Mar. 24th, 2014

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Ok. So, since I have not yet found a fabric match that I like for my bridesmaid dress (still need to go to Fabrique, which I'm planning to do on Saturday or Sunday), I'm moving on to my next project. As Matt has started working on my armor for our June event, I thought it only fair that I begin his Sith.

So, here's where we're starting:

Simplicity pattern 4450:



Jedi palette

(1) is a mid to heavy weight cotton twill with a little bit of stretch. (2) is a dark red crinkle cotton gauze. (3) is a dark ruddy brown mystery crinkle fabric, probably polyester? (4) is a metric ton of black crinkle cotton gauze.

Sith palette

(1) is the same dark red crinkle cotton gauze. (2) is the same metric ton of black crinkle cotton gauze. (3) is a mystery mid-weight charcoal gray suiting, with some stretch. (4) is a metric ton of black cotton velveteen. (5) is a yard and a half of black vinyl.

I've also dug up two other gray mystery fabric suiting. If we end up buying anything, it'll be fabric for his outer cloak. He wants something that has some nice flow and drape. I imagine he'll be choosing some kind of cotton twill, although if I can find some nice wool, I'll pitch for that, I think.

He also plans to make himself a "breather/face mask," a la Darth Malgus from Star Wars The Old Republic:

His assignment tonight (after he gets home from teaching Irish class) is to choose the fabric for everything except the outer robe. Then I'll measure him and trace the pattern and make him cut out the fabric. LOL I hate that part, so I'm totally shoving it off on him. Luckily for me, he's rather good natured about it all.

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