March 6

Mar. 6th, 2007 09:36 am
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On March 6, just over 170 years ago, one hundred and eighty-seven men chose death rather than surrender and safety. Regardless of their reasons, their bravery is undeniable.

Remember the Alamo.

My mother sang this song to us as children, and when I have children of my own, I will do the same. It is a truly beautiful ballad that marks a piece of our history.

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I had an awesome weekend. It started out with our World of Darkness "Girls' Game," run by my friend and co-worker Anne, with [ profile] finari, [ profile] lolafae, [ profile] tempest_sky and myself playing. It's always a hoot, even though I suck at puzzles. I need to type up my notes for our LJ community, heh. I'll also likely cross-post them to Matt's wolfhound website just for posterity. I dunno why I like taking notes, other than the fact that I usually forget what's going on, so they're a great reminder....

[ profile] finari crashed over at our place Friday night, since we were planning on leaving for Goliad at 6am, which we did. We left at 6am, with Matt and I doing roughly two-hour driving shifts, with [ profile] finari providing both navigation and extra conversation.

We arrived at Goliad State Park and the Mission Espíritu Santo at around noon. It is one of the oldest missions in the US (I think the one in New Orleans is a good 50 years older). It was established in the early 1700s by a bunch of Franciscan monks who strove to convert the local natives, and served the area for a good 100 years, teaching agriculture, crafts and medicine.

From the Mission we went to the Fannin Memorial monument, which was about one mile away, very close to the Presidio La Bahìa, which was the Spanish military outpost that protected the Mission Espíritu Santo.

The weather was absolutely beautiful for such a solemn memorial. The emerald grass in front of the monument was made greener by the pale gray of the clouds, and a soft drizzling rain fell on the random blue bonnets newly popping up. As we walked up to the monument, I remembered the heroes at the Alamo, and briefly compared them to the martyrs there at Goliad. I could not help but contrast my respect for the bravery of the men who died at the Alamo to my feeling of melancholy as I read the inscription on the pink granite.


We stood there for a while, reading the names of the soldiers who served under Fannin whose death the monument was created to remember. After we were done, we drove over to the Presidio, which was about half a mile away, in clear view of the monument. The Presidio La Bahìa is still a part of the Catholic diocese, and we paid the small fee to enter the museum and walk around the site. The walls of the Presidio still stand, and although most of the structures inside have long since gone, a few structures do remain - the chapel and some buildings along two of the walls. The museum was in one of these structures, and had all kinds of interesting artifacts and information about the history of the Presidio, including of course information on the execution of Fannin and his men.

We left the Presidio and Goliad around 4pm, and arrived in San Antonio that evening. On the reference of the man at the front desk of our hotel, we ate at a local Tex-Mex restaurant. Mmm. In spite of the drizzling rain, we ate outdoors under an umbrella. The food was excellent and service good. We went back to our hotel and slept until the morning.

We got up at 5am and walked to the Alamo for their Dawn at the Alamo ceremony. It was still raining, and yet the ceremony was as beautiful as it was last year. Afterward, we went back to our hotel and took a nap. We got up around 9am, had breakfast and went back to the Alamo, which opened at 10am. We walked through the grounds, and the chapel, which has been reconstructed and dedicated to the men who died there, with all the known names listed.

After we finished there, we hit the road, arriving back home at around 5pm. We had a nice relaxed dinner with [ profile] finari and [ profile] narkeys, then went to the kennel to pick up Taltos. We spent the rest of the evening watching the 2004 version of The Alamo, which was an ok movie that made too many compromises to the politically correct. Ah, well. I enjoyed it in spite of its wishy-washiness.

In all, an excellent, memorable weekend.

Some Texas history... )
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I saw a redtailed hawk this morning as I was walking Taltos. I had seen left-overs from some predator the past week or so - the fur and hind legs & tail of a rat that had been the predator's lunch. Well, this morning, as we stepped into the small field, I noticed all the birds in the back corner trees were fussing quite loudly, then I saw the swoop of the hawk as it flew from the trees to the electrical pole. It was gorgeous.

We walked over to the back trees to investigate - well, Taltos dearly wanted to investigate, heh, and I saw why about one foot from Taltos's nose. A half-eaten, unidentifiable critter. Whoops! I yanked pooch away from it just before his stretched jaws reached it. He was so sad, hehe. The hawk stayed perched on the pole, ignoring the dive-bombing grackles as it cleaned its wing feathers and waited for us to leave.

Pooch is sleeping next to my desk as I type. I'm glad I can bring him in to work with me. My daily schedule with Taltos is...

