Apr. 29th, 2012 05:47 pm
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So, I went thrifting recently and picked up two very interesting pairs of shoes that I think I can use for costuming purposes. They're not perfect or anything, but at least they seem close enough, and for a total of $15, I'm calling it good.

First there's this pair, which I can't decide if I should use for Georgian or for Victorian? Seems like there's some minor cross over there, and since these aren't 'perfect' for either, maybe use them for both? I need to get the heel thingy fixed (the sole part?).

Then there's this pair, which I'll use for Edwardian, even though they're not pointy toed:

Oh, I'm totally open to suggestions on what to do with them, what kinds of modifications or whatever, or just leave them like they are. The price was so good, though, that I couldn't just walk away, heh.
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Ok, I just bought the two patterns for Vee's and Morgan's Georgian picnic outfits. I got the Rocking Horse Farms skeleton suit and the portrait dress from Sensibility. I imagine they'll be in the mail and come some time late next week or the week following.

Now, of course, I need to really get cracking on Matt's coat. I did the first fitting and it went well, with only very minor adjustments, I think. I just need to cut out the velveteen. I hate cutting. It's my least favorite part of costuming. If only I could get someone to just cut everything out for me! I don't mind the actual sewing part. :P
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First mock-up done today, and looks like there will be only minimal adjustments. Woot! I'm using the Simplicity Captain Jack Sparrow inspired coat and breeches. I know it's not historical, but it will do, and look good, too,I think. :)

The velveteen that I dyed turned out beautifully. It started out pale sea foam green. I first tried dying it navy with Rit. The color that resulted was a pretty, dusky blue, but no where near navy. I dyed it again, thinking maybe that would do the trick, but no luck. I've never dyed with anything other than Rit before, but I figured I'd give Dharma Trading Co's dye a go. It was a learning experience, and the color that resulted was a *gorgeous* dark blue. It's like dark royal blue, which is navy, I guess? It'll look awesome, anyway. It's sitting in a nice, folded pile waiting to be cut into.
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Ok, now is not the time for me to get distracted, but.... Yeah, I got distracted! I'm saving these links so I don't lose them!

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