and awesome robes that she made. Matt was a generic Griffindor with tie and sweater. I was a generic witch and just wore my vintage 1920s black crepe dress, a witch hat, some yellow and black striped stockings (Yay, Hufflepuff), and my pseudo-Victorian boots that I bought from an equestrian supply place.

We hooked up with one of our DFWCG friends (shameless plug for the site - Matt just updated it and it looks awesome). She did Professor Trelawney and her costume was perfect, and she deservedly won first place which earned her first in line and a free book. Awesome!

And here we are in our geekiness....

And that catches us up to the present. Tomorrow, Hero High game. Friday, Matt's game. Saturday, shooting in the morning then more gaming at my older brother's house. Whee!
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EDIT: updated 6/12/7

This is an updated list both of patterns that I own and patterns that I want. Additionally, I've listed some book titles that have caught my eye. I'm not sure about all the book titles, but there are some for certain that I know are good reference materials.

This is just to help me keep everything organized and also to give myself a checklist as I pick them up...




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Oh, yeah. I also managed to read a whole lot of books while we were away. I read during times in-transit, or in the evenings while winding down. Not serious books - all nice, fluffy fiction. Maybe that attributes to the generally well-rested and relaxed feeling I've had this week, in spite of the craziness of being back at work.

I've been unpacking, and while doing so, I've pulled out the books that I've read:

Moon Called, by Patricia Briggs
Storm Front, by Jim Butcher
The Yngling in Yamato, by John Dalmas
Dragonfly in Amber, by Diana Gabaldon
Faro's Daughter, by Georgette Heyer
A Hymn Before Battle, by John Ringo
Gust Front, by John Ringo
A Strange And Ancient Name, by Josepha Sherman
The Protector's War, by SM Stirling
Hocus Pocus, by Kurt Vonnegut

Ten books in seventeen days. Sweet. Like old times. ^_^

Also, I fully intend to read more of the series by Briggs, Butcher and Ringo. Especially since the books can stand alone, in spite of being part of a series. Neat. It's been a while since I've had a reading list for plain old fiction stuff.
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After reading over that other list, I though there may be a better "Top 100 Books" list out there and found one that suited me more. This one has some truly old books of the sort that I consider classic, like The Illiad and The Odyessey, and this list has a LOT of books on it that I haven't ever read.

They're alphabetical by title, just to change things up a bit. I've already read some but should probably read them again, too....

and here's the list! )

Please note, however, if you have read something that you highly recommend that isn't on this list, go ahead and comment! ^_^
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Tuesday last week, I hung out with [livejournal.com profile] finari, and we did some shopping at WalMart. I came out of it with 13 yards of some white fabric with a really cool weave. Mmm. More fabric.

I can't remember if anything unusual happened on Wednesday, but Thursday I hung out with friends, and we chatted about different RPGs.

Friday evening I hung out with the girls. We played a few games of Halo. I am not a competitive person, so I only lasted three or so games before I lost interest (sorry, yall!). Then we watched Sahara. I think I'm going to buy that DVD.

Saturday morning Matt and I went over to Glen and Jeanette's place for a birthday party for Aleis, who is now five. I can't believe so much time has already passed! After that, Matt was feeling poorly so we went home and rested.

Sunday, Matt and I went to my parents' and made cookies and just generally hung out. I started reading a biography on Nathanael Greene, for whom I've always had a great deal of respect. I'm about half-way through and he is definitely becoming more human and less "legend," but I still have such respect for him.

I had an exciting Monday morning as the space heater we set up caught on fire shortly after I plugged it in and went back to bed. I heard a sharp pop! and the heater turned off, so I got out of bed and went to the power cord. As I was standing over it staring down blurrily, it went fffpoof! and burst into a small flame. I squawked and turned off the surge protector (isn't it supposed to turn itself off?), and the flame went out. Whee! Then I grabbed my portable alarm clock, re-set it for work and crawled back into bed. It took me a little to calm down, heh.

That evening, we went out to the farm to prep it for the upcoming freeze, opening all the pipes and shutting off the water. Fun, fun!

Last night, Finari came over to hang out and brought Sky High with her. I loved it, heh.

This morning, I saw a redtailed hawk perched on my neighbor's fence when I let the hound out for his morning run. I ran back inside, snagged the camera, and crept up as close as I thought it would let me and got some pictures. It just sat there, looking at me, all puffed up because of the cold. So beautiful! Now I just need to find the card reader so I can download the pictures....

Also, my dog tried to eat the shop cat. Each morning as we walk in the front door, I let him off leash. About 99% of the time he just runs up the stairs and goes directly to my office door and waits for me to catch up and unlock it for him, after which he promptly goes to his cushion and falls asleep. This time, however, the upstairs door to the shop was cracked open, and he either smelled or heard Mama-san. I was downstairs when I heard his very emphatic "GRRR-WOOFWOOF!" and the skitter of his claws on the wood floor as he made his lunge. I yelled "NO!" and ran up the stairs. He had already calmed down a little, although his hackles were up, his tail was flying, and he had a big, toothy grin on that pointy muzzle of his. I peeked out the door and saw a very, very offended Mama-san who was staring at the door, blue eyes dilated and tail poofed. I carefully clicked the door closed and went back to my office, with my hound prancing cheerfully a few steps ahead of me. I guess thinks he told her.