7:30am Wake up
8:00am Go on our walk
8:30am Go to work
9:00am to 2pm or 3pm Work through lunch
I take my lunch break when Taltos gets restless and take him home, where I kennel him usually with my computer playing some very mellow classical music.
3pm or 4pm go back to work
6:00pm go home
6:30pm walk the pooch again

He's definitely my dog now. When Matt went to China, he became my shadow and hasn't let up yet. He likes Matt, too, especially now that they have settled the alpha thing again, but if Matt's in one room doing something and I'm in the other room napping, he's in the room with me napping, too. On one hand, it's neat that he's my dog, but on the other, I'm not so happy about it. Our last dog was "my" dog, too, which meant I was responsible for walking him, setting up vet visits, cleaning up after him, etc., and that's what's happening here, too. Matt will walk him, but I have to request it. Ah, well...

I had a good weekend. Lots of gaming going on up at the shop Friday evening, heh. Our group was in the conference room, and the other group was in the break room. Mmm. I think I have some ice cream left in the break room fridge.... I think I'll have that for lunch today!

Saturday I went to the Dallas Museum of Art's Splendors of China's Forbidden City Exhibit with [ profile] finari and my mother-in-law. It was an awesome exhibit, and I'm planning to go back probably twice, heh. Once with Matt (so far unscheduled), and I've already scheduled March 26 to go with my ma. Saturday evening was more D&D, which was fun once I got there. This game is more like a social obligation - one of those that you are neutral about going but have fun once there. So anyway, it was fun.

I still want to play Star Wars, though!

Next weekend I'm going to Goliad and the Alamo with [ profile] thewolfhound and [ profile] finari. I'm really looking forward to it, although we'll be missing Irish Festival (Sorry yall!). I've set up boarding for Taltos at a kennel in Carrollton. I'm going to swing by there later this week to check it out, but I got a really good reference for the place from one of the other greyhound owners at training class, so I'm pretty confident I'll like it. I'll just be sad to leave the pooch.

I've been battling a cold for a few weeks now. For the most part I'm better, but I'm still hacking up flegm (ick!) and feeling that sore throat every morning. Mir, my boss and an RN, is pretty sure it's a viral infection, so anti-biotics probably wouldn't even fix me. So I'm thinking that I'll increase my water intake again, as well as my vitamin C. I've also added zinc and echinacea supplements, and I'm going to start aiming for nine to ten hours of sleep every night. I will beat this!
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On March 6, we went to San Antonio for the dawn memorial ceremony for the anniversary of its fall. It was an awesome experience.

During the week after that, Matt spent hours researching Texas folk songs. He discovered Brian Burns, who has a selection of Texas ballads, some written by himself, and others old traditional folk songs. Not only does he perform in normal musical venues all over the state, Brian Burns takes special time to perform in schools to help educate and excite children about their state's history.

He quotes Travis' letter as a part of that program.

Travis' Letter )
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This weekend was a blast.

Myself, my husband, my sister [ profile] annawick, and my girlfriend left after work on Friday around 6pm and headed down to San Antonio for the Dawn At The Alamo ceremony. We arrived in San Antonio at 11pm. It was a fun drive, with conversations wide and varied. I can't think of three people I'd rather spend ten hours in a car with than these three. Easily my three most favorite people in the world. We found our hotel, a Travellodge, which was about five (maybe six) blocks away from the Alamo itself.

Matt woke us all up at 4am and we left the lodge at about 4:45am to walk to the Alamo. The walk there was quiet and cheerful, even though we were working with only 4 hours of sleep. It was a beautiful, temparate morning; a little cool, but nice. There were some scattered, light clouds in the sky, which made for a gorgeous dawn. The chapel at the Alamo faces the west, and during the memorial service, we watched the sun rise behind it.

It was a really neat event. Matt took some pictures, and they're in our gallery: Dawn At The Alamo

Looking back, I think we should have stayed the whole day because I think we missed a lot of the day's planned events. However, we wanted to go to Irish Festival, so we left directly after the ceremony.

Irish Festival was fun this year, too, although since we were so tired from the ten hours in the car and the four hours of sleep, we left a little earlier than usual. We watched Jim Flanagan perform, one of mine and Matt's favorites. He's got a great voice, and a very charming and humorous stage presence. We also watched a new band (well, new to us) called The Elders. Pretty good celtic-rock type band. Matt picked up one of their CDs.

[ profile] annawick and I ran into [ profile] wyshadara at Irish Festival. It was neat seeing her there. I got to meet Scott, and her puppy. Both super cute. Sorry I ran off so suddenly! That ladybug needed rescuing. ;)

I think next year, since the 6th will fall on a Sunday, we'll go to Irish Fest first thing, then leave the festival at about 4pm to head to San Antonio. That way we can spend pretty much the entire day there enjoying the activities and memorial events.

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