Well, I'm gonna stop here because lunch is almost over, and who knows, I may get to go home early. Texas and icy roads do not mix well. Jaelies and ice mix even worse. ^_~


Nov. 3rd, 2005 01:17 pm
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Mmm. While perusing another's LJ entry, I stumbled across this book:

Title: Moda a Firenze 1540-1580: Lo stile di Eleonora di Toledo a la sua influenza
Price: $95.00
ISBN: 8883048679
Description: Firenze: Pagliai Polistampa, 2005. 32cm., cloth, 252pp., ca. 120 plates, most in color. Italian-English texts, including: Eleonora di Toledo Duchess of Tuscany in history and legend; Eleonora's style; Costume in the Medici ceremonies; The clothes that have survived; The individual garments; Tailors and embroiderers; Florentine textile production; The wardrobe of Eleonora di Toledo; etc.

It looks really interesting, and very tempting. I also realized I should broaden my costume research to include texts in Italian, since I can actually read it. I have no idea why it never really crossed my mind. I suppose it was quite like the way I stumbled upon my minor... by sheer chance, chasing a hobby. I mean, who knew that so many texts on classical history and literature would be written in Italian. Ok, so it's obvious. I just didn't think of it until I had to do a research paper. ^_~ The same with Renaissance fashion, heh.

Also, the river otters at the Aquarium made me think of a fantasy novel written by Holly Lisle. Fire in the Mist and its sequel were great reads. Hm. I should probably look into some of her other things.


May. 2nd, 2005 11:43 am
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The week since my last update was pretty standard. Work, etc, although I've been reading a lot more and playing WoW a lot less. I had a brief distraction and bought about ten cheesy regency romance books and have been amusing myself with them . Yes, I have revealed a deep, dark secret - I love regency romance novels, although no author has yet to compare to Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer. So there.

Anyway, I worked, read a lot, played a little, and whiled away my time until Friday evening when the bug bit me. Yep. That sewing bug reached over and took a chomp out of me. I was up until 4am sewing. Heh.

Saturday's 7:30am came early for me, but I woke up cheerfully. Matt, the dear beloved husband, kindly walked the dog for me as I staggered around groggily. I put on my chemise and petticoat, packed all our gear, and waited for our friends to show up. Kevin and Sarah arrived first, followed shortly by [livejournal.com profile] finari and [livejournal.com profile] narkeys. Then Anne, and finally Brian. Kevin and Sarah split off to pick up [livejournal.com profile] hellocobweb but met us there. Off to Faire! Whee!

At Scarborough, we had a lot of fun. We made it to the Faire by opening cannon, although we spent a good twenty minutes in the parking lot dressing and lacing up. Matt looked fantastic in his Italian-style red and gold doublet and slops. Our friends Mark & Amy & son and Glen & Jeanette and their little ones showed up, as did [livejournal.com profile] lolafae and [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky. We were quite a crowd.

We did some shopping, watched some shows, and then played dress up at Pendragon. [livejournal.com profile] annawick tried on Pendragon's new french court gown. She looked so good in it. Jeanette tried on the Anne Boleyn in gold and blue and looked positively regal with her golden hair and pale skin. My friend and co-worker Sarah, however, stole the costume-envy prize when she found us later wearing the Sea Queen, newly purchased.

Oh, and we watched the Don Juan and Miguel show. It's been quite a while since I actually watched shows at Scarborough, as I usually lounge around with friends and visit, or stroll around with friends and window shop. I have to admit, my favorite jokes were his "bilingual" jokes. The ones that caused me to laugh outright were:

"I am the Juan your mother warned you about."

"I am not the Juan you are looking for."

Q: "What do you call four Spaniards in quicksand?"
A: "Quattro sinko."

Q: "Why do Mexicans only cross the border in pairs?"
A: "Because there is no tres-passing."

Terrible, I know. But I laughed anyway, heh.

Saturday evening, Matt asked me to teach him to sew. I agreed, but also let him know that what I can teach will take about ten minutes, then the rest is practice. We swung by WalMart to pick up some black fabric ([livejournal.com profile] annawick has all my black broadcloth right now) and extra thread. Heh. I think tonight while I work on my tartan skirt hem, I will help him and answer questions as he is on the sewing machine.

Sunday was relaxed. Church in the morning, a nap in the back yard on a blanket in the grass. Mmmm, so warm and a cool breeze to offset it. Beautiful! My one eternal regret is the fact that my coloring is perfect only for colder climes, while I absolutely adore the heat. So I was covered from neck to toe while basking in the warmth. When Matt got home, we played a bit of WoW and got Matt's warrior to 20.5. Soon we will be able to play with Kevin's 25 hunter! Whee!

And now, back to work....

[livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky

Feb. 7th, 2005 02:04 pm
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Hey lady! My husband came up with a list of Irish books for you, as well as a brief review of them. If you're interested, go here.

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In my quest to find books about Ireland for [livejournal.com profile] tempest_sky ([livejournal.com profile] thewolfhound is not immediately on hand to pick his brain), I ran across The Easton Press. Some day, I will be able to fill my library with their books. Especially the classics....

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I've got a question for yall. When you were a child (I'm talking ages eight to twelvish) what were your favorite books to read? Some of mine, for example:

The Chronicles of Narnia
Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm
Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Anderson
The 1001 Arabian Nights
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (and Tom Sawyer, too)
The Little House books
The Anne of Green Gables books

I also read a lot of Louis L'Amour and Agatha Christie, but I started on those at about eleven or twelve.

So.... what did you read?

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